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Earth 101 Enviro Show

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Greetings Earthlings. Time to return to the issue of Nature Deficit Disorder. What are the kids learning? Fighting bad guys in the rec room on Carrier Command: Gaea Mission or maybe some other kind of mission out here in the real world, on Gaia? Neill Bovaird, founder and director of  Wolf Tree Programs  joins us to talk about children’s curiosity and connection to nature. And, it’s in our nature here on the show to keep pestering you with news of the planet in The Enviro Show Echo Chamber, our E-Valley-uation segment and visits with the Fool-on-the-Hill and maybe some time to Meet the New Boss, but first it’s time for…….Revenge of the Critters! Horny stag in Bushy Park, west London trees human!

In our E-Valley-uation segment The Valley Advocate informs us that “Late this summer, the U.S. Geological Survey announced that it had located several new veins of natural gas in the eastern U.S. One, known as the Hartford Basin, extends well into Western Massachusetts. And so the possibility of fracking in the Valley arises.”  Fracking in this Valley? We don’t think so!  An event page on Facebook is already up: “What can we do in the Pioneer Valley to beat back fracking? Learn and organize” says  the Pioneer Valley Green-Rainbow Party and the Western Massachusetts chapter of Progressive Democrats of America. They’ve called a meeting for Thursday, December 6 at 7pm at the Christ United Methodist Church, 271 Rocky Hill Rd, Northampton.  So far it looks like a full house. We’ll be there. How about you?  Also, some E-Valley-uation of the sentence passed down on The Shut it Down Affinity Group by Windham County, Vermont Judge John Wesley. Each woman was fined $350, but no jail time. The Brattleboro Reformer notes, “On the way out…[Hattie] Nestel and the other protesters remained unrepentant and said they would not pay a dime of the fine Wesley had imposed.”  And, they’ll be back!   Here’s Valley Free Radio’s own Paki Weiland’s statement on being in court. Finally, a report-back on Saturday’s Colleges Against Climate Silence rally  on the Amherst Town Common.  How’s THAT for Earth 101!

This week’s Fool-on-the-Hill is Senator John Barrasso, a Repubnican from Wyoming who recently said, “Closing the Climate Change Center a the CIA is the right decision. It’s critically important for the CIA to focus its resources on terrorism and keeping Americans safe.” About that last part? The keeping safe part? It’s reported that the Climate Crisis will triple the number of just heat related deaths in the U.S. That’s just heatwaves, never mind freak storms, drought and the rest of it. We’re talking thousands of deaths every year. Sorry, how many terrorist attacks has there been lately?

Let’s Meet the New Boss once again. Besides Obama signing on to the above ( the Administration recently axed the Center on Climate Change and National Security at the Central Intelligence Agency), it has been reported that his seeming pick for Hillary’s old job at the State Department, that being Susan Rice, has extensive investments in Canadian tar sands. Of course that won’t have ANY influence on how she acts with regard to the Keystone Pipeline. Nooooo! And this from Grist: the New Boss, in his first post-election test on the climate, gets an F-minus. Obama signs bill exempting U.S. airlines from E.U. carbon plan!

Time to wander into The Enviro Show Echo Chamber where we direct you to Climate IMC. We’ve been putting up posts there all week about the pathetic COP18 climate negotiations in Doha, Qatar. Be sure to checkout Chris Hedges’ piece “Stand Still for the Apocalypse”.  Since we’re talking Climate Crisis here it looks like the other coast could take a hit as well, this time instead of a massive hurricane it could be the Pineapple Express. And this: it looks like the net is closing in on one of King Coal’s worse players, Don Blankenship, formerly of Massey Energy. Enviro Show listeners may recall our earlier posts of this arch enemy of the planet. Visualize incarceration.

After our interview with Neill Bovaird we’ll move on to the Bus Stop Billboard:

Thursday, December 6, 7pm. What can we do in the Pioneer Valley to beat back fracking? Learn and organize. Co-sponsored by the Pioneer Valley Green-Rainbow Party and the Western Massachusetts chapter of Progressive Democrats of America. Christ United Methodist Church, 271 Rocky Hill Rd, Northampton.

Thursday, December 6 at 5:30 pm. The McKnight Neighborhood Council, Arise for Social Justice, and Partners for a Healthier Community are sponsoring a forum on brownfields at the Mason Square Library Community Room.

Thursday, December 6, 7pm. Screening of “Tipping Point: The Age of the Oil Sands” at Putney Friends Meeting House, 17 Bellows Falls Road, Putney, VT.

Saturday, Dec. 8, 7 pm on. Arise Holiday fund raiser party. Hosted by the Arise Advisory Committee at 359 Main St #2a, Easthampton (Merri Ansara’s house)

Thursday, Dec. 13, 9 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. “Shale Gas in Massachusetts”.  This is Program Organizer: American Ground Water Trust. The American Groundwater Trust has staked out a position that the extraction of energy sources should not cause environmental problems, and that all “stakeholders” need to come to the table and let their concerns be known. OK stakeholders, grab your stakes and circle up! Lincoln Campus Center, UMass. Phone to register:800-423-7748 or online: (events).

Saturday & Sunday, Dec. 15 – 16 Earthlands’ Annual Solstice Ritual and Workshop. with optional Sat. evening ritual only starting at 5 PM. Exact times still to be determined, as well as the cost. The focus is on moving into the new era, the shifting of our consciousness, the opening of our heart and the feeding the Mother.  Call: (978) 724-3448

Update from David Stember, Northeast Tar Sands Coordinator for  Save the date for a major 350 New England Northeast Tar Sands Action that will most likely take place on January 19th, 2013 in Portland, Maine, where the Enbridge/Exxon pipeline ends.  The pipeline ends in Portland and it is from there that Canadian Tar Sands would find their way to global markets.  Lets make sure New England prevents tar sands from ever getting to Portland.

That’s all folks…..except: remember to listen to your Mother!

stop shopping, Black Friday, Walmart, over-consumption, lifestyles, shopping, fat, Boycott Black Friday, Buy Nothing DayGreetings Earthlings. We’re coming up on another frenzy of over-consumption that says so much about life in the U.S.  The aptly named Black Friday is more like a funeral for the planet than anything to celebrate or use as a hook for yet more commerce. Just how much junk from China do you need, anyway??  Reverend Billy  joins us once again to sell the concept of not shopping (make that preach). We hope you’ll buy into our other segments as well, like The Enviro Show Echo Chamber, our E-Valley-uation thingy and a visit with this week’s Fool-on-the-Hill, but first it’s time for……..Revenge of the Critters!  (We love this one) Moose chases logger in Shutesbury!

We want to put Naomi Klein’s recent piece “Superstorm Sandy – a peoples’s shock?” right on top of the Echo Chamber here. It fits rather nicely into our theme for this show: a colorfully wrapped consumer item that’s flying off the shelves…….right into the faces of those who can least afford it. It seems the corporados (and their far-right minions) would just love to turn Climate Crisis storm ravaged areas into……..”free trade” zones! No? You don’t care for that concept? How about a…………high-pressure gas line and metering station  where Hurricane Sandy destroyed everything?  Who thinks this stuff up, anyway?? Hey, if these ideas piss you off we have just the thing: some teens in Africa invented a generator that runs on……well, urine!  If you think that idea….stinks, how about solar for under $500? Also, some of Big Oil’s BP criminals may do time BUT how about the CEOs??  Finally, if you’d like to wade into some minutia on the “debate” over the Climate Crisis (yes, some Kryptons are still in denial) go to “It’s Global Warming, Stupid!” here.

This week we have at least two less Fools-on-the-Hill to trash. The Washington Post notes that “Environmental groups… helped defeat GOP Reps. Francisco R. Canseco (Tex.) and Ann Marie Buerkle (N.Y.), whom they targeted for denying the connection between human activity and climate change.”  A whole lot of money was spent by the corporados and the Repugs to try and keep these and other flat-Earth trogs in office. So much for investing in……the past. HOWEVER, recall our last Fools-on-the-Hill concerning the House “Science” Committee? We have an update on that scary collection of fools here.  But let’s be clear here: policy on the Climate Crisis is made in the streets and once again folks are taking the issue to the streets right by the Hill and hopefully to a street near YOU.

Time to Meet the New Boss. Guess what? Yes, he is the same as the old boss……thank Goddess. Having said that, the Boss needs us to hold his feet to the climate change induced fire. If his past record is any indicator, it’s double-down…..make that triple-down time for the future. Barry needs to go down in history as the guy who stemmed the tide (even though it will really be you and me that dragged him along).

Our Enviro Show Quote of the Week calls for a looooong ride in the Wayback Machine. We’ll have to go all the way to ancient Rome for this one: “For greed all Nature is too little” – Lucius Annaeus Seneca

After our interview with the good Reverend we stumble over to the Bus Stop Billboard:

Friday, November 23, All day. Solidarity with Walmart Workers on Black Friday. Events at various Walmart sites. 10am at Northampton store. Contact WMass Jobs with Justice at:

Saturday,  November 24, 3pm.  Learn all about Adverse Weather Bicycling. What we will address: How to dress defensively: avoid overheating and freezing both during and after the ride. How to ride defensively: Lighting/visibility, protection against slipping, water and salt. What to do to make sure you reach your destination: tools, gear, and route choices. Gabor’s “Neighborhood Bicycle Resource Center”, 44 Beston Street, Amherst. This workshop is free. If you have questions Gabor can be reached at or at 413-253-9755 via phone.

Sunday November 25, 11am. Action Plan for Climate Change rally.  Faneuil Hall, Boston.  Help us put global warming back on the national agenda.  Help us start the revolution to save the planet.  It starts here.  Email :

Tuesday, November 27, 7:00 pm. Forum on nuclear power with featured speakers Dr. Ira Helfand, PSR and Deb Katz, Citizens Awareness Network. First Churches, Main Street.

Wednesday, November 28, Noon to 1:30pm. GreenWork Roundtable. Creating Sustainable Transportation in WMass. Pioneer Vally Central Labor Council, 640 Page Blvd., Springfield, MA. For more information email Mary Vogel at:

Friday November 30 and Saturday December 1. From the Soil to the Sky: Organizing a Revolution for Climate Justice – A convergence hosted by Ecosocialist Horizons. The convergence will begin on Friday, November 30th at St. John’s Episcopal Church in Northampton, MA, with a public event from 7 to 9pm. The following day, on December 1st, at Hampshire College in the West Lecture Hall of Franklin Patterson Hall, the convergence will continue. Starting with breakfast at 9am, we will kick off at 10am with a full day of presentations, workshops and discussions. Contact Kanya D’Almeida / / 646 664 5658

Saturday December 1st. Five College Rally Against Climate Silence. Amherst Town Common. Schedule of events: 2:00pm- Meet on the Green for rally and musical performances. 3:00pm- Student speeches followed by open mic (personal testimonials- how has the climate crisis affected YOU!).  4:00pm- Spread out to encircle the Green, then meet with local environmental
organizations. Share/RSVP on Facebook:  Share on Twitter:  Our futures are at stake, let’s get to work. For more information contact: Emily Keppler/ or Laura Hayden/

We are done here, except to say support Occupy Sandy either in body or in your pocketbook and, while you’re at it, our station, Valley Free Radio could use some help too. Otherwise we’ll be left out in the cold, putting up old-fashioned posters and holding protest signs in the rain……O wait, we’ll be doing that anyway. Sooooo, remember STOP SHOPPING and LISTEN TO YOUR MOTHER!!

Climate Crisis, climate change, global warming, Frankenstorm, Hurricane Sandy, Occupy Sandy, Corporate media, New York City,Greetings Earthlings. What do you think about the new digs? Here in the Northeastern U.S. we’re just catching our breath after yet another “hundred year storm” and now it’s almost Election Day. Of course, on the national level we get to choose between the Green who’ll never be elected, the Dem who plays the game to pretty much stay the same, and the Repugnican corporado who will do all he can to destroy the planet once and for all. Great choices, huh? We do have some state and local issues that are interesting.  Johanna Neumann, Regional Director for New England Environment America fills us in. Our roving reporter and strolling troubadour, Tom Neilson also joins us to discuss that and more. As always, we check into The Enviro Show Echo Chamber and our E-Valley-uation segment. We’ll see who this week’s Fool-on-the-Hill is and maybe Meet the New Boss, but first it’s time for…Revenge of the Critters! It’s a post-Halloween Revenge from a loyal listener: Bees return awful candy to the humans!

If the polls are still open (or soon to be) when you read this, we may as well do some E-Valley-uation on a few of the ballot questions (that is if we can figure them out). In it’s eternal wisdom, the state has taken a page from Kafka and made sure that the referendum numbers change in various Valley towns, as well as making it illegal to name some of the questions. Have fun with that! One of the referendum we call the “Move to Amend” question, says: “Shall the state senator be instructed to vote in favor a  resolution calling upon Congress to propose an amendment to the US Constitution affirming that corporations are not entitled to the constitutional rights of human beings [and that] both Congress and the states may place limits on political contributions and political spending.” Well…….yeah. What have we been talking about here for……ever! Another ballot question may be called the “Budget for All” referendum that you can read about here. It’s all about redirecting our tax dollars to sane things like education, health care, renewable energy and transportation, not that too many pols in DC really care about such things. A ballot measure that actually has a name is The Massachusetts “Death with Dignity” Initiative which would establish an “Act Relative to Death with Dignity”.  The human-life-is-oh-so-sacred crowd (as opposed to other life forms) is out in the streets about this one. They want us all to hang on to the bitter end no matter the pain and degradation (and maybe give them time to baptize or convert us or God knows what?).  Given that there are far toooooo many people on the planet, we say go for it! Besides, who runs your life anyway??  We’ll get into some of the candidates and there positions on the environment as well when we talk with Tom and Johanna.

We’re devoting our entire Enviro Show Echo Chamber to the Climate Crisis and it’s effect on the Northeast in the wake of Hurricane Sandy.  First, the relief effort. Besides the usual Red Cross and other mainstream groups listed here, there are grassroots efforts like Occupy Sandy, Food Not Bombs, and Sandy’s List that are on the ground in the New York metro area providing food, warm clothing and other needs. By now you’ve all probably seen the photos of the devastation to the infrastructure and people of New York City. This catastrophe, though it is not nearly as devastating as the mega-monsoon flood in Pakistan in 2010 or Katrina’s devastation in New Orleans, may well be a, dare we say, bellwether in the desperate need for responding to climate change. Seeing as New York City is the capitol of finance and media for most of the nation, and that the timing of this particular crisis on the eve of a presidential election adds long awaited emphasis to the greater issue of climate, there’s an outside chance that climate crisis deniers and the Repugnicans will become as irrelevant as skate keys. In the days following the disaster the corporate media has rediscovered the climate crisis without the obligatory spotlight on flat-earth climate change deniers. Meanwhile, the environment as a whole in the Metro region has been impacted by Sandy as well as various species. They need help too.  A sidebar here: interestingly, part of all that flooding can be attributed to long-ago filled-in swamps, (there were once 300,000 acres of absorbent wetlands, now only 15,500) sort of a Halloween Revenge of the Swamp Thing! Finally, here’s our Enviro Show Blog Bonus Special: tell the corporados to pony up for the mega-storm they created.

Our Quote of the Week comes from none other than the Rombot himself: “President Obama promised to slow the rise of the oceans and to heal the planet. My promise is to help you and your family.” Sooooo, our family isn’t involved in the planet?

Time to visit the Fool-on-the-Hill and guess who’s baaaaack? Yes, appropriately it’s the chief flat-earth climate crisis denier, Sen. James Inhofe who, upon receiving the Rubber Dodo Award from the Center for Biological Diversity used the occasion to continue his anti-science odyssey into oblivion (but not soon enough for us!). While we’re here we have an interesting No Fool: New York City Mayor Bloomberg endorses Obama as the one who can deal best with the Climate Crisis (that is, unless Jill Stein or the Batman are actually available)

Let’s Meet the New Boss, whomever that may be. We’re praying to the Goddess that it’s not the Rombot (who will drive the last few nails into the biosphere’s coffin) and since it won’t be Jill Stein we are stuck with the present boss who at least has returned to using the C-word (no, not that) and may well set in place some more planet saving programs to…um…stem the tide? Sooo, we’re not big fans of The One but we’ll fight like hell to keep the Repugs from stealing another election. With that in mind we direct you to No More Stolen Elections where you can join  such eminent progressives as Noam Chomsky, Jill Stein, Thom Hartmann and a whole host of others in pledging to act in the event of another stolen election. FIGHT!

After our interviews it’s on to the Bus Stop Billboard:

Sunday, November 11, 3pm. Tom Neilson in concert. RSVP (413) 253-7934. Small entry charge. 185 Middle Street, Amherst.

Tuesday, November 13,7-9 pm.  VERMONT YANKEE MELTDOWN? MORE LESSONS FROM FUKUSHIMA. The third in a series of Community Forums presented by Citizens for Emergency Preparedness.  Speaker:  Arnie Gundersen, a nuclear engineer with 40 years experience who has coordinated safety projects at 70 nuclear power plants.  He has recently returned from Japan with lessons from Fukushima.  Discussion to follow. Contact: Marian Kelner  413-773-8401. All Souls Unitarian Universalist Church, corner of Main and Hope, Greenfield, MA

Saturday, November 17thOur Energy Future is Vermont’s Choice march and rally. 12:30 pm: Gather at Montpelier city hall; 1 pm: March to the VT Statehouse; 1:30 pm: Rally at the VT Statehouse. Organized by the Vermont Yankee Decommissioning Alliance (VYDA) and Citizens Action Network (CAN), Co-sponsored by Safe and Green Campaign, SAGE Alliance and others. Contacts: Deb Katz 413 339-5781, Chris Williams 802 767-9131

Now we elect to sign off. Be sure to remember to do what? Right! Listen to your Mother.