2013-flying-to-earth-globe-as-futuristic-conceptGreetings Earthlings. Now that we’ve established that The End of the World has already arrived (you’ve been following this, yes?), we can get on with ways to slow its advance. Of course, one way to do that is to facilitate industrial collapse, but if that seems to be out of your league how about Social Ecology?  Owen James joins us to talk about the upcoming Institute for Social Ecology’s Winter Intensive to be held January 7 through the 14th at the Northampton Friends Meetinghouse. As usual we’ll also checkout the latest efforts here in the Valley to stem the tide of disaster in our E-Valley-uation segment and further afield in The Enviro Show Echo Chamber, as well as initiate a trip to visit The Fool on the Hill and maybe Meet the New Boss, but first it’s time for……Revenge of the Critters!  Maybe we should call this Revenge of the Christmas ham!

Let’s dive right into our E-Valley-uation segment, however you might not want to dry off in Vermont Yankee‘s steam dryer. It seems the so-called Nuclear Regulatory Commission isn’t all that concerned about the safety of their dryer. This from the Greenfield Recorder: “The Nuclear Regulatory Commission has approved a request by Entergy Nuclear to reduce the number of inspections for Vermont Yankee’s steam dryer, which has proved to be a major source of problems at other similar reactors that have undergone a boost in power production.”  So much for regulating.

Now it’s time to Meet the New Boss and frankly we’d love too. Someone’s got to get in Obama’s face about the Climate Crisis! Apparently it won’t be Van Jones who recently was way too kind answering some softball questions about the New Boss lobed to him by Chris Mooney on Grist.

This week’s Fool-on-the-Hill happens not to be a senator or a congressman but he sure is a fool and he sure spends a lot of time on The Hill as the de facto research department for right-wing media’s attacks on climate science. This fool’s name is Marc Morano and our friends at Media Matters have just ripped him a new one here.  As the piece points out “Morano gained prominence working for two of the most vocal climate deniers in the U.S.: Sen. James Inhofe (R-OK), who notoriously called climate change “the greatest hoax ever perpetrated on the American people,” and Rush Limbaugh” (no need to elaborate on THAT guy…..just please pass the hot air sickness bag!). Soooo, read it and…..weep? No! React! Act out!!

How about a nice Enviro Show Quote of the Week?  We follow-up on our last show with Guy McPherson when we ran out of time to discuss Geoengineering: “The massive elephant in the room is that geoengineering programs are real; they are currently being deployed across the globe and have been for at least several decades. Stratospheric Aerosol Geoengineering (SAG) and Solar Radiation Management (SRM) are programs designed to saturate the stratosphere with reflective aerosols through the use of modified jet aircraft….. These programs are stated in numerous patents and documents (about 150), are openly discussed in U.S. Congressional hearings on weather modification, and are outlined by numerous scientific agencies including the Royal Society, the United Nations, and the UK Meteorological Society.” – Dane Wigington, former employee of Bechtel Power Corp.

In The Enviro Show Echo Chamber we replay Grist yet again as they speculate whether Sen. John Kerry will be all over the climate issue as U.S. Secretary of State.  We sure hope so. That would be worth having to do battle with Scott Brown yet again over another Massachusetts U.S. Senator’s seat. On the other hand, if Kerry caves on the Climate Crisis as he has on so many other things over the years, it will all have been for naught. This just in: Big Oil takes to the rails!  (we were hoping to run them out of town on a rail….actually). And this: a sort of New Year’s message from Bill McKibben (despite the self-promotion) is our Enviro Show Blog Bonus. Happy New Year.

After our interview with Owen we move on to the Bus Stop Billboard:

January 7th – January 14th. Institute for Social Ecology’s  2013 Winter Intensive. Social Ecology is an interdisciplinary philosophical perspective that weaves aspects of ecology, anthropology, and political theory. Northampton Friends Meetinghouse Northampton, Massachusetts. Fee based/Scholarships available. Go to: http://www.social-ecology.org/2012/10/ises-2013-winter-intensive-january-7-14-2013/

January 10, 7pm-8:30pm. Book party.  Join us to celebrate the publication of “Earth Matters: Essays on the Nature of the Pioneer Valley”, published by Levellers Press. This book is a collection of the first three and a half years of the Hitchcock Center’s ”Earth Matters” column that appears in the Daily Hampshire Gazette. Hitchcock Center for the Environment. 525 South Pleasant Street Amherst, MA. Call: (413) 256-6006

Saturday, January 12, 2013, 10am-2pm. National Ocean Policy Training Workshop. Sierra Club  Chapter Office, 10 Milk Street #632, Boston. Use 294 Washington St. entrance. Open to anyone interested in learning about the National Ocean Policy and how you can help implement it. The basic aim of the NOP is to better coordinate use of our ocean and Great Lakes resources. Presented by the Sierra Club’s Marine Action Team. Free event, including lunch. To RSVP or for more info: 617-423-5775.

Tuesday January 8th – 7 p.m. – “The Suzuki Diaries”. In this film, David Suzuki, science broadcaster of “The Nature of Things”  travels through Germany, Denmark, France and Spain, to meet the people and their projects who are working towards restoring equilibrium between human needs and planetary limits. (Did you know that 40% of people in Denmark bicycle to work and school?!) Pelham Library – 2 South Valley Rd., Pelham, MA

January 23rd, 2013: 350 New England No Pipelines Solidarity Actions across the region– our Canadian friends and neighbors will also be taking solidarity action in preparation for the 1/26 Portland action.  For more info. please email vanessa@350ma.org.

Saturday, January 26th, All day. Massive March and Rally in Portland, Maine to oppose the proposed Northeast Tar Sands pipeline. Portland Maine is where the pipeline that would carry tar sands ends and from where Canadian tar sands would be exported to global markets.  How ’bout we put a stop to that, OK?  Email sophie@350ma.org

Thursday, January 31, 7:00 p.m., The next steps in the Beat Back Fracking campaign will be high up on the agenda at the next meeting of the Pioneer Valley Green Rainbow Party in Agawam Public Library, 750 Cooper St.  Come along if you would like to hear news from the American Ground Water Trust conference at UMass and from the student-led counter-conference.

February 17th and make Presidents Day the biggest climate demonstration yet. Our goal for Presidents Day is to form a massive human pipeline through Washington, and then transform it into a giant symbol of the renewable energy future we need – and are ready to build, starting right away. Go to: act.350.org/signup/presidentsday/

Lots on the ToDo list to save the world, no? Get busy! ….and remember to….listen to your Mother!

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