The Mt. Tom Swan Song Enviro Show?

Posted: May 29, 2013 in Uncategorized

no-coal-is-clean-coal1Greetings Earthlings. We’re not actually talking about Mt. Tom here, but that old Filthy Five coal plant located near the mountain. Now that the coal burner is about to pass on what will it pass on to? Lena Entin and Carlos Rodriguez of Neighbor to Neighbor [failed to call in] with the postmortem (or is it the rise from the ashes!). We have an eye-popping two-fer from Scientific American in our Enviro Show Echo Chamber as well as on our visit with the Fool-on-the-Hill. Regarding visits, it’s time we Meet the New Boss once again and head down to Springfield for a March on Monsanto flashback in the E-Valley-uation segment, but first it’s time for……..Revenge of the Critters!  When swans attack….banks!

[As noted on the show last night we promised to post credits and/or sites for the coal tunes we played when our guests didn’t call in as planned. Here they are..]

“Try Not to Breathe” by REM from Automatic for the People; “Last Man on the Mountain” by Bev Grant & Ina May Wool from Singing Clear; “Canaries” by The Lone Tones from Canaries; “Kiss Your Ashes Goodbye” by Tom Neilson from Biomess; and “One More Hand” by Thousands of One also from Singing Clear.

In The Enviro Show Echo Chamber we echo two of Scientific American’s recent reports. First, that deadly mega-tornado in Oklahoma? If you dared mention the Climate Crisis and its effect on things like tornadoes in the wake of that storm a lot of folks would get all up in your face about making political hay out of the tragedy. First of all, it’s only political if you chose to turn science into politics. That’s what climate change deniers do. Following the May 20 tornado it was shoot the messenger and to hell with the science. OK so it’s OK (as in Oklahoma), right? Land of uber climate change denier Sen. James Inhofe, right?  Well guys, here’s the science. Too bad for your misplaced sense of decorum.  Also, about that waste water from fracking? Just how radioactive is it? Maybe THIS radioactive? We mentioned stupid humans like James Inhofe a moment ago, how about the stupid humans who are busy eliminating entire species in Africa? Recently the UN Secretary General released a document linking the killing of endangered elephants for their ivory in Central Africa to the so-called Lord’s Resistance Army. Jeez! What would the Lord say?? Finally this, U.S. forests being clearcut for pellets and exported to the old country! Wait, we’ve seen that movie haven’t we??

Our Fool-on-the-Hill this week comes courtesy of Robert F. Kennedy Jr. and goes beyond the Hill to the fools who vote for fools:  “A peer reviewed National Academy of Sciences report shows that the label “energy efficient” on a product actually makes it less likely that self-identified conservatives will purchase that product. Why? Because morally twisted right wing orthodoxy has taken the “conserve” out of conservatism. Craven hatred of all things environmental has made the labels “clean,” “green” or “efficient” pariah among GOP acolytes. Conversely, dirty energy is patriotic and even ‘blessed.’ A second study published… by the University of Colorado found that a fundamentalist Christian belief in biblical End Times is a significant motivating factor behind Republican voter resistance to curbing climate change. According to [the study] 76 percent of self-identified Republicans say they believe in the End Times. “Since the world is going to end at a predestined time anyhow,” their logic goes, “it would be heretical to curb our destructive appetites under the delusion that we can do anything about pushing back God’s ordained date.”….After a decade of this brand of oily claptrap from the industry’s political toadies and its talking heads on Fox News and hate radio, many conservative Americans now embrace the farcical presumption that buying and burning gas is a patriotic act.”   In God We Trust?  Maybe not!

Time to Meet the New Boss in a new light. This overview of The Boss’s enviro record from Grist’s David Roberts makes for thoughtful reading. Yes, we’ve been hard on The Boss on this show but that’s OK!  We are tree-hugging, dirt worshipers, not compromised realists!  BTW, Roberts failed to mention anything about nukes, GMOs or endangered species. None of which have been dealt with well by the Obama Administration.  What can we say!

Time to segway into an Enviro Show Quote of the Week:  On February 16, 2010, President Barack Obama said: “Now, I know its been long assumed that those who champion the environment are opposed to nuclear power. But the fact is, even though weve not broken ground on a new nuclear plant in 30 years, nuclear energy remains our largest source of fuel that produces no carbon emissions. To meet our growing energy needs and prevent the worst consequences of climate change, we’ll need to increase our supply of nuclear power. It’s that simple.”  Welllllll….actually it’s not THAT simple. Nukes are not carbon neutral!

Before we delve into that old Mt. Tom coal burner in our E-Valley-uation segment, Jean & D.O. will do a little playback on The March Against Monsanto held in Springfield, among many other places, last week. Then, after our conversation with Lena Entin and Carlos Rodriguez of Neighbor to Neighbor concerning the May 30 hearing by the MA state Task Force “charged with developing a plan for deconstruction, remediation, and redevelopment or re-powering of coal-fired plants that are on the verge of closing.”  Lena & Carlos can tell us if they think  the Decommissioning Subcommittee of the Task Force will support the community and environment of Holyoke “as the Mt. Tom coal plant nears retirement”. Then it’s on to the Bus Stop Billboard:

Wednesday, June 5, 6:30 PM. Climate Action NOW’s planning meeting for the second annual Climate Action Conference to be held in Springfield in September of 2013. Meeting Location: Arise for Social Justice   467 State St., Springfield. Call 413-575-7345 for carpooling or information.

Thursday, June 6. Day of Action at Walmart. Contact: WMass Jobs with Justice <>

Friday, June 7, 4PM. The U.S. Department of Homeland Security’s Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) Region I  announced that a public briefing will be held on June 7, 2013, to present initial observa­tions of participant actions taken during a full-scale exercise at the Vermont Yankee Nuclear Power Plant located in Vernon, VT. The “briefing” will be at the Vernon Elementary School, cleverly located across from the nuke. The public briefing takes place at the conclusion of the one-day exercise. Exercise participants include the states of Vermont, New Hampshire and Massachusetts and all communities within the 10 mile Emergency Planning Zone, each of which are required to activate their emergency operations centers during this exercise. BUT THE PEOPLE ARE REQUIRED TO DEMAND A 50MILE EVAC ZONE!!

Saturday morning, June 8, 2013. Cushman Yard Sale on the Cushman Village Green. Benefits go towards Save Historic Cushman. Lots of community fun and ways to get involved.

Sunday, June 9, Noon. Save Our Bay Flotilla  Cape Cod Bay. The rally will take place on Cape Cod Bay from 12:00-1:00 pm on June 9th, outside the security buoys near the Pilgrim facility in Plymouth, MA [map]. Participants will celebrate at the rally site with signs, speakers, giant banners and music. A pot-luck picnic at Steven’s Field in Plymouth [map] will follow, from 2:00-4:00 pm. The entire event is free and open to the public. See full event details at  Email:

Tuesday, June 11, 9am. At the State House, the Joint Committee on Public Health has scheduled a hearing entitled “Food Safety, Nutrition and Labeling,” where three bills will be discussed related to the mandatory labeling of genetically engineered… foods (“GMOs”). On June 11th, we will also hold a RALLY in front of the State House, details TBD but it will be during the day, starting at 9:00am. This development comes days after celebrating progress on a GMO labeling bill for our neighbors and allies in Vermont. Momentum is certainly building! Massachusetts Right to Know GMOs is an emerging statewide network of safe food advocates that has been helping to increase awareness and support for labeling of GMO ingredients. We invite you to join us at both hearings and to submit testimony to make your voice heard.  Email:

Also Tuesday, June 11th, 1-4pm. Public Hearing on Methane Leaks (see previous Enviro Shows). Massachusetts State House, 24 Beacon Street, B-1. Bill H.2933 proposes to address the leaks, but is getting mired in attempts to expand natural gas pipelines!: For more information or to get involved, please contact

Tuesday, June 25, 7pm. World Renowned Oceanographer John Englander, the former CEO of the Jacque Cousteau Society, is coming to the Academy of Music for a speaking, polar slide slow, and Q and A engagement on Global Warming and Rising Oceans. Entry fee. For info call: 413-320-3653.

Wednesday, June 26, 4 to 5:30pm. Greenwork Roundtable: Springfield’s MGM Casino – Will it be green? Western New England University, Science & Pharmacy, Room 20, 1215 Wilbraham Rd., Springfield. Email:

Sunday, June 30, climate activist from across Massachusetts will meet at Worcester State University to celebrate the first year anniversary of and to participate in the People’s Action Assembly. We will leave with a vision and an 18-month strategic plan for a stronger statewide climate movement. We will explore the current state of the following themes and define going forward plans for each through November 2014. [Good place to plead the case against Cape Wind, the privatization of the Commons, and major bird & bat kills!]  Go to

July 27th-28th: As a strategic anchor event in‘s Summer Heat Campaign, MA activists are planning an event for a direct action against at Brayton Point, New England’s largest coal plant. Go to:

Enough.  We will contact you Earthlings again in the near future. Meanwhile remember to listen to your Mother.


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