poserpirates2Greetings Earthlings. We are all over the nukes again given the SAGE Alliance’s Flotilla action across from the scary Vermont Yankee plant on Saturday, August 10, but also because of the out-of-controll multiple meltdowns STILL GOING ON! in Fukushima, Japan and in the Pacific Ocean. Deb Katz of Citizens Awareness Network returns with the latest. Also, we look for radioactive leaks in the Enviro Show Echo Chamber, maybe even some leaks from The New Boss or our Fool-on-the-Hill, as well as a call-in from our roving reporter, Tom Neilson but first it’s time for……Revenge of the Critters! Last time the paper boy was attacked. This week:  Dragon attacks editor!! 

This week’s Fool-on-the-Hill is Repugnican Rep. Martha Blackburn of Tennessee who has gotten her drawers all up in knot over what she believes is an attempt by the Obama Administration to……um…..confiscate her ceiling fan??  According to The Paper of Record, “The House adopted, largely along party lines, an energy appropriations bill that among other things forbids the government from enforcing energy efficiency standards for ceiling fans, light bulbs, refrigerators and freezers. Sponsors of these measures said they had enough of President Obama’s nanny-state policies.”  But vaginal probes? That’s OK with the Repugs!  Maybe Rep. Blackburn should go for a reset?  Ya’ think?

In The Enviro Show Echo Chamber it appears we’ve gone wall-to-wall with planetary catastrophe. Keeping with this show’s theme let’s start in  Fukushima, Japan as mentioned above. Surely you recall the multiple ongoing meltdowns at the Tokyo Electric Power Company’s (Tepco) nuclear facility that began two years ago? It seems “Tepco admitted for the first time last month that radioactive groundwater had breached an underground barrier and been leaking into the sea, but said it was taking steps to prevent it.” That’s not working out so well. This why we call it a MELTDOWN!  Meanwhile, back at the ranch, it’s A Nation On Fire: Climate Change And The Burning Of America.“Scientists and fire experts… say the nation is moving into an era when massive and destructive wildfires of the kind that occurred only sporadically over the last century will now be a regular occurrence.” Holy climate change, Batman! How’d that happen?? Speaking of flames, Big Oil, in it’s eternal wisdom, is still burning off gas in it’s massive North Dakota oil fracking operation……$100 million dollars worth! But up in Canada they’re just…..well, wondering how to stop the tar sands oil from oozing up everywhere? Maybe they should just stuff it….into what we call The End Run Pipeline. Just when you thought we’d never come up with anything hopefull, grab some non-GMO popcorn, settle back and watch this.

This week we Meet the New Boss with a reminder about that climate speech back in June. Also, the Prez is attempting to put Larry Summers in charge of…….the world economy! Yup, the guy who helped crash our economy last time around, the guy who green lighted Enron is on The New Boss’s short list for head of the Fed. Somebody STOP HIM!

For our Quote of the Week we jump back in the Wayback Machine for a short hop to 1974 when then President Gerald Ford said, “H.R. 11510 also creates a new Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) which will assume the licensing and regulatory responsibilities previously carried out under the Director of Regulation within the Atomic Energy Commission. The highly technical nature of our nuclear facilities and the special potential hazards which are involved in the use of nuclear fuels fully warrant the creation of an independent and technically competent regulatory agency to assure adequate protection of public health and safety.”  Riiiiiiight.

After our conversations with Deb and Tom we move on to the Bus Stop Billboard to see what’s happening:

Thursday, August 15th, 7-9pm. Hearing on Northampton Divestment Resolution. Council chambers (behind city hall), 212 Main St, Northampton

Fiday. August 16, 7:00 p.m. “American Meltdown” Free Films at the Frances Crowe Community Room, 60 Masonic Street in Northampton. Enter via Woodstar Cafe, at the front of the building. The venue is accessible. The screenings are free unless otherwise noted. Discussion follows.

Monday, August 19, 6:30pm. Next meeting of Climate Action Now Wmass at Arise, 467 State St, Springfield, MA. Call: 413-575-7345

Monday, August 19, 7:00-8:30pm. Fossil Fuel Divest Meeting. Community Room, 26 Greenleaves Dr., Amherst

Thursday, August 22,6:30pm “Reclaiming Democracy”, an inspiring documentary film with Thomas Linzey and Shannon Biggs. This film talks about the groundwork being laid by communities that are adopting a ‘Community Bill of Rights.’ These ‘Bill of Rights’ will help bring about constitutional change, and create a new legal framework that will strip corporations of their “rights”, and recognize the rights of nature and of communities.  All Souls Unitarian Church, 399 Main St., Greenfield, MA. For more info call Sandra Boston at 413-774-5952.

Saturday, August 24, 10am. Join Us for CAN’s Annual Meeting. A great breakfast will be served to all who come. We have a great chef creating this splendid breakfast. This is our gift to the community for all the years you’ve supported us and our work. First Congregational Church, 43 Silver Street, Greenfield, MA. Email: CAN@nukebusters.org

Saturday, August 24, 10-2pm. Summer Wildflower Field Walk Series with Nancy Goodman, Naturalist – Podick Swamp, Amherst. Come and explore the wonders and beauties of our native wildflowers as we spend the day learning how to identify them in the field.  Nancy will help us learn how to key out plants using Newcomb’s Wildflower Guide. Registration & Fee required. Space is limited. Call: (413) 256-6006

Sunday, August 25th, Noon-5pm. Global Warming Activist Rally. Greenfield Commons, Greenfield MA. Contact: info@betterfutureproject.org

Sunday, September 8, 2:00pm. Non-violent civil disobedience to shut Vermont Yankee. This non-violent civil disobedience event will only happen if we get at least five people by 9/1. Now we have three people who will do it and one person who probably will. Please contact Eesha Williams at ewilliams@ValleyPost.org or 802-254-2531. We will notify the media and the police in advance. People are welcome to come and support us without getting arrested.

Monday, September 9, 12 to 1pmThis will be the 3rd rally of the Campaign to Boycott TD Bank for bankrolling climate change by investing in Tar Sands Oil development and pipelines. Area citizens concerned about climate change will hold a permitted rally in front of TD Bank at 1441 Main St. in downtown Springfield in a campaign to boycott TD until it stops its major investments in Tar Sands oil mining and pipelines. More info: John Berkowitz, Northampton 413-325-4533 johnpberk@gmail.com

That is all. We go out with Tom and Kat’s “Tritium” Sooooo, until next time remember this: Listen to your Mother!


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