Northampton planning to spray Round Up herbicide

Posted: August 17, 2013 in Uncategorized

 chemical_toxicityNO SPRY! NO WAY!

DEMONSTRATION this Tuesday, Aug 20, 4:30-6pm at Florence Fields. Please spread the word!


The City of Northampton is planning to spray Round Up herbicide on the future Florence Fields athletic area, across from our organic community garden and adjacent to Crimson & Clover’s leased farmland, during the period of Thurs Aug 22 to Fri Aug 30. We believe the City shares our vision for athletic fields that are safe for our kids and sensitive to surrounding organic food production and watershed. We appreciate that there are finite budgets for creating and maintaining Florence Fields, but we also know that true costs to our health, food safety & water quality, are often hidden and passed on to others. We want to make good decisions about land practices, face real costs, and protect our health and natural resources.


To voice your opinion about this matter:


1) Join a peaceful DEMONSTRATION this Tuesday, Aug 20, 4:30-6pm at Florence Fields (corner of Spring and Meadow Sts). The demonstration will shine light on the upcoming herbicide application and urge the City to use safe, ecologically sound practices at Florence Fields, a site that is both surrounded by organic food production and watershed, and to be used by thousands of children. All ages are welcome.


2) Contact your elected officials:


Mayor David Narkewicz (413) 587-1249


Ward 7 Councilor Gene Tacy 585-8878


At-Large Councilor Bill Dwight 413-262-6710


At-Large Councilor Jesse Adams 586-7500


Thank you!


Lilly Lombard


Executive Director, Grow Food Northampton

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