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Pete Seeger, Presente!

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Dar Williams wrote this for Pete a few years back. Storm King is the awesome dominant feature on the majestic Hudson River north of the Palisades. Pete’s home overlooked the mountain and the river he and his family loved.


energy_coverGreetings Earthlings. Are you low on energy lately? Would you care for some lowdown on energy? Tom Butler calls in with that and way more. As always we will drag you through The Enviro Show Echo Chamber and off to Meet the New Boss and The Fool-on-the-Hill, but before any of that it’s time for………..Revenge of the Critters! Last time it was Revenge of the Cat. Now it’s equal time for mice!

The New York Times (“The Paper of Record”?) dominates The Enviro Show Echo Chamber this time around. We had about given up on them after they threw their “Environment” section under the bus and forgot to report on the CLIMATE CRISIS! buuuuuut, in the past week or so it appears they’ve been making up for lost time. Where to start? How about this editorial (of course, they failed to mention their own “backsliding”). They also reported on the soon to be released next section of the UN’s IPCC climate report and its dire warnings about inaction on limiting carbon emissions. In another addition they did a piece on a disturbing trend in the EU to reconsider their once reasonable climate goals, “turning mandatory targets for renewable energy into just goals”.  You’ll find another NYT piece when you Meet the Boss. Moving on to news outfits with smaller footprints we find this report from the Saturday Gazette Mail in West Virginia. Headline? “Chemical-related hospital admissions rise”. But Faux “News” told us no one was hurt in that God-awful chemical spill??

Time to Meet the New Boss. Like we indicated above, the “Paper of Record” has rediscovered climate chaos. They are also pointing out that The Prez “is retreating from previous demands of strong international environmental protections in order to reach agreement on a sweeping Pacific trade deal”. That would be the toxic TPP deal now festering in Congress. Checkout the Bus Stop Billboard below for the Western Mass action on January 31. Sorry Boss, no deal.

We have another return candidate, in fact THE return candidate for our Fool-on-the-Hill. Yes, Repugnican Oklahoma Senator James Inhofe scores again but this time not for his usual climate change denial, but for explaining why he keeps it up!  It seems this arch Enemy of the Planet “told WABC-AM that he was initially intrigued when former Vice President Al Gore began warning about human-induced climate change but became skeptical after discovering that environmental regulations might prove costly to business”………OK, there it is! Capitalism trumps….rationalism? AND, speaking of, this just in (making it a two-fer Fool-on-the-Hill): “Mitch McConnell Threatens To Destroy The Economy Unless Obama Approves Keystone XL”.

In our E-Valley-uation segment The Montague Reporter gives us a peek at that proposed fracked gas pipeline aimed to go right through our Valley and over the CT River. Buy the recent issue at newsstands and check them out on Facebook here.

Our Enviro Show Quote of the week comes from an unlikely source given our usual druthers:

“Most people spend more time and energy going around problems than in trying to solve them”    – Henry Ford!

After our conversation with Tom we move over here to the Bus Stop Billboard:

Thursday, January 30th, 7-9pm. Climate Study Group of Northampton at Marty Nathan’s house, 24 Massasoit St., Northampton

Friday, January 31, Noon. WMass regional action for the Intercontinental Day of Action Against the TPP & Corporate Globalization.  Rep. Richard Neil’s Office, 300 State St., Springfield, MA

February 7, 7pm. Screening of “High Power,” a 27-minute documentary about the health issues faced by residents of Tarapur, a town in Maharashtra, and home to the 50-year-old Tarapur nuclear power plant.  Media Education Foundation, 60 Masonic St., Northampton, MA. Nuclear Free Future Coalition.

Saturday, February 8th, stand with Salem and encourage Governor Patrick to uphold the Global Warming Solutions Act and prevent the construction of another fossil fuel plant in Salem! Join us at 2pm on the Salem Town Common for a clean energy parade through the town, past the existing coal plant and to the beautiful Salem Harbor. Help us support our Salem community allies and call for Only the Best for Salem and no to new fossil fuel infrastructure!

Wednesday, February 12, 3:30 to 4:30pm. Next meeting of Transportation Justice Franklin County at The Brick House, 24 3rd Street, Turners Falls, MA

Friday, February 14, 7:30pm. Love in the Time of Surveillance with Tom Neilson & Lynn Waldron. Music & song to start the year out. Odyssey Bookshop, 9 College St (Routes 116 & 47), in the Village Commons, S Hadley. Cover charge.

We go out with Pete Seeger (well, you know what we mean) who taught us to kkep on keepin’ on. That’s all folks!…….’til next time. Remember when you are out there to…….LISTEN TO YOUR MOTHER!!

bikerightGreetings Earthlings. While the weather here in the Northeast isn’t all that conducive to biking at the moment, the hardy among us press on. Jimmy Pereira from Mass Bike in Springfield calls in with some E-Vally-uation on biking in that city while out on the Other Coast, our favorite hydrologist cum bike activist, Dylan Ahearn from Beacon Bikes gives us the picture on bike issues in Seattle. As always, we hope to entertain you with visits to The Fool-on-the-Hill and The Enviro Show Echo Chamber, maybe we’ll even get to The Enviro Show Quote of the Week, but first it’s time for………Revenge of the Critters! Listen up, dog people: don’t kick snow in the cat’s face, OK?

The name of this Week’s Fool-on-the-Hill sounds awfully familiar. We think he’s been here before. Be that as it may, Rep. Mike Pompeo (R-Kan.) was the lead sponsor of H.R. 1900 — Natural Gas Pipeline Permitting Reform Act. What would the “reform” do? “It would rush approval of natural gas pipelines with disregard for potential impacts on the public and on clean water and air,” NRDC explains. “In essence, this legislation is a direct extension of the entire House Republican effort that is focused on eliminating the transparent environmental review process that is required when energy projects are proposed.”  Well, we know one thing that is transparent for sure: Repugnicans make for bad Earthlings.

Our Quote of the Week is right on target for this show, but once again you’ll have to jump into The Wayback Machine (don’t despair, it’s geothermal powered!) for this:  “Every time I see an adult on a bicycle, I no longer despair for the future of the human race.”      –  H. G. Wells


We find none other than our Senior Senator from the Commonwealth, Elizabeth Warren in The Enviro Show Echo Chamber but she’s certainly not echoing the corporate line on the Alberta tar sands and the Keystone XL pipeline. OpEd News susses out how Liz is no Hillary when it comes to destroying the planet. While Hillary is big on Keystone XL a whole lot of others….not so much. Two young women activists down in Oklahoma are being charged with “terrorism hoax”. What for? Glittering! Be very afraid people, remain in the no sparkle zone. You can donate to Moriah Stephenson and Stefan Warner’s defense here.  BTW, did you know the evil Koch brothers actually own a big chunk of the Alberta tar sands? And this: in Massachusetts comes the good news that the updated Bottle Bill may become a reality. We got enough signatures to get the initiative on the 2014 ballot in November if the folks on Beacon Hill don’t pass legislation beforehand. And this from one of our favorite listeners: “Somali Piracy: a Model for Tomorrow’s Life in the Anthropocene?” It’s what survival looks like in a world out of balance. Time for the Polar Vortex Report! Chris Mooney, who we had on the show back during the Bush Era, gives a simple explanation for the frigid temps lately: The Arctic is Drunk and has wandered off the rez! Recall us going off in the past about the phony excuse Big Oil and its corporate pimps in Washington periodically trotted out for increased oil production in the U.S.? “Energy Independence” or “Energy Security” they proclaimed (even as they cut more deals to export more oil via new pipelines & facilities). Now Grist tells us these corporados are planning to export crude oil as well, something that is presently illegal.  Finally, and in keeping with this show’s theme we have good news from Portlandia: no one died on a bike this past year? Given the extent of carmageddon out there, we guess that’s good news…….no?

Liberty Cabbage Theater Revival reminds us about “Cars, cars, cars” (often the nemesis of bikes, bikes, bikes!) before we move on to our E-Valley-uation interview with Jimmy from Mass Bike. Then we hear from the Other Coast and close out with the Bus Stop Billboard:

Tues, January 14, 7pm  Public Service Board hearing on VT Yankee.  Brattleboro interactive tv location is at Brattleboro Union High School, Room 125, Fairgrounds Road. From I-91 Exit 1 – Take a Right at the first set of lights. The high school is at the end of the block. Not from Vermont? The PSB still wants to hear from you. Please make it clear that ordinary citizens should have a direct voice, and that based on the record, we do not trust Entergy. The state and the PSB must hold Entergy accountable to clean up the financial and environmental mess it has made.

 Saturday, January 18, 11am to 2pm Pedal People Bike Workshop at 12 Northern Ave in Northampton, MA. Call: 413-586-8591  Email:
Wednesday, January 22, 2014, 6:30PM. Screening of “Genetic Roulette: The Gamble of our lives”. This seminal documentary provides compelling evidence to help explain the
deteriorating health of Americans, especially among children, and offers a recipe for protecting our health. If you eat food this is a must see movie. Share it with everyone you know and let’s get GMOs out of our food supply. Saint James Church Parish Hall, Corner of Church & Federal in Greenfield. Enter via parking lot side door.   Info at: 773-5165

Thursday, January 23rd, 6:30-8:30pm. Climate Justice Conference Update.  Arise for Social Justice, 467 State St., Springfield. Contact Susan at

Saturday, January 25th, 10am-noon. Community Forum and Panel Discussion on State Divestment Legislation. Springfield Central Library Community Room, 220 State Street, Springfield, Ma.  Email:

Saturday, January 25, 10:30am. Winter Pre-school series: Who’s been here? Great Falls Discovery Center, 2 Avenue A, Turners Falls, MA Call: (413) 863-3221

Friday, January 31, 7:30am – 12:00pm. Walk/Ride Day. Join the celebrations on the last Friday of every month!  People throughout New England are doing it! Just use green transportation that day: commuting by bike is great, but going by foot, bus, or train – even carpooling and walking part way – count!  If you wear something green to show your support, you can also get discounts and freebies from an ever-growing list of sponsoring businesses throughout the region. For more information, and to register your company in Walk/Ride Day friendly competitions including a year-long Cambridge, MA mayor’s challenge, visit

Saturday, February 1, 9:30am to 4pm. Carbon Free Nuclear Free Workshop at  Park House, 6039 Main Street, Manchester Center, VT.  The Citizens Awareness Network is partnering with the Institute for Energy and Environmental Research to train organizers and provide the materials and information they need to organize on the local and state levels for sustainable energy solutions. The goal is to train people on the sustainable energy transition and technological issues so they can rap them out and begin organizing. Participants will include representatives from groups in the tri-state community (MA, VT, NH), as well as New York.  If interested please contact: Citizens Awareness Network  413 339 5781

Friday, February 7, 7:00 p.m. Screening of “High Power” about nukes in India at the Frances Crowe Community Room, 60 Masonic Street in Northampton. Enter via Woodstar Cafe, at the front of the building. The venue is accessible. Discussion follows.

That’s about it, unless you can think of something we missed. Until next time remember: listen to your Mother!