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calmtreesGreetings Earthlings. Do you mind if we mind about clearcuts? Too bad! And so-called “patch cuts” are just little clearcuts, got it? How about the critical importance of carbon sequestration by trees? Watershed protection? In the wake of Castle Northampton‘s recent dog & pony show regarding the logging in the drinking water supply forest, Chris Matera returns to these mics where he has actually been invited! We will pick through the trash and treasures with him for most of the show and get a call later from our roving reporter, Tom Neilson. In keeping with all the log smog we also put together a gigantic Forests & CO2 linkfest below just in case anyone has an interest in actual science.  This truncated version of the show still has time for some Fools-on-the-Hill, a little E-Valley-uation  and…….Revenge of the Critters! Do not turn your back on the trees.

It’s another two-fer AND a repeat performance by Sen. Mary Landrieu (D-La.), Big Oil’s own chairwoman of the Energy and Natural Resources Committee. Her chairship is accompanied by Rep. Cory Gardner, Repugnican of Colorado. “The [Senate] hearing will examine how the United States can responsibly export natural gas to promote manufacturing, create high-paying jobs and expand U.S. influence around the world to assist its allies,” the committee said in a Thursday statement. We’re not sure the entire committee agrees with that but be that as it may, like we always ask: what ever happened to “energy independence”?  O, and what ever happened to “responsible”! Did we miss something? Meanwhile, Gardner is sponsoring a bill “that would force the Obama administration to approve all pending applications for liquefied natural gas export terminals.” Cory Gardner is soooooo forceful. We guess he likes to Drill baby, drill!

In our E-Vally-uation segment we have a peek at Katy’s op-ed in the Daily Hampshire Gazette regarding the propsed Kinder Morgan/TGP coporado fracked gas pipeline aimed for a backyard near you. Then it’s on to Glen & Chris and our giant Forest & CO2 linkfest at the bottom of this post. You want the science of why we shouldn’t be hacking down our forests? Knock yourself out.

Now we move on to the Bus Stop Billboard:

Wednesday, March 26, 6:30pm. Screening of “Carbon Nation”. Seelye Hall 106, Smith College, Northampton, MA. Discussion following by Smith students. Free, open to the public, wheelchair accessible.  Part of Earth’s Turn film series brought to you by the Climate Action NOW/350MA; Smith College Sustainability Reps, Green Team, Divest Smith College, and others.

Wednesday, March 26, 6:30pm. Sunderland Public Library. Closing VT Yankee: How to Do It Safely & Responsibly” with Dr. Marvin Resnikoff and Dr. John R. Mullen. 20 School Street, Sunderland, Mass. Sponsored by Pioneer Valley Chapter of Physicians for Social Responsibility and by the Sunderland Energy Committee

Thursday, March 27, 10:30 to 11am. Environment Massachusetts’ Fracking Bill Press Conference. Springfield City Hall, 35 Court Street, Springfield, MA. This is about No Fracking in MA (which probably won’t happen anyway) BUT we hope they speak to the proposed corporate Fracked Gas Pipeline slated for the Commonwealth! See:

Saturday, March 29, 10am to 4pm. Valley Vegfest, at JFK Middle School in Northampton.  A vegetarian festival featuring natural and cruelty-free products, vegan food, educational exhibitors, and talks by noted authors and experts including Jenny Brown, Neil Hornish, Dr. Kumara Sidhartha, and Hannah Kaminsky. For more information please go to

March 29. The next (and final) CD training will be held at Smith College in Northampton. Nearly 50 people have stepped forward to say they are willing to be arrested at a local pipeline action in Springfield. Is it your time to take a stand? Even if you are… not interested in participating in the act of civil disobedience, there is a crucial need for folks to fill support roles. Email: to sign up or to find out more about supporting the action.

Monday, April 1, 10:30am. Youth Walkout for Climate Justice. On March 31st, hundreds of youth across the Commonwealth will walk out of classes and take time from their jobs to converge on the Statehouse and call on Governor Patrick to draw a hard line against new fossil fuel infrastructure. Questions?  Contact

Monday, March 31, 6:30 pm sign-in. “The Climate Crisis:  Only a Movement can Save Us!” Introduction by Massachusetts State Senator Benjamin Downing Presentation by Craig Altemose, executive director of the Better Future Project  / 350 Massachusetts. Kick-Off Meeting for Berkshire “Node” of 350MA. Berkshire Community College, Room K111, 1350 West St, Pittsfield, MA

Tuesday, April 1, 5:30-7pm. Public safety is no joke! On APRIL FOOL’S DAY we’ll be back at the gates of Vermont Yankee. Tell Entergy they’re not fooling us, and we are not fooling around. Entergy is not fooling us, and we are not fooling around. 546 Governor Hunt Rd, Vernon, VT. Email:

Monday, April 7, 6:30pm. Standout for No Fracked Gas in Mass! Kinder Morgan Rep. to speak to the Montague Selectboard, 7:00 pm at MontagueTown Hall,1 Avenue A, Turners Falls (by the bridge). See:

Tuesday, April 8, 10am to 3pm. Close Mt. Tom Power PlanProtest Against GDF Suez! 310 Appleton Street, Holyoke, MA. Parking lot behind War Memorial on Maple Street.

Sunday, April 13, 3 to 5pm. 350MA Node meeting. 250 Shutesbury Road, Amherst, MA.

Thursday – April 17, 6 to 8m. Valley-wide Planning Meeting on the proposed corporate fracked gas pipeline. Green Fields Market meeting room (upstairs), Main Street, Greenfield, MA Go to:


Forests & CO2 sequestering Linkfest! :

http://w w w .o r e g o n . g o v / o d f / c l i m a t e c h a n g e
/ f o r e s t c a r b o n b a s i c s v 2 . p d f

Climate Control: How Northwest Old-Growth Forests Can Help Fight Global Warming

Heiken, D. Myths & Facts on Forest, Carbon and Global Warming slide show

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on Regional Forest Carbon Emissions

Dept. of Interior Releases Study of Carbon Storage and Sequestration
in Western Ecosystems as Part of National Assessment

Oregon State University. “Oldest trees are growing faster, storing
more carbon as they age.” ScienceDaily. ScienceDaily,15 January 2014.

Role of Forests in Climate Mitigation
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Had enough? We go out with Loreena McKennitt’s “Ancient Pines” representing “the Earth’s yearning for release from the oppression of the human hand”.

Remember this: listen to your Mother!


Spring at Castle Northampton

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The Mayor and his court at Castle Northampton are celebrating the
first day of Spring by lowering the icy drawbridge just enough to let
in those who agree with their policies.

Northampton City Hall looks a bit like some misplaced castle so it
should be of little surprise that some of its priorities are misplaced
as well. Take the presentation of the city’s position on caring for
the woodlands surrounding the drinking water supply being offered to
the good people of Northampton by the City Council this first day of
Spring. As far as we can tell from out here beyond the gates, only
those agreeable to the court will be speaking at the event and, we are
told, comments from the masses will be limited to just three minutes
apiece. Presumably the presentations will be much longer. We guess
this is what passes for democracy within the castle gates. Since we
are not residents of Northampton we leave issues of free speech and
democracy to our friends who dwell there.

However, given the short public notice of this event and given that no
real space was provided for alternative views on the city’s position
and given that personal attacks seem to have been made in the media
toward the individual who first raised concerns about the watershed by
his honor the Mayor and some in his court, we are instead focusing on
the next  Enviro Show, this coming Tuesday, March 25 at 6pm. to
present some of the alternative views that will not be voiced in any
detail on the first day of Spring.

Happy Spring & stay warm!

tree-greenGreetings Earthlings. All these years we’ve been talking with you about the Climate Crisis and what we can do to address this greatest of all threats to life as we know it, right? Remember the part about the trees? About how trees and the soil that sustains them sequester CO2?  So how is it that people keep cutting them down! We ask that question and way more to our friend Dr. Mary Booth, Senior Scientist at The Massachusetts Environmental Energy Alliance. Also, we get a call from Chris at Mass Forest Watch about cutting in the Quabbin watershed and right here in Northampton! Air time is Tuesday, March 11 which also happens to be the anniversary of the Fukushima-Daiichi nuclear disaster. You probably remember that. The corporate media? Not so much. We’ll tear into that in The Enviro Show Echo Chamber along with other news. As always, we’ll also take you to Meet the New Boss and The Fool-on-the-Hill as well as a side trip for some E-Valley-uation but first it’s time for……..Revenge of the Critters! Moose protest! A listeners sends us this video of science gone wrong.

Beware the Ides of March (or thereabouts), especially if you’re a nuclear reactor. Last time we gave you Arnie Gunderson’s grim news on the damaged radioactive fuel storage pools at Fukushima-Daiichi Units #3 and #4. This time around, on the 3rd anniversary of those frightening ongoing multiple meltdowns we check in with long-time anti-nuke crusader, Karl Grossman here.  March 28 is also the anniversary of the Three Mile Island meltdown in Pennsylvania. Enformable Nuclear News ties the two events together here. We don’t have to do that live on the show ‘cuz we’ve got our own stories! Tune in for that. We return to tales of tar sands where this think piece on “piecemeal pipelines” points out: “It’s not just a matter of one pipeline — there are a number of different pipelines that are all trying to do the same thing and that’s allow the tar sands development to increase in Canada by getting increasing amounts to the market,” Doug Hayes, a staff attorney for the Sierra Club said, “I think that while the public has been largely focused on Keystone XL, the Corps and other agencies are quietly approving these projects without allowing the public to become involved in any way.”  Of course climate chaos deniers and most corporados are gung-ho for exploiting the tar sands and every conceivable energy source, but wait, some corporados are not marching in step!  On to our Enviro Show Blog Action Bonus: here’s what YOU can do to protect the wolves!

We Meet the New Boss dropping the ball on addressing both the Climate Crisis and protecting wildlife off our coastline. The Obama administration released its long-awaited Environmental Impact Statement on oil and gas exploration off the east coast recently.  Not surprisingly, the Boss has caved to the forces of drill-baby-drill. Read it and weep…..then take action!

This week’s Fool-on-the-Hill is Rep. George Holding, R-N.C. (you know, the Tar Heel State?) who proves he’s a heel by sponsoring the The Achieving Less Excess in Regulation and Requiring Transparency Act, or ALERRT. Let us alert you to this, our friends at Grist point out that the House Repugs last week celebrated what they called “Stop Government Abuse Week” by passing five dumb bills that abuse the government. Rep. Holding’s contribution to the abuse “would institute a bunch of time-wasting reporting requirements on agencies as they promulgate rules. For example: Prohibits a rule from taking effect until the information required by this Act is posted on the Internet for not less than six months.” Six months? Do they still get their news by stage coach down there? We know nothing much gets done in the U.S. House of Reprehensibles, but out here in the real world?

In our E-Valley-uation segment we’ll do a reportback on the Valley-wide organizing meeting to Stop the Kinder Morgan/Tennessee Gas Pipeline Extension. You can keep up with this latest planned assault on the Commonwealth here. We will be devoting our entire April 8 Enviro Show in this effort to remind everyone: Do Not to Pass Gas in Mass! (sorry). So, act locally, think globally, yes? In its infinite wisdom, the Editorial Board at “The Paper of Record” seems to think we should be shipping a whole lot of that fracked gas to Europe just to get in Putin’s face. We responded to that gasinine idea on their pages and we hope you will as well.

After our conversation with Mary and Chris we take you over to the Bus stop Billboard for this:

Saturday, March 8, 1:00 – 3:00 pm. A  presentation on the TGP Northeast Expansion Pipeline being planned to run through the Berkshires and across northern Massachusetts. Cummington Community House, Main Street, Cummington, Massachusetts.

Monday, March 10, 11am. Wake-up the Governor Rally! Close the Pilgrim nuke/No more Fukushimas!  Grand Staircase, State House, Boston,MA. After repeated requests for a response, Governor Patrick has ignored all the Cape voters who passed a resolution last year calling for him to respectfully request the Nuclear Regulatory Commission uphold its mandate to close Pilgrim because the public safety cannot be assured. Citizens and representatives from each town will gather at the Grand Staircase and deliver statements. After, we will gather written testimony and the 15 town extracts of the votes and deliver to the Governor’s office up the stairs. A bus is leaving Harwich, MA at 8:00 AM with stops in Barnstable and Sagamore.  Reservations can be made by calling Elaine at 508-432-5023 or 508-246-4563.  The round trip cost is $16 or less according to ability to pay.  The bus leaves Boston at 2:00.  Go to:

Wednesday, March 12, 4:30 pm, The Western Mass. Green Consortium’s monthly Green Night event takes place on as part of a new series of monthly information and networking events at the Clarion Hotel in Northampton located at 1 Atwood Drive in Northampton, just off Route 5 south of the Exit 18 ramps to I-91.  For more information about Green Night and the Western Mass. Green Consortium, visit the WMGC web site or Facebook page at

Wednesday, March 12, 6:30pm. Climate Action Now! will join Smith College environmental student groups and faculty to host the first in a weekly film series, “Earth’s Turn”, which focuses on the effects of climate change on our global environment. Contact: Marty Nathan  413-531-9915 or  email:

Saturday, March 15, 9am.  Sign up to attend the Civil Disobedience training on March 15 in Springfield in preparation our local Pledge action, Pioneer Valley Central Labor Council, 640 Page Blvd., Springfield, MA brought to you by the Climate Action Group of the Unitarian Society of Northampton and Florence. To learn more contact Molly Hale at: or 413-585-0791.

Wednesday, March 15, 3pm. 2nd Valley organizing meeting on resistance to the proposed Kinder Morgan/TPG Fracked Gas Pipeline slated for the Berks & Franklin County and all across northern Massachusetts. Co-op Power, 15 A West Street (Rt.5-10), W. Hatfield, MA. Go to:

Monday, March 24, 6 to 7:30pm. Air Pollution in Your neighborhood. Springfield Central Library, 220 State Street, Springfield, MA. Refreshments. Call Arise at 413-734-4948

March: Help out with the Henry Street Salamander Tunnel Maintenance on some weekend in March determined by the weather and snow cover. As the snows of winter melt and the ground gradually warms, spotted salamanders are cued to initiate their annual breeding migration. [Of course, if the proposed “Retreat” is built in the woodlands of Cushman where the salamanders live all your work might be in vain!] Call or email Hitchcock Center to volunteer your help cleaning out the sands of winter and repairing the drift fences that guide the animals to the tunnel entrances. We’ll also have a brief talk on these wonderful animals, their adaptations and life cycle [Will they adapt to heavy machinery ripping up their habitat? Will they adapt to drunken students throwing toxic trash in what’s left of the woods? Let’s not find out!].  The Center will email you when they have scheduled the work day, either a weekend or weekday late afternoon. All are welcome! Bring work gloves and a shovel. Call 413-256-6006 or email and leave us your contact information.

That’s all for now. Remember……..listen to your Mother.