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tree-greenGreetings Earthlings. Transparent apparently is the new green. Tom Butler returns to the show to delve into “Keeping the Wild – Against the Domestication of Earth”, an anthology of revelations into Corporate America’s latest ploy to destroy as well as a reminder of how things are supposed to be. Tom and his colleagues direct the sunlight onto what some call the “new conservationists”, most typified by the likes of the so-called Nature Conservancy. We call them the same old/same old Dominion freaks. [Excerpts here and here.] We’ll have a look at the likes of them and the wonders they seek to ruin, hopefully a call from the Climate Summer Riders‘ Georgette Sordellini as well as take you to a visit in The Enviro Show Echo Chamber and with our Fool-on-the-Hill and more, but first it’s time for……….Revenge of the Critters! Tick-tock, time for some tick talk!

This week’s Fool-on-the-Hill is actually nicknamed Hil! It’s been awhile since she was on the Hill but that doesn’t mean she’s no longer a fool! We guess by now you know who we’re talking about, right? Yup, it’s Hillary Clinton and even if you are a die-hard fan (we are not) you have to admit her…..umm….unposition? on the Keystone XL tar sands pipeline is…..well…..mighty foolish.

We have some news from the smoke-free back rooms in various State  Houses and faux non-profit boardrooms in our E-Valley-uation segment and from here it looks like a true fracking disgrace. Our favorite hometown paper, The Montague Reporter picks up on the nefarious behind closed doors goings on regarding the proposed corporate fracked gas pipeline Kinder Morgan wants to ram through our blue-green state of Massachusetts. Other area news outlets have covered the story as well, here and here. Of course, the story of destructive logging about to take place in the Quabbin watershed continues to go unreported in this o, so green Valley (except by those tree-hugging dirt worshippers on The Enviro Show). Getting back to the fracked gas pipeline that’s getting all the press, remember The Franklin Regional Council of Governments and its Franklin Regional Planning Board hearing on the KM/TGP debacle that never happened? (It turned into a spirited demo instead). Well, it’s back on and scheduled for Thursday, July 24 at 6pm. Those fracking coprporados will be there, will YOU? Now there’s talk of rerouting the proposed disastrous gas pipeline on Interstate right-of-ways. Our response to that is: If these guys want to run energy infrastructure along the Interstates why not go for wind & solar and be done with it! Finally this: March organizers and marchers are needed for Deerfield section of Stop the Pipeline March through Ma. July 12 and 13. Email at the Montague pipeline group. If you are in Greenfield email: Emily Greene at  There’s a Facebook page for this action here.

Our Quote of the Week comes straight out of the book we are building this show around, but if you want the original you’ll have a very loooooong trip in the Wayback Machine, going all the way back to the first century BC when Lao Tsu said:

“Do you think you can take over the universe and improve it?/I do not believe it can be done./The universe is sacred./You cannot improve it./If you try to change it, you will ruin it.”

The Enviro Show Echo Chamber is empty. All the echoes can be found above in our E-Valley-uation segment. Why? We don’t know. Maybe somebody left the door open and all the echoes floated up into the atmosphere? Wait! We are mistaken. Just found this Enviro Show Blog Bonus Action on the Monarch Butterflies. All you have to do is…….do it!  And there’s more and it’s a big f’ing deal: the New York Supreme Court ruled that towns can prohibit fracking. Can’t wait to see what the other Supreme Court has to say about THAT!

After out conversation with Tom Butler we move over to the Bus Stop Billboard:

July 1 thru 13. Climate Summer’s West Team cycles through the Valley. Climate Summer is a leadership development program for young adults who learn by doing. Participants engage communities across New England as educators, activists, and organizers as they travel exclusively by bicycle, calling for action on climate change and fossil fuels in communities across the region. Schedule & contacts here:

Saturday, July 12 thru Monday, July 14. Valley leg of the Rolling March Against the Pipeline to the State House! Walkers link in relay march across the state from Richmond to Dracut, then finish at the State House in Boston.  Kick the walk off with lots of support in Richmond, July 6th and  likely have a celebration in Dracut on July 26th. On July 30th  petitions go to the statehouse, after a rally across the Boston Common.  The vision is a sort of Daniel Shays drama —non-violent storming the statehouse with big flags, etc?  We imagine this being populated by, other such organizations looking for a way to make a big moment, as well any citizens who have been waiting to bring this fight to the State House. Full schedule & contacts here:

Saturday & Sunday, July 12 & 13 All day. The Green River Festival. Many of our favorite enviro groups will have tables and info. Greenfield Community College, One College Drive, Greenfield, MA 01301. Greenfield is located at the juncture of I-91 (exit 26) and Route 2 in Western Massachusetts.  Go to:

Sunday, July 13,12:30pm – 4:00pm. Stop Fracked Gas Exports! Come together in Washington, DC to send a decisive message to President Obama and the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission: Say “no!” to fracked gas exports. Fracking fighters everywhere, movement leaders like Tim DeChristopher and Sandra Steingraber, mothers fending off compressor stations, fathers fighting pipelines – and everyday people demanding solutions to climate change – will march together by the thousands. Go to:

Saturday & Sunday, Sept. 21 The biggest demonstration in the history of the climate movement is happening in New York City. The People’s Climate March will be held as world leaders and members of the United Nations gather to discuss the climate crisis. If we expect real action on global warming, we need to make our voices heard. Tens of thousands of activists are gathering for this important event. This peaceful protest for a healthy climate will include a massive march through New York City, street theater, music, speakers and whatever creative energy you and your friends can bring. Go to:

That’s all for now but PLEASE remember to listen to your Mother!



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