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treehug1Greetings Earthlings. [Sorry about the….umm….missing links? Talk to WordPress about it if you can find a human there] Humans are such a flawed species. Most climate activists are still not listening to the trees. Perhaps they don’t speak their language? We can struggle against all the emissions we want but that’s only part of the equation. We need to increase packing away carbon, getting it out of the atmosphere, and one of the few ways available to most of us for doing just that is helping trees, the understory, soils and crops to do their work. Ecological designer, Connor Stedman joins us to talk about his Carbon Farming course and how our rooted relations can help us with the very Climate Crisis we have created. As always we will also take you on a stroll into The Enviro Show Echo Chamber and for a visit with the Fool-on-the-Hill and more, but first it’s time for……..Revenge of the Critters! We read that some guy got bitten by a scorpion while shopping for bananas at Walmart?

This week’s Fool-on-the-Hill actually never made it to the Hill and it’s just as well ‘cuz they are overrun by fools down there. We couldn’t resist raising the specter of Darth Cheney by way of his spawn Liz who made a run for Congress but more-or-less crashed and burned. In any case, during an interview Liz noted: “….a much greater threat to us [than climate change], frankly, is this massive expansion and growth of the bureaucratic state here in Washington.” Whoa! And to think we all thought is was the growth of CO2 and methane in the atmosphere?

We start off The Enviro Show Echo Chamber with a calculated effort to wake-up certain climate activists with this handy tool. And this: It looks like the nice people at Living on Earth have discovered that corporate fracked gas pipeline aimed at the Commonwealth!. So they’re a little late coming out of the gate, so what? Speaking of timely (or not) Wednesday is the BIG day for resistance to that highly bogus project. Everything you need to know about the rally in Boston isat Finally this: The Environmental Protection Agency isn’t doing enough to prevent methane from escaping from natural gas pipelines,. Surprise!

Our Quote of the Week is spot on for this week’s show:

“God has cared for these trees, saved them from drought, disease, avalanches, and a thousand tempests and floods. But he cannot save them from fools.” – John Muir

After our conversation with Connor we take you over to the Bus Stop Billboard:

Wednesday, July 30th – Rally at the State House to Say NO to the Kinder Morgan Fracked Gas Pipeline. The Rolling March to Stop the Pipeline will deliver postcards and petitions to the statehouse, and a rally will be held across the Boston Common. We (pipeline opponents from around the state) imagine this being populated by any citizens and organizations who have been waiting to bring this fight to the State House. Go to:

August 8 to 10 is the NOFA Conference at UMass Amherst. Connor will be doing his workshop there on “Carbon Farming – Regenerative agriculture for the climate” on Saturday, August 9, 8 to 9:30am at Campus Center room 162-75. Go to:

Saturday, August 9th, from 7pm to 8:30pm. AFSC, the Nuclear Free Future Coalition and Traprock Center will be holding our annual Hiroshima & Nagasaki Remembrance on at Smith College. At 6:30pm, members of the Leverett Peace Pagoda will be processing, with members of the community, from the intersection of King and Main Streets in Northampton to the McConnell Building on Smith Campus. There, we will hear from renowned nuclear activists like Dr. Ira Helfand, Co-President of the International Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear War. Several brief clips from important films regarding the nuclear age will also be shown. Email:

Saturday & Sunday, Sept. 21 The biggest demonstration in the history of the climate movement is happening in New York City. The People’s Climate March will be held as world leaders and members of the United Nations gather to discuss the climate crisis. If we expect real action on global warming, we need to make our voices heard. Tens of thousands of activists are gathering for this important event. This peaceful protest for a healthy climate will include a massive march through New York City, street theater, music, speakers and whatever creative energy you and your friends can bring. Go to:

That is all……..except you should remember to listen to your Mother, OK?


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