The 2014 Pre-Winter Solstice Enviro Show

Posted: December 11, 2014 in Uncategorized

wsolsticeGreetings Earthlings. We’re definitely going to get the jump on the season with a call from The Good Green Witch but we will still have lots of time to ask “what the FERC?” with Juliette Fleur Humer, one of the fractavists who managed to shut that captured agency down in DC awhile back. That plus a visit with the Fool-on-the-Hill and to The Enviro Show Echo chamber but first it’s time for…….Revenge of the Critters!  Coyotes defend home from sketchy crook in dress.

We couldn’t resist bringing this arch fool back to the Fool-on-the-Hill for another whipping! Yes, it’s Sen. Inhofe but this time he came  wearing what may be his best tin foil hat. Are you ready? Inholfe said Barbara Streisand is behind the “global warming hoax”!  Curses! We’ve been found out!! We guess it’s just the way we were……(sorry).

In The Enviro Show Echo Chamber we figured FERC (that’s the Federal Energy “Regulatory” Commission) should feature prominently given our second guest and all, sooooo we’ll run their latest decision on the Constitution pipeline up the flagpole but we’re not going to salute something called “Constitution” that involves eminent domain in the Catskills!  And this: Checkout this letter from Karl Meyer to the Gazette on the Kinder Morgan/ISO love fest! Finally, don’t let anyone tell you (like the NY Times for instance, forgetting? to mention) that all this fracked gas glut and proposed pipelines are not about export and almost nothing to do with so-called shortages for electric generation. Get ready for some numbers HERE.

Time to Meet the New Boss! Remember last time we were bashing the Repugs for trying to unload science at the EPA? Well, guess who is trying to muzzle scientists working for the EPA? That would be the New Boss, sad to say.

In our E-Valley-uation segment we find that Kinder Morgan, in their infinite wisdom, have condemned none other than historic Woolman Hill (birthplace of the Traprock Peace Center and once home to legendary peace activists Wally & Wanita Nelson) to be the site for one of their horrific fracked gas compressors in the latest route projection for the fracked gas pipeline. Talk about shooting yourself in the foot…O wait, wrong metaphor…no shooting…..peace….OK, fill in the blank_____________.  Wait, there’s more! Kinder Morgan corporados are STILL threatening the Montague Pains aquifer in their much publicized new route. Remember Nestles plans for that water? The proposed 1970s nuke hoping to cool their ill-fated reactor with that water? Beware KM! That water is poison……at least for the Takers. And finally, a word from the cows.

Our Enviro Show Quote of the Week is short & sweet: “Our economic system and our planetary system are now at war”   – Naomi Klein

After we hear from our guests and jump over the Solstice bonfire we head over to the Bus Stop Billboard:


Tuesday, December 16, 5:00 pm – 8:00 pm (Dinner break  5:45-6:30). Fracking Teach In and Next Steps, Presented By GCC’s Peace Alliance ClubFracking Teach –In. Come hear student presentations and Speaker Rosemary Wessel from No Fracked Gas In Mass. Questions after presentations. Dining Room Core
Greenfield Community College, Greenfield, MA.

Wednesday December 17, 3:30-4:30pm, GreenWork in 2015 at the Pioneer Valley Central Labor Council Hall, 640 Page Blvd, Springfield. Go to:

Thursday, December 18th as part of the Week of Action against the Spectra Pipeline. We will be doing a street theater performance outside of the State Street Corporation (the second largest investor in Spectra Energy) to connect the dots between extreme energy infrastructure and those that profit from it. We will meet at Chinatown Park (Essex and Surface Rd) at 4pm before heading to the State St headquarters down the street. Email:

Thursday, December 18, 9:30 to 3:30. Final DOER Gas Demand Stakeholder meeting. The focus for this meeting will be to review the complete modeling results and the draft final report. Fort Point Room, Atlantic Wharf Building, 290 Congress St. 2nd Floor, Boston, MA. If you plan to attend the meeting please RSVP to Susan Rivo at

December 27, 7:30pm. Memorial Hall, Shelburne Falls, Concert Benefiting the Franklin Land Trust‘s efforts against the proposed Kinder Morgan Pipeline to carry fracked gas across the wild lands and rivers of western Massachusetts. Featuring Jeffrey Foucault, Kris Delmhorst, Rusty Belle and Abe Loomis. Tickets available at World Eye Books, Greenfield and Boswell’s Books, Shelburne Falls.

Saturday, January 3, 7:30pm. Vermont Yankee Unplug Party! Episcopal Church, 8 Church Steeet, Greenfield, MA. What do YOU do when … you finally get what you’ve been working towards for years? (Shutting down VT Yankee’s dangerous nuke for instance)… you know that the lives of your children and your community will be better because of what you have done? … you realize how much richer your life has become by working with thousands of amazing people? PARTY!


That’s all for this one. We’ll be back on December 30 in one form or another soooooo, remember, listen to who? YOUR MOTHER!!

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