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Posted: March 11, 2015 in Uncategorized

recyclemeatGreetings Earthlings. Are you into recycling? How about being recycled yourself after your expiration date? It’s not Soylent Green but it’s close enough! Katrina Spade, Founder and Director of the Urban Death Project joins us to talk End Times. As always, we bring you along for a visit with The-Fool-on-the-Hill and to Meet the New Boss, as well as trip to The Enviro Show Echo Chamber and more, but first it’s time for……….Revenge of the Critters! If you’re considering burial instead of being composted when your number’s called take a look at this! Crab drags snooping human’s toy underground.

This week’s Fool-on-the-Hill is Rep. David McKinley (R-W.Va.), Whom Grist refers to as “a far-right, coal-country, climate-denying conservative of the old school.” We’ll just stick with calling him a fool. Why? How about this: His amendment to the Science Advisory Board bill in Congress dictates “when considering what to do about carbon pollution, EPA may not consider what America’s best scientists have concluded about it, what an international panel of scientists has concluded about it, how the federal government has officially recommended calculating its value, or the most comprehensive solutions for it.”

Time once again to Meet the New Boss! While his speechifying in Selma was an unqualified success we’re sorry to report that the New Boss dropped the ball on protecting us from exploding rail cars full of planet trashing oil. You might say our national energy policy has gone….off the rails? That also applies to Obama’s so-called Environmental Protection Agency where burning down forests for energy is still on the front burner.

In The Enviro Show Echo Chamber we honor the Celts during St. Patrick’s Day with this link to another Enviro Show on the Emerald Isle.  And this: the Women’s Council on Energy & Environment awards industry-captured agency FERC Chairwoman Cheryl LaFleur “Woman of the Year”? (we thought it was time for a little levity). Then it’s on to this eye-opening report [Pdf] from Obama’s Dept. of Energy with some key findings regarding certain proposed fracked gas pipelines: 1)Diverse sources of natural gas supply and demand will reduce the need for additional interstate natural gas pipeline infrastructure; and 2) Higher utilization of existing interstate natural gas pipeline infrastructure will reduce the need for new pipelines. Are you listening Kinder Morgan? Spectra? Speaking of  gas pipelines, are you headed over to the Boston metro area any time soon? Maybe you’ll want to have a streetview look at those leaking gas pipes first? And this from our Dept. of Lame-ass Ideas: Washington Repugs and their enablers out west want to sell off our National Parks! Here’s this week’s Blog Bonus Action Link. Save the Long-eared Bats! Remember awhile back we criticized the New York Times for discontinuing their Environment section? We are happy to report that the UK’s Guardian is decidedly NOT on the same page!

We’ve got a bit of E-Valley-uation for you here. While local coverage of Direct Action Everywhere left, well…a little to be desired you can go here for the bigger picture. Once again we’re asking: What will future generations say about us eating meat?

After our conversation with Katrina we move along to the Bus Stop Billboard:

Friday, March 20, 7 to 9pm. Rachel Laitman, a gifted young songwriter with a beautiful voice is doing a Benefit Concert for No Fracked Gas in Mass at the  Cummington Congregational Church, 27 West Main Street, Cummington, MA. Email:

Saturday, March 21, 9:30 to 5pm. Nonviolent direct action and affinity group building workshop. This training will cover the history of nonviolent direct action, introduce some of the roles and skills needed to carry out direct actions and prepare people to organize affinity groups to carry out actions. Charter Oak Cultural Center, 21 Charter Oak Ave,
Hartford, ConnecticutPre-registration email:

Monday, March 23, Noon. The Pioneer Valley Transit Authority will be hosting Paratransit Riders Meeting as an opportunity for individuals to voice any comments, suggestions, or concerns to PVTA staff at the Northampton Senior Center, 60 Conz Street, Northampton. Call (413) 781-6045

Monday, March 23, 6:00pm. Gas Leaks Campaign Kickoff Meeting. Nate Smith House on corner of Lamartine and Paul Gore in Jamaica Plain, MA. Contact Judy, Boston Climate Action Network, (617) 522-9713;

Monday, March. 24, 7-9 pm. Climate Action Now!MA General Meeting. Unitarian Universalist Society of Amherst, North Pleasant Street, Amherst. Email:

Tuesday, March 25 thru Saturday, May 2. Springfield Climate Justice Workshops. North End Organizing Network Office, Gerena School, 3018 Main Street, Springfield, MA. Call for details: 413-732-3229 or 413-531-9915

Wednesday, March 26, 6 to 9pm. NDCAP Meeting at Multi-Purpose Room, Brattleboro Union High School, Fairgrounds Rd., Brattleboro. Let’s keep the public pressure on to keep the “Citizen” in Nuclear Decommissioning Citizen Advisory Panel. Email:



Saturday, March 28, 1 to 2:30pm an author signing for “Bad Atmosphere – A Collection of Poetry & Prose on the Climate Crisis” will be held at World Eye Bookshop, 156 Main St, Greenfield, MA. Local writer, poet and producer of The Enviro Show,  d.o. marks the 36th anniversary of the Three Mile Island nuclear meltdown (he’ll mark your copy of his book also).

Wednesday, April 1. Pipeline Pilgrimage beginning in Pittsfield 4/1 and ending in Dracut 4/12. Go to:

Monday, April 6, 7pm.  Kevin Kamps will make a presentation on nuclear waste management and dry cask storage, hosted by the Safe & Green Campaign at the Parlor, Centre Congregational Church, Main Street, Brattleboro. Few topics are more important for our future, and future generations, than what to do with the radioactive waste generated by VT Yankee. Kevin serves as Radioactive Waste Watchdog at Beyond Nuclear. He specializes in high-level rad. waste management and transportation. Email:

Thursday, April 9, 6:30 pm. National Stand Up for Transportation Day!  GCC Main Street Campus, 270 Main Street, Greenfield, MA. Contact: Russ Fisher 413-512-1762,

Wednesday, April 22, 11am to 8pm. Earth Day Rally & Action. Frack Free Nation invites you to sign on and join us in a Global day of action in order to send a powerful message, “It’s a Crime to Poison Us: End all Fossil Fuels – Renewables Now!” West Capitol Park, Albany, NY. Read More and Sign on at

April 24 – 26. Northeast Climate Organizers Summit. Smith College, Northampton, MA. Go to:


We’ve got a major mass action at FERC coming up in May. More on that on our next show. Until then remember, listen to your Mother, got it?


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