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GreeningGfldGreetings Earthlings. Do you hate plastic as much as we do? (OK, so this keyboard is made of plastic but does everything have to be!). Louise Amyot and Sandra Boston from Greenfield Rights of Nature (O, and some guy named Glen) join us to help paint the town green. Also we visit the usual suspects like our Fool-on-the-Hill and we Meet the New Boss, as well as a visit to The Enviro show Echo Chamber, but first it’s time for…….Revenge of the Critters! Heads up, Alaskan humans: bloodsucking Artic Lampreys raining from the sky!

This week’s Fool-on-the-Hill is Rep. Tom McClintock (R-CA) who earns his foolscap by blaming enviros for California’s water shortage. “Droughts are nature’s fault; water shortages are our fault,”  McClintock said “For a generation, we have failed to build the facilities needed to store water from wet years to have it in dry ones and radical environmental laws have squandered the water we did store. Our water shortage is caused by a shortage of sensible water policy.” Looks like Tom isn’t familiar with terms ending in suffixes: conservation, evaporation, realization…

OK, it looks like The New Boss has turned in his Presidential Seal for a crown, that according to arch consumer advocate, Ralph Nader. “The reason I call President Obama “King Obama” in this case is that he, and his massive corporate lobbies (royal court), have sought to circumvent the checks and balances system that is the very bedrock of our government.” states Nader. “They have severely weakened the independence of the primary branch of our government – the Congress—and fought off any court challenges with medieval defenses, such as no American citizen has any standing to sue for harm done by such treaties.”  Soooo, is Obama a royal pain in the ass? You decide!

Breaking News! This just in: 1 in 4 U.S. citizens unaware the earth orbits around the Sun! We’re pretty sure they all watch Faux “News”.

We have a fitting Enviro Show Quote of the Week for you. Who said:
“While some are concerned only with financial gain, and others with holding on to or increasing their power, what we are left with are conflicts or spurious agreements where the last thing either party is concerned about is caring for the environment and protecting those who are most vulnerable.”?

Time to move into the Echo Chamber. Please watch your head when entering. Here’s the BIG news from On High in its entirety: Pope Francis kicks ass! To your right you will notice Hillary has hired a former Keystone XL lobbyist to help her sell her candidacy for the White House. Go ahead and get all real-politic with us, claiming these people have no loyalty to any given issue, but then ask yourself what does THAT say! We have charts for your Climate Crisis denying Uncle Harry HERE from Grist. Speaking of charts (and all the nerdy science stuff that goes with it), we have good news from the pencil pushers at Stanford: 100% renewable doable for the U.S. by 2050. We can hardly wait! More good news: New York State officially bans fracking. OK, too much god news is disturbing. Let’s go to the movies!  Finally, our Enviro Show Blog Action Bonus gives you the chance to go thumbs down on the totally crazed plan to build a new canal through Nicaragua??

Time for a little E-Valley-uation. Erving is the latest Massachusetts town to ban fracked gas pipelines! The folks in Erving are in good company. Look at all the other Valley towns officially opposed to Kinder Morgan’s pipe dream.  On to “Lies In July!” : The Federal Energy…er..Rubberstamp? Commission (FERC) is coming to the Valley for a Scoping Meeting where they “gather input from the public and interested agencies on the [proposed KM/NED fracked gas pipeline] Project. You can make a difference by providing us with your specific comments or concerns about the Project. Your comments should focus on the potential environmental effects, reasonable alternatives, and measures to avoid or lessen environmental impacts. Your input will help the Commission staff determine what issues they need to evaluate in the EIS.” [our emphasis] You find any lies in the announcement from an industry captured agency that never saw a fracked gas project it didn’t love?  Did someone say dog & pony show?  See the Billboard below for details.


After our conversation with Sandra and Louise we move on over to the Bus Stop B-board:


Thursday July 9, 6:15 pm (and Saturday July 25th at 12:45pm). Mothers Out front house parties. We are a group of mothers who refuse to stand idle while climate change threatens the future of all our children. Join us in learning how to build and flex our civic muscle as we TAKE ACTION.  If you can make either house oparty, email If not, or to check out their local work beforehand, go to their website at

Friday, July 10 & 14, at 6-9 pm Two Stop the West Roxbury Lateral (SWRL) non-violent direct action training sessions at the Theodore Parker Church, 1859 Centre St. West Roxbury, MA. The campaign to resist Spectra’s West Roxbury Lateral Pipeline has reached a critical juncture. Spectra has started construction in Dedham, and they’ve sued the city of Boston in an attempt to seize land for the pipeline through eminent domain. With two additional Spectra pipeline proposals already in the works, we need to show Spectra that they will not be able to build this pipeline without a serious fight. Dedham, Boston and West Roxbury residents are mobilizing now and are asking supporters to sign a pledge to resist the pipeline — check it out here! If you are considering participating in nonviolent direct action against the proposed fracked gas West Roxbury Lateral pipeline project, plan on attending. To RSVP or for more information, contact Andrea at

Sunday, July 12, 11:15AM. Rally to Stop the Bomb Train & Mourn the Victims. Crude oil trains threaten the safety of 25 million Americans in the blast zone. The oil industry moves highly toxic tar sands and volatile Bakken crude oil in unsafe rail cars over tracks that were never designed for this dangerous cargo. Safety standards are weak and emergency responders are unprepared for derailments, spills, and explosions. We’re mobilizing to stop these oil trains that threaten our communities, our watersheds, and our climate. Memorial Hall, 240 Main Street, Northampton, MA. Contact: Daniel Ritchie,, Climate Action NOW.

Sunday, July 12, 2015, 1 to 9PM. Benefit Event: Midsummernight Faerie-Concert Against the Pipeline!
 – A broad assortment of local music and comedy at the Singing Bridge Arts Center, beside the Westfield River, just a couple of miles from where the NED pipeline would cross it. Gaia Star Band, Rachel Laitman, Visioning BEAR Singers, Sarah Stockwell, Burrie Jenkins and more. Potluck refreshments and dinner.  All proceeds go to fight the pipeline. Singing Bridge Arts Center, West Main St. (right off Rte. 9) West Cummington, MA.

Monday, July 13, 6:30pm. Ashfield Stop the Pipeline meeting at Elmers Store.

 July 18th & 19th.  Intro to Direct Action Climbing in Washington DC. Greenpeace is hosting a 2-day Intro to Direct Action Climbing workshop at their DC warehouse.  This workshop is designed to expose potential climbers to a couple of the most popular climb systems and to develop basic climbing skills.  If you have ever wondered if climbing is for you, this is an ideal place to have a bash and see if you like it.  Skills covered will include learning basic knots, set up on rope, basic ascent and descent, rappeling, switching systems on rope, and basic problem solving.  Breakfast and lunch are provided.  Please contact James Brady directly if interested:

Tuesday, July 21 11am-1pm 350MA holds monthly demonstrations in support of fossil fuel divestment outside the state pension management board meetings at 55 State Street, Boston. For further information or to join a carpool going to Boston call Adele Franks at 413 320 9418.

Tuesday, July 27, 7pm. Weren’t able to get to DC for the Beyond Extreme Energy #BXE actions last month? FERC is coming to YOU! Public Scoping session for KM’s fracked gas pipe dream, Taconic High School, 96 Valentine Rd., Pittsfield, MA.  Bring family & friends, signs & noise!

Wednesday, July 29, 6:30pm. Weren’t able to get to DC for the Beyond Extreme Energy #BXE actions last month? FERC is coming to YOU! Public Scoping session for KM’s fracked gas pipe dream, Greenfield Middle School, 141 Davis St. (Corner of Federal St.), Greenfield, MA Bring family & friends, signs & more noise! We don’t need no stinkin’ pipeline!!


OK, that’s all for now. Remember to….fill-in the blank: Listen to ________________!!

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