smallCriticalMass-KatrinaGreetings Earthlings. We return to the Climate Crisis yet again (not that we or it ever left) with guests from Climate Action Now! MA and the Hampshire Climate Justice League in the studio. The upcoming COP 21 Paris Climate Conference is supposed to be the long awaited breakthrough that will set the world on course to deal with…..well, the END OF THE WORLD! (Sorry….the end of the world as we know it, OK?). All that and way more, but first it’s time for……..Revenge of the Critters! Cats takeover stage at the G20! Take that, corporados!

Our Broken News segment is a good news segment, in case you missed it Massachusetts favorite Attorney General Maura Healey released that Regional Electric Reliability Options Study  which confirms what many of us have been saying regarding the proposed Kinder Morgan facked gas pipeline. “The Study found that, under existing market conditions (status quo), there is no electric sector reliability deficiency through 2030, and that no additional pipeline gas capacity is needed to meet electric reliability needs.” Got that? Of course, the fossil fools over at Kinder Morgan say the study is flawed but we know that old dodge, it’s called transference. Having said that, how far is our favorite AG willing to go with this resistance? Will she challenge the corporate captured agency FERC and their shoddy record of allowing for profit corporate money schemes to trash communities and the planet? Ask her!

In The Enviro Show Echo Chamber we are pleased to pass on info on yet another successful anti-fracked gas pipeline protest, this one over in  the Hudson Valley where Spectra’s AIM fracked gas pipeline is beginning to tear up the planet. Property owner Nancy Vann will have none of it. Her lone protest has grown to include others who share her concern. To lend a hand go here on Facebook or go here. Speaking of challenging the Fossil Fools, will a federal judge allow Big Oil to throw children out of the courtroom because they’re concerned about the future of the planet? And, speaking of the planet, will the suits at the COP21 continue to allow tree plantations to be included along with natural forests in their carbon capture accounting? Stay tuned! Also, Grist tells us Climate scientists the University of California, Irvine drew on 40 years of satellite data and aerial surveys to show that the enormous Zachariae Isstrom glacier in Greenland began to recede three times faster from 2012. An article in Science magazine revealed the area of the glacier’s floating shelf shrank by a massive 95 percent and has now become detached from a stabilizing sill losing ice at a rate of 4.5 billion tons a year. Now, shall we play Tom Neilson’s “Where Greenfield Used to Be“? Let’s wrap this segment up with some good news, OK? Ready? Another nasty oil pipeline project down the tubes! Trudeau goes thumbs down on Northern Gateway.

We have a Fool-on-the-Hill! Rep. Lamar Smith (R-Texas), Chairman of the House “Science” Committee accused the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration of “publicizing” his demand for the internal emails of agency scientists and officials. The science committee’s modus operandi is similar to the Benghazi committee’s — sweeping, catchall investigations, with no specific allegations of wrongdoing or clear rationale, searching through private documents for out-of-context bits and pieces to leak to the press, hoping to gain short-term political advantage. Wait! Leak to the press, as in publicizing? Where did we hear that? Just now?

Our Quote of the Week comes from one of our favorite Enviro Show guests: “Right now, in the amazing moment that to us counts as the present, we are deciding, without quite meaning to, which evolutionary pathways will remain open and which will forever be closed. No other creature has ever managed this and it will, unfortunately, be our most enduring legacy.” ― Elizabeth Kolbert

Time to Meet the New Boss! Maybe it’s not Obama’s fault? Maybe he was too busy to see Gina McCarthy, head of the Environmental “Protection” Agency get all cozy with biomass incineration in their so-called Clean Power Plans. Bad enough they’re giving fracking a pass. Didn’t they get the memo on the biomess??


After the conversation with our guests we move over to the Bus Stop Billboard:



Tuesday, December 1, 6pm. Do you have questions or concerns about the proposed gas pipeline? Come to a roundtable of activists & experts at the Sunderland Public Library, 20 School Street, Sunderland, MA. Call: 413-665-2642 or go to


Wednesday, December 2, 3:30pm. Massachusetts Climate Action Tool Webinar. Morrill Science Center, Room: 134, UMass Amherst Campus. Go to:


Wednesday, December 2, 4:30PM. WORLD ON EDGE: WAR & PEACE IN THE CLIMATE CHANGE ERA. Michael Klare, Five College Professor of Peace & World Security Studies, at Hampshire College, Franklin Patterson Hall, Amherst, MA.
Free and Open to the Public.

Saturday, December 5, 7:00pm. Screening of “Promised Land” at First Parish Unitarian Church, Northfield, MA. Bring a snack and a friend; sit back and enjoy the show! Info at:


Saturday, December 12, 1 to 3PM. Rally to Defend New England’s Future! Mass mobilization for local solutions to the global Climate Crisis. On December 12, people will come together from every corner of New England to call for bold climate solutions that create secure union jobs, strengthen community power and help build a more resilient future. We envision a movement that unites us all, and we will lift up the voices of New England’s organized labor, immigrant rights, racial justice, and climate justice groups as we call for jobs, justice and climate action together. Website here:



Saturday, December 19 All Day +: The Billion People March





Tuesdays & Fridays!   Please plan to routinely picket Kinder Morgan’s North St office at 137 North Street ( near the corner of North St. and Depot St. Park at McKay St., off Depot St) in Pittsfield at Noon on Fridays and at Berkshire Gas, 115 Cheshire Rd, Pittsfield, MA on Tuesdays noon-1pm.   Contact Jan Bradley 684-3732 for more information. Hope to see you there!


Wednesdays! Winchester, NH No Pipeline Visibility Vigils are every week at the Town Hall corner 4:30 to 5:30. Corner of route 10 and 119. Time change in November 4-5. Just over the border from Northfield, MA.

Thursdays, 4:30pm – 5:30pm. Weekly Stop the Pipeline vigil at Town Hall, Northfield, MA. Weekly protest about proposed compresser station site on Gulf Road in Northfield every Thursday 4:30 to 5:30 (EXCEPT Nov. 26). Contact Hattie for more info 978-790-3074


Saturdays! Northfield 8:30 AM Downtown Stop the Pipeline Vigil in front of Town Hall. We had alot of traffic honking of horns, thumbs up and waving. Come on by next week and chat. Northfield Gas Pipeline Group.




 OK, that’s it for now. We may as well go out with Tom’s song. Pleeeeeeze remember to listen to your Mother, OK?

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