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plastic-bag1Greetings Earthlings. Still dealing with crappy waste like polystyrene or plastic shopping bags? Would you like your community to ban them? Brad Verter of Mass Green Network joins us to talk trash. We don’ need no stinkin’ bags! OK? You can bet the subject of Greenfield is gonna come up, given that Valley town’s backsliding on the subject. As always, we’ll also take you to see The New Boss, the Fool-on-the-Hill and for a peek into The Enviro Show Echo Chamber, but first it’s time for……..Revenge of the Critters! Another poacher taken out in South Africa.


This week’s Fool-on-the-Hill hails from South Carolina where the state motto says it all: Dum Spiro Spero” – While I breathe, I hope. Their dumb hope that climate science is wrong may well curtail some breathing in the future, especially along the coastline. On to the big fool: Rep. Jeff Duncan, (Repugnican-S.C.), said in the House of Reprehensibles (during a vote to pass two resolutions Tuesday disapproving Obama’s power-plant rules and rendering them inoperative) that he wished Obama took the threat posed by “radical jihadists” such as the Islamic State as seriously as he takes what Duncan called a “pseudoscientific threat” posed by climate change. Got that? Now this: DO NOT sail over the horizon, OK? You will fall off the edge.


We have some Breaking News and it’s not pretty. On December 1  the Science Daily ran a piece on a study by the University of Leicester’s Department of Mathematics concluding that “an increase in the water temperature of the world’s oceans of around six degrees Celsius — which some scientists predict could occur as soon as 2100 — could stop oxygen production by phytoplankton”. Are you listening, Rep. Jeff Duncan? Also we have already Broken News from Rhode Island: Two safety inspectors who worked on Spectra Energy’s proposed methane gas pipeline that will cut through Burrillville, RI, say the company cut corners when it came to project, worker and environmental safety. Surprise!


In our E-Valley-uation segment it’s HEADS UP! for a trip to Boston on Saturday, December 12 for the BIG Jobs, Justice, Climate – Defending New England’s Future rally on the Common. Buses from WMass or Brattleboro are awaiting your reservation!  AND, following the rally at 3:30pm on the 12th you can take part in Draw the Line – Boston Climate Defense actions throughout the city. These are creative non-violent education & outreach actions that both inform and entertain, such as Poets Against the Pipeline‘s “Have a Word w/the Worst” speak-in. Look for their sign on the Common! Time to go to the movies: Anonymous goes after Kinder Morgan? 😉


We Meet the New Boss this important week in climate negotiations trying to put lipstick on a ……no, not a pig…more like a rig! “The US has been clear from the outset (notes The Guardian) that it will not sign on to a full-fledged climate change treaty because it would have virtually no chance of passage through a Republican-controlled Congress.” Talk about poor reasoning. Is the Boss afraid of a good fight?? Anyway, the lipstick involves his call in Paris for “one major component of the deal – the periodic review of emissions reductions targets – to be legally binding.” [insert yawn here]  Time to turn on the Bat Signal!  Climate criminals running amok!


In The Enviro Show Echo Chamber we have good news for the region and bad news for Kinder Morgan! Bloomberg biz news tells us: “Billionaire Rich Kinder owned about 11 percent of Kinder Morgan Inc. valued at more than $10 billion in June when he stepped down as chief executive of the company he co-founded. Now his stake is worth about $5 billion less, and the company that has his name on the door has become the worst-performing pipeline stock in the S&P 500.” [insert applause here] More bad news for KM here! On to COP21 Climate talks in Paris! Would you be surprised to learn from The Guardian that corporate sponsors are busy greenwashing everyone’s shorts? We didn’t think so. Finally, and in keeping with the theme of this show, how about a little action! Never mind finally, how about signing this petition calling on Sen. Warren and Sanders to investigate FERC!


Our Enviro Show Quote of the Week finds Pope Francis commenting on the COP21 Climate talks: “I can say to you ‘now or never’,” he said. “Every year the problems are getting worse. We are at the limits. If I may use a strong word I would say that we are at the limits of suicide.” Wait, isn’t suicide a cardinal sin?? The list for excommunication may be……um…unwieldy? He could start with A for Antonin!


After our conversation with Brad we head over to the Bus Stop Billboard:


Monday Dec. 14, 6 :30 pm. Screening of the film: “In the Path of Resistance: Justice Beyond the Keystone XL Pipline,” Forbes Library community room, Northampton. Alex Leff, Hampshire College student filmmaker will discuss his film, considered “an essential film for teaching climate justice” that follows two students following the proposed route of the pipeline meeting those living on the front lines. Sponsored by the Northampton Committee Against War Monday night film series.


Friday, December 18, 7pm. FERC Intervenor Workshop, 1st floor of the Ashfield Town Hall, Ashfield, MA. If you have a laptop and wish to file online then please bring it with you. Filing for intervenor status allows you to submit documents supporting your position against the proposed NED pipeline. To help you be better prepared please visit and click on the guidance link. No matter who you are or where you live you WILL be impacted if this pipeline is built. Intervening is also both an argument and a public statement against the pipeline. For info call: 413 625 2097


Saturday, December 19 All Day +:The Billion People March


Tuesday, December 22, 5:30pm. Arcadia Winter Solstice. Join us for our popular annual celebration of the winter solstice. At 5:30pm, there will be a short family-friendly performance. The bonfire will be lit around 5:45-6:00pm. This event is free. Please bring a non-perishable food item to donate to the The Food Bank of Western MA. There will be music, kids activities, and the Center for EcoTechnology will have information on reducing your home’s ecological footprint. Parking is limited so please carpool if possible. 




Tuesdays & Fridays!   Please plan to routinely picket Kinder Morgan’s North St office at 137 North Street ( near the corner of North St. and Depot St. Park at McKay St., off Depot St) in Pittsfield at Noon on Fridays and at Berkshire Gas, 115 Cheshire Rd, Pittsfield, MA on Tuesdays noon-1pm.   Contact Jan Bradley 684-3732 for more information. Hope to see you there!


Wednesdays! Winchester, NH No Pipeline Visibility Vigils are every week at the Town Hall corner 4:30 to 5:30. Corner of route 10 and 119. Time change in November 4-5. Just over the border from Northfield, MA.


Thursdays, 4:30pm – 5:30pm. Weekly Stop the Pipeline vigil at Town Hall, Northfield, MA. Weekly protest about proposed compresser station site on Gulf Road in Northfield every Thursday 4:30 to 5:30 (EXCEPT Nov. 26). Contact Hattie for more info 978-790-3074


Saturdays! Northfield 8:30 AM Downtown Stop the Pipeline Vigil in front of Town Hall. We had alot of traffic honking of horns, thumbs up and waving. Come on by next week and chat. Northfield Gas Pipeline Group.



OK, we’re done here. We go out with “If I Don’t Take Care of the Land” by Sarah Barchas. There’s just one more thing: who should you listen to? Yes, your Mother.




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