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Otis+ResGreetings Earthlings. The struggle against Kinder Morgan’s fracked gas problem ain’t over ’til it’s over. You may have heard about KM/TGP’s efforts  to clearcut almost 4 miles of land in Otis State Forest in Sandisfield for its Connecticut Expansion Project, a 13-mile storage loop to hold fracked gas for distribution to Connecticut customers. “The project requires cutting trees near an old growth forest to widen an existing pipeline corridor that is now owned by the state and protected by its Constitution under Article 97.“, notes the Berkshire Edge. Furthermore, TGP wants to take 1 million gallons of water from Spectacle Pond to test their pipes, if installed, and then flush the tainted water back into the pond. We don’t think so! Kathy Daly and Susan Triolo of the Sugar Shack Alliance join us to talk about……well…resistance. We’ll talk about the Saturday, July 16,  celebration of solidarity with our Berkshire friends & neighbors fighting the Connecticut Expansion pipeline. [UPDATE: H3690 is the State House bill we talked about on the show. Go HEREWait, there’s more! As always we’ll take you for a visit with our Fool-on-the-Hill, to The Enviro Show Echo Chamber and to Meet the New Boss but first it’s time for……….Revenge of the Critters! Macho man defies gators but only for a few seconds. 

Our Fool-on-the-Hill goes plural once again. This week it’s Repugnican Senators John McCain and Jeff Flake (great name, Jeff) who are opposed to protecting……..the GRAND CANYON! Read all about it on Grist here. Here’s an interesting fact: Over the last three years, Republicans have filed more than 40 bills or amendments to remove or greatly diminish protections for parks and public lands. If they hate this planet so much why don’t they just leave?? We have some other fools who, while not on the Hill, certainly orbit around it and, in this case, happen to be Dems. Yes, it’s $hillary Clinton’s handpicked operatives on the Dem’s National Platform Committee who just voted against a call for an end to fracking (among other good ideas). We can hardly wait for the Clinton 2.0 era! Which bring us to……

Meet the New Boss and the fracking revolving door he once pledged to close. Guess what? It’s still going round & round. We think DOE Secretary Ernst Moniz might be standing close by spinning it. And this: It looks like the Obama Administration was lobbying Dem Party Platform members to reject any position against the disastrous TPP trade deal.

We have Broken News! The Massachusetts State Senate voted 39 to 0 against fracked gas pipeline tax. We call that a big victory BUT, as we all know, it ain’t over ’til it’s over on Beacon Hill. “The amendment, along with the rest of the Senate energy bill, will now go to a conference committee with the House charged with resolving differences between the two branches. The differences are many, so it’s unclear whether [this] provision will survive.” reports CommonWealth magazine. O, and this: the Massachusetts Department of Easy Permits (DEP) Grants Federal Clean Water Act Permit for Kinder Morgan for Fracked Gas Pipeline Through Otis State Forest.

We actually open The Enviro Show Echo Chamber with some good news! We think you’ll love this story, especially if you love cats. Grist recently did a piece on a part of fracking that doesn’t get enough notice: radioactive waste. And speaking of things that don’t get near enough consideration how about this: Climate change migration corridors for the critters, OK? And this, we just absolutely love it when elected officials actually act on behalf of their constituents’ best interests. The recent vote in the MA State Senate against the pipeline tax being one example. Here’s another from the Other Coast: Oakland Says No to Coal Exports.  Here’s this week’s Enviro Show Blog Action link: Save the Monarchs!

Our Quote of the Week concerns those Bomb Trains traveling through the middle of so many communities here in the Valley and around the nation :

“No good reason exists for allowing oil companies and railroads to ship millions of barrels of explosive oil through our communities in unsafe tank cars…. We want unsafe tank cars made off-limits to extreme oil immediately.” – Michael Brune, Director of The Sierra Club


After our conversation with Susan and Kathy we stroll over to the Bus Stop Billboard:



Saturday, July 9, 9AM – 3PM. People Over Pipelines March – Acushnet Segment! This short, one-day march & rally will focus on the massive new liquified natural gas storage facility that’s proposed in Acushnet, MA, as part of Spectra’s Access Northeast project. Meet at Casimir Pulaski Elementary School – 1097 Braley Road, New Bedford, MA. 9:40-10 am: Rally, then embark on march.10:45 am: Arrive at site of proposed LNG facility.12:00-3:00 am: Picnic/activities/carpool people back to their cars as requested. More details: Contact Wendy Graca,


Sunday, July 10, 7:30-9:00pm. Thoreau’s Vision: New National Parks “For Inspiration and Our Own True Recreation”. As we celebrate the 2016 centennial of the National Park Service, a growing coalition of grassroots groups across America is seeking to create new national parks to protect natural landscapes and historic sites threatened by the kind of shortsighted exploitation decried by Thoreau. Michael Kellett, Executive Director of RESTORE: The North Woods, has visited 250 National Park System units across America & Jym St. Pierre, Maine Director of RESTORE: The North Woods, has visited dozens of National Parks on four continents. Masonic Temple, Concord, Mass. For directions, click hereFor more information, click here



July 11 is World Population Day. Fact is, the majority of environmental catastrophes are caused or worsened by our runaway human population growth and overconsumption — 7.4 billion of us are really putting a hurt on the planet. We need to get more people talking, and making changes, fast. Go to:


Wednesday, July 13. National telebriefing: Dangerous Drinking Water, with presentations by leading experts and activists:

  • Diane D’Arrigo, Radioactive Waste Project Director, Nuclear Information and Resource Service
  • Daniel Hirsch, Director, Program on Environmental and Nuclear Policy, University of California Santa Cruz
  • Emily Wurth, Water Program Director, Food and Water Watch
  • Moderated by NIRS Executive Director, Tim Judson

The open and free event will be on the phone, starting at 8 pm eastern, 7 pm central, 6 pm mountain and 5 pm pacific. We will reserve the second half of the program for questions and discussion.

Register to attend the July 13 telebriefing.

The program will focus on EPA Guidance that massively increases the permitted levels of radioactivity in drinking water for years after any nuclear incident that requires consideration of “protective action,” ranging from a spill, leak or transport accident to a dirty bomb or nuclear meltdown—a nuclear  accident of any kind, big or small. Allowable concentrations of radioactive elements allowed to come out of your tap would rise hundreds or even thousands of times above the current Maximum Concentration Levels allowed under the Safe Drinking Water Act regulations. Click here to review EPA’s proposal.


Thursday, July 14 – Monday, July 18. 350MA Stop the Pipelines – Special Summer Mobilization. A March and Action against new gas pipelines.  Marchers will spend two days walking the route of Spectra’s proposed Access Northeast pipeline. People will march to West Roxbury to shut down construction on the Spectra pipeline there, alongside our partners from Resist the Pipeline. Finally, people will walk together to the State House, and act together to show Governor Baker and legislators, that we’re ready to do what it takes to stop new fossil fuel pipelines. Go to:   Register HERE.


Saturday, July 16, 12 noon-1pm. Rally for Otis State Forest with music and outreach to folks in the center of Great Barrington where a rally will take place at the gazebe behind Town Hall noon to 1pm. then to Sandisfield’s Spectacle Pond at 2 p.m. for the main rally at the beach and boat launch on delightful Lower Spectacle Pond from 2pm to 3pm for more music and speakers, kayaks, canoes, dessert of local fruit and more, as we celebrate the resistance to further pipelines by our neighbors in the Berkshires, Connecticut and New York. The event will conclude at 4pm. Spectators/participants can enjoy either one or both events. MORE INFO SOON at:


Sunday, July 24, noon. March for Clean Energy! Philadelphia City Hall on the eave the Democratic National Convention. Go to:


Sunday, July 31, 9:30am to 1:00pm. Solar Wind Tour. Join Mass Energy & the Center for EcoTechnology as we return to Berkshire East in Charlemont, MA.We’ll be celebrating local clean energy with a chairlift ride up to Berkshire East’s wind turbine and solar array. The tours are free & open to the public. This is a great opportunity to learn more about renewable energy and how you can act to get more turbines built in Massachusetts. RSVP by July 15th: Tickets & more info available at Info call: 617-524-3950 x152.


Happy Interdependence Day! Until next time remember: Listen to Your Mother, OK?

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