The Vanishing Gas Enviro Show?

Posted: August 10, 2016 in Uncategorized
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shhhh-feature-featureGreetings Earthlings. Suppose we told you 32% of Eversource’s and 17% of Natural Grid’s reported gas leaks simply “disappeared” last year. We’d just love to tell you all those leaks were repaired but it seems they were just removed from the database without explanation. Albert Carter, MIT Data Wrangler joins us to talk LostLeaks, Big Grid’s cooked books? Also joining us in the studio is Andra Rose from Mothers Out Front on some Valley specific gas leak info. As always we’ll take on a trip to meet out Fool-on-the-Hill and to Meet the New Boss as well as a visit to the Echo Chamber, but first it’s time for………..Revenge of the Critters! Remember how the cowpeople nearly wiped out the Buffalo back in the day? Looks like the Buffalo remember!

This week’s Fool-on-the-Hill spends most of his time passing out checks on the Hill (to fellow Republicans we assume) and pretending he’s all kinds of concerned about the Climate Crisis (he doesn’t call it that). Grist tells us Jay Faison, “the wealthy businessman announced last year that he would be spending $175 million to promote climate action to Republicans and promote Republicans to climate-minded voters”. But wait, there’s more! “Faison has not endorsed or proposed any policies specifically designed to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, whether from the electricity system, transportation, agriculture, or any other sector.” Huh? You mean he’s just full of shit??

Time to Meet the New Boss !  This time we find Obama going soft on Arctic oil drilling. “It may be the case that the [new] rules require safer drilling practices, but the simple fact is that there’s no safe way to drill for oil in the Arctic with the climate crisis deepening all around us,” says David Turnbull of Oil Change International. Also, it appears The Boss’ EPA has gone and approved “nearly 100 pesticide products over the past six years that contain mixtures that make them more poisonous and increase the dangers to imperiled pollinators and rare plants, according to an investigation by the Center for Biological Diversity.” Toss in his Arctic oil drilling green light, his undying support for TPP and we’d say it’s time to head out to Martha’s Vineyard for some First Family vacation summertime standouts!

We usually don’t begin our Enviro Show Echo Chamber with a Blog Action link BUT this one is truly an exception: Tell FERC to reject all pending fracked gas pipeline permits! It looks like Obama has something to tell FERC as well (maybe he’s not like the old boss!), in this case to take the climate into consideration when they’re doing environmental reviews of large projects. Wait, didn’t former FERC Commissioner, LaFleur say “We don’t do warming”?  OK, so it’s a hot humid summer, right? We guess most of you don’t live in a naturally cooled Earth sheltered house like some of us gloating owner-builders so allow us to rub it in with this from Grist. We did this one last time but to our way of thinking it warrants an Enviro Show Rerun.

How about a Quote of the Week to go with our theme of collusion? “I pray to God that I shall not live one hour after I have thought of using deception.” – Queen Elizabeth I

A little E-Valley-uation here: We showed up for the Destroy the Quabbin Forestry Tour the other day and we didn’t even get a lousy T-shirt! However, Glen got entertained with DCR (MA Department of Cut & Run) and QUAC’s (Quabbin “Advisory” Committee) utter lack of understanding about forests and old growth in this age of Climate Chaos! Too bad the Recorder reporter left before Glen set their hair on fire 😉

After our conversation about cooked books and leaking gas we turn to The Enviro Show’s Bus Stop Billboard:



Tuesday, August 30, 7:00pm. Stand Out Against DPU’s Pro-fracking Actions – 6:30pm. DPU Berkshire Gas Hearing. Greenfield Middle School 195 Federal Street, Greenfield, MA., “For Review and Approval of its Long-Range Forecast and Supply Plan for the five-year forecast period 2016/2017 through 2020/2021”. Any person who desires to file written comments or to participate otherwise in this proceeding shall file an original and two (2) copies of such written comments or petition for leave to intervene in the proceeding with Mark D. Marini, Secretary, Department of Public Utilities, One South Station,Boston, Massachusetts, 02110, no later than 5:00 p.m. onTuesday, August16, 2016, and serve one copy on counsel for the Company, James Avery, Esq., Pierce Atwood, LLP, 100 Summer Street, Suite 2250, Boston, Massachusetts 02110. The filing is available on the Department’s website:     (enter docket number “16-103”).


September 10, All Day. The Sugar Shack Alliance is sponsoring a full day non-violence direct action training in Pittsfield MA, at the UU Church on Wendell Ave. People do NOT need to be already in an affinity group to participate nor do they need to already know whether they are prepared to risk arrest. The trainings will support you to consider all your options. There is no charge, but we do pass a hat to cover costs of materials, gas and time for the trainers. Folks usually throw in from $5 to $20 each. To register, contact Cheryl Rose at no later than Sept 1.


Sunday, September 11 4pm. Tom Neilson & Friends house concert. Limited space. RSVP: 413-325-8417 or email: 729 Colrain Road, Greenfield, MA. Concert followed by potluck.


Saturday, September 17, 10am-4pm. “The Bee Festival”. They will have a cooking demonstration, mead and honey tastings, bee talks and open our new Queen yard to the public for the first time. Honey ice cream, varieties of honey, products will be on sale. Free and open to everyone with an interest in bees and beekeeping. Contact: Dan Conlon, Warm Colors Apiary, 2 South Mill River, South Deerfield, MA. or call: 413-665-4513. Go to:


Saturday, September 17, 1 to 2pm. It’s Your River So What Are You Going To Do About It? Great Falls Discovery Center, Turners Falls, MA. Join CRWC’s Director Andrew Fisk to learn about the past, present, and future of the Connecticut River. Free.


Saturday, September 17, 7am,. to 10:30pm. Energizing & Democratizing New England’s Energy Economy: 2016 Sustainability Summit. Smith College, Northampton, MA . Join local energy leaders and concerned citizens from across New England to learn, share, and work together to catalyze a new energy economy in our region that is based on clean sources, thriving local economies, and access for all. Sponsored by: The New England Grassroots Environment Fund, Co-op Power, New England Local Energy Network, and Smith College. Contact:


Monday, September 19, 7:30pm. Quabbin Watershed Advisory Committee meeting. This is a public meeting held at the Quabbin Administration Building, Quabbin Reservoir, 485 Ware Road, Belchertown, MA. It’s a good place to talk with the hook & bullet crowd about how bad logging is for watersheds and on public lands in the Commonwealth! Call: (413) 323-6921 x105


That is all….for now. We go out with another Enviro Show Premier Performance by Tom Neilson! It’s “1200 Leaks” and yes, it’s a gas!  BTW, Please remember as you’re out there recreating to listen to your Mother, OK?

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