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bds-poster-standing-rock-sioux-protests-solidarity-e1474157212128Greetings Earthlings. [UPDATE: Standing Rock national ride board HEREIn case you were operating under the mistaken assumption the Indian Wars out West were a thing of the past allow us to enlighten you! Paki Wieland of Occupy the Airways fame back from Standing Rock to shed some light on that and get into some depth about the Dakota Access Pipeline and Energy Transfer Partners, (where the alleged President-elect is invested) as well as the Standing Rock defenders. The most recent attack on the Water Protectors calls for immediate solidarity. Dallas Goldtooth, of the Indigenous Environmental Network reported that nearly 200 people were injured and 12 people were hospitalized for head injuries. One protester went into cardiac arrest but was revived by the medic team. As always we’ll also take you to visit our Fool-on-the-Hill and to Meet the New Boss. If you behave and stop asking “are we there yet?” we’ll also take you to The Enviro Show Echo Chamber and out for ice cream, but first it’s tie for…………Revenge of the Critters! Deer attacks driver who hit him!

Time to really Meet the New Boss and a good place to start is here with his transition team….such as it is. Yes, we may as well replace Obama with that other guy in the silly wig ‘cuz we just can’t resist……..No, wait! We CAN resist! Sorry, bad choice of words…..’cuz we have sooooo much material to work with we have to start now or we’ll be backed-up like a failed septic system by the time January rolls around. For starters the Boss just promised [on Day One] to “cancel job-killing restrictions on the production of American energy — including shale energy and clean coal,” but didn’t say which restrictions he wanted to eliminate. Another interesting aspect of The New Boss is his tendency to deny the Climate Crisis. Noam Chomsky had something to say about that recently. O hey, here’s something that might qualify as Breaking News: “Trump’s Top Environmental Adviser Says Pesticides Aren’t Bad for You“! Who knew! Finally, are you familiar with The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari? Here’s a Wikipedia quote for you: “In his influential book From Caligari to Hitler, Siegfried Kracauer says the film reflects a subconscious need in German society for a tyrant, and it is an example of Germany’s obedience to authority and unwillingness to rebel against deranged authority”.  OK? Let’s talk about the New Boss’s cabinet! 

This week’s Fool-on-the-Hill is 4% better than Sen. James Inhofe. Wyoming Sen. John Barrasso, who will succeed current Senate Committee on “Environment” and Public Works Chair James Inhofe, is new & improved! Yes, he’s a Climate Crisis denier like Inhofe and “has voted against nearly every pro-planet bill since joining the Senate in 2007” BUT his lifetime League of Conservation Voters score is 9 percent while Inhofe scored 5 percent. See? Barrasso is 4% better! OK? Celebrate! Things are looking up!!

In The Enviro Show Echo Chamber we find the fossil fools falling all over each other to get back into the fracking fuel export race. In a Trump era there will be way more stories like this. What could possibly go wrong?? Speaking of wrong, Chomsky returns here again to remind us about what was mostly overlooked during that whole selection process. We could not agree more. Time for our Enviro Show Blog Action link and it has everything to do with Standing Rock & YOU. Finally, here’s one of our favorite rants on the vote rote from our friend at The Center for Biological Diversity.

We have Breaking News! (and it’s actually good news). Riverkeeper reports ““This is a monumental day. This [NY Supreme Court] decision effectively stops the Nuclear Regulatory Commission from re-licensing Indian Point.” We love New York!


After Paki fills us in on the latest from Standing Rock we take you to the Bus Stop Billboard:


Thursday, December 1, All Day.  NoDAPL Day of Action: Divest TD Bank As part of the #NoDAPL Dec. 1 Day of Action, this event will bring community members together to put pressure on TD Bank to divest their funding from the Dakota Pipeline project. TD Bank Northampton, 175 Main Street, Northampton, MA. For 10am. action go to: Host Contact Info: For 4 to 6pm. action go to:


Friday, December 2, 10:30am. to 4:30pm. “Modern” Wood Heat Presentation & Tour for Municipal Officials. Pellet pirates’ dog & pony show  to promote the invasion of more bad forestry and the climate crushing pellet industry. First Floor Meeting Room, Olver Transit Center, Greenfield, MA. Wood Heat Magical Mystery Tour leaves Transit Center at Noon. Come early to protest outside or to attend if you are a town official.


Saturday, December 3, 2016. March for Jobs, Justice, and a Livable Earth! Hartford, CT (time and location TBD). The fight to preserve our planet and halt climate warming is inextricably tied to the struggle for all the other elements of a decent human life: jobs, health, equality, and justice.  The threat of catastrophic global warming requires a just emergency transition, in Connecticut and every other state, to an energy grid and mass transportation system powered by 100% clean, renewable sources like solar and wind. Send your endorsement to: For more information, call Ben at 203-215-0395 or Diane at 203-922-2151.


Saturday, December 10, 9:30A to 5:30PM. (Location TBA) Sugar Shack Nonviolence Training in Amherst MA. We will help you connect to an Affinity Group. You need to have this training and be in a Sugar Shack Affinity Group to participate in a Sugar Shack direct action where folks are risking arrest. The training is a full day from 9:30 to 5:30 with trainers Paki Wieland and Mary Link. Go HERE.


Saturday, December 10, 5 to 8pm. Standing Rock Benefit Dinner and Lecture. In observance of Human Rights Day, Nuestras Raices and the United Congregational Church of Holyoke invite you to a benefit dinner and lecture about the Standing Rock Water Protectors and how to support their cause. We are honored to host Jennifer Weston, a researcher, writer, and producer from the Standing Rock Sioux Reservation in the Dakotas. United Congregational Church of Holyoke, 395 High St., Holyoke, MA


We go out with Tom Neilson’s “Echos of Wounded Knee”

Now,we are sooooo out of here……’til next time, remember: Listen to your Mother!



pure-black-wallpaper-159Greetings Earthlings. Ready for the New Boss? [UPDATE: We are decidedly not and thus have changed the title of this blog. As you might surmise, THE biggest loser in the Election of 2016 is not  progressive or liberal ideals or common decency (though they surely lose), it is the planet that sustains us. Now we must protect the Earth with whatever means are left to us – d.o.]  Tom Neilson and Lynn Waldron join us to comb through those louse infested coats and others (perhaps less tainted?) for some answers. Chances are good some of that will be put to music as well! We’ll also take you to some familiar places here such as The Enviro Show Echo Chamber and The Bus Stop Billboard, along with visits to this week’s Fool-on-the-Hill and to Meet the New Boss (who is getting a bit old, yes?), but first it’s time for………Revenge of the Critters! Aussie guy gets a BIG fright from outback. You have to see it to believe it.

This week’s Fool-on-the-Hill is back for a repeat performance. Yes, it’s Texas…….yes, Texas….again, repugnican Rep. Lamar Smith whom even many Texans don’t care for! :O It seems in “a new poll in Texas’ 21st congressional district, 45 percent of respondents said they are less likely to vote for Rep. Smith because he refused to investigate allegations that ExxonMobil knew about climate change in the ’70s and failed to disclose the threat to the public.” It goes on but who gives a f….(sorry).who even wants to acknowledge that these people even exist? After all, Halloween is over, why must we continue to scare each other??

Time to Meet the New Boss (and various other presidential hopefulls) doing absolutely nothing about the major injustices at Standing Rock rez. Were The Boss’s efforts to stall the DAPL pipeline work on Native land back in September merely symbolic? Dave Archambault II, chair of the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe has rightfully noted that Obama’s legacy rides on this critical issue of Native rights and fossil fuel expansion. We hope The New Boss (soon to be The Old Boss) will do more than “let it play out for several more weeks”. Maybe he should take the family to the movies to see “Before the Flood”!  Here’s some good analysis on what DAPL is actually about and here’s a list of what’s needed to support Standing Rock Water Protectors.

Our Quote of the Week calls for another trip in the Wayback Machine but you won’t have to leave the Commonwealth of Massachusetts:

“What is this you call property? It cannot be the earth, for the land is our mother, nourishing all her children, beasts, birds, fish and all men. The woods, the streams, everything on it belongs to everybody and is for the use of all. How can one man say it belongs only to him?” ~ Massasoit

In The Enviro Show Echo Chamber our guests join us as we find many disturbing stories on the U.S. presidential campaign of 2016, an event that may go down in history as the era when nearly everyone in The “Land of the Free” came unhinged and the body politic went psychotic. Maybe a good place to start is right here with this post-Halloween clip.  OK, so we know what the orange guy with the wig thinks about the Climate Crisis, what about his  energy plan? The Libertarian Party candidate has an interesting plan for dealing with climate chaos, all we need is an ark!  While we’re on the subject of outer space maybe these guys can help us? No? Anyway, back to the campaign, such as it is. Granted, $hillary (the candidate for president of Corporate America)  hasn’t written off the Climate Crisis as a hoax like that other guy, but surely you recall what she thinks of us leave-it-in-the-ground activists, right? Saying all of us should “get a life” seems like a bad starting point for scoring votes, yes? We think Tom may have something to sing about on that note. On to the perennial Green Party presidential candidate, Jill Stein who seems to take all the best enviro positions, but there are still some doubts about her on other fronts. Be that as it may, her most recent remarks about Clinton being more dangerous than Trump has raised concerns. Regarding the Lesser of Two Evils argument on voting we turn to Noam Chomsky. Sooooo, given that THE best candidate for president was cheated out of the nomination by corporate Dems what are we left with? That’s up to you, Enviro Show listeners! Time to move on to the ballot questions and obviously the one most relative to enviros is Question #3, Conditions for Farm Animals. This one cuts close to home ‘cuz reportedly the only farm effected would be Diemand Farm in Wendell, MA. We’ll be getting into that and more so tune in, OK?

After our election coverage and that call from Paki we take you to the Bus Stop Billboard:



Thursday, November 17, 5:30pm. Springfield Climate Action & Resiliency Plan Community Engagement Meeting. Indian Orchard Covenant Church, 95 Berkshire Street, Springfield, MA. Call: 413-734-4948


Sunday, November 201pm-6pm. Climate Crisis Community Grief Ritual. Deep conversation, music, poetry, art, and ritual to share grief and find resilience about climate change and other environmental/social/racial justice issues. Donation requested to cover costs.   Wheelchair accessible.  Florence Civic Center, 90 Park St. (3 miles west of Northampton on Rt. 9). John Berkowitz  413-387-8439


Monday, November 21, 11am. Speak Out at the State House. Support the immediate closure of the Pilgrim Nuclear Reactor. Great Hall, 2nd Floor. Go to:


November 24, 2016, 12:00 noon. 47th National Day of Mourning: Coles Hill Plymouth, MA. Since 1970, Native Americans and our supporters have gathered at noon on Cole’s Hill in Plymouth to commemorate a National Day of Mourning on the US thanksgiving holiday. Many Native Americans do not celebrate the arrival of the Pilgrims and other European settlers. Thanksgiving day is a reminder of the genocide of millions of Native people, the theft of Native lands, and the relentless assault on Native culture. Participants in National Day of Mourning honor Native ancestors and the struggles of Native peoples to survive today. It is a day of remembrance and spiritual connection as well as a protest of the racism and oppression which Native Americans continue to experience. Go to:


November 28, 2016, 7:00pm – 9:00pm. Climate Action Now Monthly Gathering. Unitarian Universalist Society of Amherst, 121 N. Pleasant Street, Amherst, MA. Reports from Action/Work Groups Including: Food Justice, Healthy Soil and Sustainable Farming, Building the Climate Justice Movement in the Face of the Climate Emergency, Five College Students and more. Go to:


Thursday, November 29, 5:30pm. Springfield Climate Action & Resiliency Plan Community Engagement Meeting. Trinity Church, 61 Sumner Avenue, Forest Park, Springfield, MA. Call: 413-734-4948


Friday, December 2, 10:30am. to 4:30pm. “Modern” Wood Heat Presentation & Tour for Municipal Officials. Pellet pirates’ dog & pony show  to promote the invasion of more bad forestry and the climate crushing pellet industry. First Floor Meeting Room, Olver Transit Center, Greenfield, MA. Wood Heat Magical Mystery Tour leaves Transit Center at Noon. Come early to protest outside or to attend if you are a town official.


That is all for now. Next tie it’s Standing with Standing Rock. Until then keep on listening to your other, OK?