Another Winter Solstice Enviro Show

Posted: December 15, 2016 in Uncategorized

wintersunset.jpgGreetings Earthlings. In the wake of the longest election year ever we come upon the longest night of the year, a time to celebrate another Winter Solstice. We’ll be praying the “Coming of the Light” will extend into the political sphere here in Bizarro World. You? The Good Green Witch joins us for the traditional lighting of the bonfire (no, we won’t be burning books, not just yet). As always we will also escort you to Meet the New Boss and this week’s Fool-on-the-Hill as well as a trip into The Enviro Show Echo Camber, but first it’s time for…….Revenge of the Critters! Another dumb selfie move! This time it’s deer.

Ready for the real New Boss? Did you bring your hot air sickness bag? Sedatives? Passport? Here we go! We can’t resist repeating this headline: “Trump, Putin, and ExxonMobil team up to destroy the planet“. That about says it all but we may as well give it some additional context and then delve into the New Boss’ Cabinet of Deplorables!  It puts poor old Dr. Caligari’s Cabinet to shame. Enough. This is supposed to be a celebration after all.

O wait, there’s more! Our Fool-on-the-Hill can be found herein: “The 2016 Republican platform instructs Congress to divest “certain federally controlled public lands” to the states, without specifying which lands, and to amend the Antiquities Act, giving Congress and the states veto power over designation of national monuments. The loudest individual voice in this argument belongs to Representative Rob Bishop, Republican of Utah and chairman of the House Committee on Natural Resources, who recently called on Donald J. Trump to abolish national monuments (most notably, Grand Staircase-Escalante, in Utah) created by Presidents Obama and Bill Clinton” according to the New York Times. Of course, the New Boss’ Secretary of the Interior Rodgers (above) who, “In 2011…co-sponsored a bill that called for “disposal” of 3 million acres of federal land”, will be four-square behind whatever dodgy privatization scheme crosses her desk.

Time for a timely Enviro Show Quote of the Week:

“The Christians stole the winter solstice from the pagans, and capitalism stole it from the Christians.”    – George Monbiot

Shall we proceed into the Echo Chamber? We have a bit of good news! Renewable energy may be the runaway train the Trump cabal can’t stop. And some more good news, albeit short lived: “With his days in office numbered, Obama has pushed ahead with several executive actions aimed at protecting the nation’s land, air and water, even as he acknowledges his successor may try to undo the work before the ink is dry.” More here. OK, here’s the bad news from the EU which is bad news for our forests here in the U.S.  Also, here’s our Enviro Show Blog Action link for the protection of lions.

After our Winter Solstice celebration we take you to the Bus Stop Billboard:


Sunday, January 1, 2017, Noon to 2 pm. Ring in the New Year in the Valley with Kestral Trust’s annual New Year’s Day hikes, one on each side of the river! Register online with the links below to learn the meeting locations. (Heavy snow or rain cancels.) On the East side, we’ll head to Belchertown to explore the Reed Conservation Area with Dave King, Wildlife Biologist. Dave makes ecology fun and fascinating! CLICK HERE TO RSVP for the Belchertown Walk. 

On the West side, enjoy a festive Fitzgerald Lake Conservation Area hike with naturalist John Body and Kestral Trust Board member Dave Herships. Look for signs of wildlife amid the various habitat types–who knows what you’ll see! Easy hiking terrain. CLICK HERE TO RSVP for the Northampton walk.

Saturday, January 14, 7pm. Contradance to protect Otis State Forest / Sandisfield from Kinder Morgan’s Connecticut Expansion Pipeline. at the West Cummington Parish House, W. Main Street, W. Cummington, MA. Proceeds to support the legal work of Pipe Line Awareness Network for the North East (PLAN-NE). Music by Steve Howland and other great local musicians, Contradance Calling by Sadie Stull, Soup and Refreshments from Alice’s Kitchen! Suggested Donation $25 – All amounts accepted. For more information call 413-634-8043.

Thursday, January 19. 8am. FERC’s Commission Meeting Action! For over two years, Beyond Extreme Energy has joined friends and allies in disrupting this meeting. It’s held once per month, is open to the public, and involves little to no risk of arrest. Please join us as we seek to pack the FERC Commission Meeting room and show the commissioners that we have the power to stop their rubber stamp machine! 8am: Meet in the Union Station food court to go over the plan. 9:30am: Walk down to FERC (nearby). Info: Lee Stewart, 703-999-2634

Monday, January 23, 2017, 7 – 10pm. Climate Action Now Monthly Gathering. Unitarian Universalist Society of Amherst, 121 N. Pleasant Street, Amherst, MA. Find out about upcoming actions on the national and local level. Join a break-out session: Welcome for Newcomers, Legislative Action, Soil and Forests as Carbon Sinks, and Movement Building in a Time of Climate Emergency. Go to:


We hope you’re able to find some joy this Winter Solstice. Just because so many humans have gone south on us doesn’t mean we can’t celebrate the planet that sustains us. O, and remember: Listen to your Mother, OK?



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