treehug1Greetings Earthlings. Believe it or not, there are some good things to focus on in the New Year. Leigh Youngblood, Executive Director of the Mount Grace Land Conservation Trust joins us to talk land preservation in the Age of Destruction. There are several land preservation efforts underway in our region like this and Leigh is the go-to person for info on that subject. We’ll get into that as well as another scary visit with the New Boss and this week’s Fool-on-the-Hill and an excursion into The Enviro Show Echo Chamber, but first it’s time for………Revenge of the Critters! You may have read recently that the world’s fastest critter, the Cheetah is quickly headed for extinction. And, you might be wondering what bad actors are responsible for this sorry situation, yes? OK, we’re here to say not all bad actors are responsible, some are just there to take the hit!

Last time we had a look at The New Boss he was assembling his Cabinet of Deplorables like some fiendish Dr. Caligari on steroids. This week our friends at Grist help us drill down into one of the Boss’s local New York City projects that speaks volumes about what his administration will mean for issues of climate justice. On the matter of endangered species, referenced above and in the Echo Chamber below, The Endangered Species Coalition has some critical info for the Boss that we’re sure will be filed away in……..the shredder? We don’t know if this Trump Chump qualifies for the Boss’s Cabinet but he sure fits the MO. It’s Climate Crisis denier South Carolina Representative Mick Mulvaney for head of the Office of Management and Budget who asks ““do we really need government-funded research at all”?  Finally, here’s one we couldn’t resist: Even Trump Voters Oppose Trump’s Climate  Agenda. Enough!

We’ve been holding back on you, dear Enviro Show listeners. It seems the…….interesting? state of Tennessee has an entire collection of fools to choose from for the dishonor of being our Fool-on-the-Hill, so in keeping with the coming Fool’s Era (and as a New Year’s treat) we leave it to you which fool to pick from HERE. Our favorite is Rep. Chuck Fleischmann who, when asked his opinion about global warming during a candidate debate said: “I think we ought to take Al Gore, put him on an iceberg, and put him way out there.” So much for southern hospitality, but he’d better get busy with it ‘cuz icebergs are becoming……well….endangered!

Here’s our timely Quote of the Week and it’s just a short hop in the old Wayback Machine to reach the source:

“Unless we practice conservation, those who come after us will have to pay the price of misery, degradation, and failure for the progress and prosperity of our day.”  – Giffort Pinchot

Just when it’s time to take out the old and bring in the new we noticed things are piling up in The Enviro Show Echo Chamber. Let’s start with this mind bending  eye-popping multi-media show from CNN (of all people) on the mass extinction crisis. The folks over at The National Geographic brought this “Pipeline Through Paradise” to our attention. This may be the next Big Oil pipeline fight but if not, how about this one!  The Pilgrim Pipeline on Native land? That didn’t go so well for the fossil fools last time around. And speaking of land preservation, Obama has made another parting shot at the despoilers out west by creating two more National Monuments. Sadly, “The monument designation… does not affect valid existing rights for oil, gas, and mining operations, military training operations, and utility corridors.” Rights?? Finally, our Enviro Show Blog Action calls on the Dems to get some spine and block climate criminal, Scott Pruitt from taking down the EPA. 


After our conversation with Leigh we head over to the Bus Stop Billboard:

Tuesday, January 3, 2017, 12:00pm – 1:00pm. Ongoing Tuesday noon Greenfield Standing Rock vigil TD Bank, 324 Main Street, Greenfield, MA. Vigiling every Tuesday noon til 1 pm TD bank Greenfield Corner of Main and Federal. Questions? Contact: Hattie


Sunday, January 8, 11:45am. Climate Change and the Developing World.  Join Dr. Elliot Fratkin for the USNF January Hawkins Majumder lecture and discussion at the Unitarian Society of Northampton and Florence. 220 Main St. Northampton, MA. Go to:


Sunday January 8, 2:00-4:30pm.  Valley Mothers Out Front House Party in Amherst. An introductory presentation and discussion about MOF, including state, local, and individual climate solutions, and the company of other motivated mothers and others. RSVP Ellen



Monday, January 9, Noon to 1pm. Day Against Denial!  Join 350MA for a rally with music and skits, encouraging our Senators to be bold in opposing Trump’s Cabinet of Climate Deniers, and urging Governor Baker to speak out against those nominees and for the climate! Part of 350’s nationwide Day Against Denial. Park St T Station, Boston Common, Boston. RSVP here, and like/share the FB event.



Monday, January 9, 1pm. Rally at the Pilgrim Nuke Gate! Stand together, step out on the street and demand the NRC shut Pilgrim NOW. Ring in the New Year right! 600 Rocky Hill Road, Plyouth, MA. A recent alarming email from an NRC seasoned special inspector reveals the unvarnished truth that public safety cannot be assured. “We are observing current indications of a safety culture problem that a bunch of talking probably won’t fix.” This exposure of the poor safety climate, ongoing mismanagement, lack of maintenance, training, and resources demands bold leadership from Governor Baker, Senator Markey, Senator Warren, AG Healey, and others, including the MA General Court to speak up for public safety now. The NRC needs to hear from us all! #Mobilize4Survival! Sign up to drive or ride: Go to:


Monday, January 9, 4 to 5pm. “Stop the Climate Denier Cabinet”! The environmental group is encouraging scores of actions decrying Donald Trump’s Cabinet picks in a nationally organized day of protest called “Stop the Climate Denier Cabinet”. As part of that coordinated effort, Climate Action NOW Western Mass will hold a standout on the Calvin Coolidge Bridge in Northampton from 4 to 5 pm demanding that climate deniers be rejected in Senate confirmation hearings. SPONSORS:, Climate Action Now, Western, MA, Represent.Us Western Mass. Contact: Climate Action Now



Saturday, January 14, 7pm. Contradance to protect Otis State Forest / Sandisfield from Kinder Morgan’s Connecticut Expansion Pipeline. at the West Cummington Parish House, W. Main Street, W. Cummington, MA. Proceeds to support the legal work of Pipe Line Awareness Network for the North East (PLAN-NE). Music by Steve Howland and other great local musicians, Contradance Calling by Sadie Stull, Soup and Refreshments from Alice’s Kitchen! Suggested Donation $25 – All amounts accepted. For more information call 413-634-8043.


Wednesday, January 18, 7:00 – 8:30pm. AG Maura Healey’s Post-election Town Hall Meeting. Faith United Church, 52 Sumner Ave, Springfield, MA. [Be sure to ask why on Earth the state is NOT defending Article 97 of our Constitution at Otis State Forest!]


Thursday, January 19. 8am. FERC’s Commission Meeting Action! For over two years, Beyond Extreme Energy has joined friends and allies in disrupting this meeting. It’s held once per month, is open to the public, and involves little to no risk of arrest. Please join us as we seek to pack the FERC Commission Meeting room and show the commissioners that we have the power to stop their rubber stamp machine! 8am: Meet in the Union Station, Washington, DC food court to go over the plan. 9:30am: Walk down to FERC (nearby). Info: Lee Stewart, 703-999-2634


Friday, January 20, All Day. Protest the Trump Inauguration. Thousands of protesters who have mobilized nationally since the election of Climate Criminal, Donald Trump are planning a massive convergence in Washington against the presidential inauguration on Jan. 20. ANSWER, which organized a number of major anti-war protests since its founding 15 years ago, is one of many groups mobilizing against the inauguration. Other groups planning inauguration protests range from anarchist collectives to networks of immigrants and women. Online organizers, including some associated with Occupy Wall Street, have also floated proposals for a nationwide general strike. See:


Friday January 20, 6 to 8pm. Resist Trump: Occupy Inauguration Boston! Boston Common – Parkman Bandstand, Tremont Street, Boston, MA. Go to:


Saturday, January 21, All Day. The Million Women’s March on Washington Stand together in solidarity with our partners and children for the protection of our rights, our safety, our health, and our families [and our planet!] — recognizing that our vibrant and diverse communities are the strength of our country. Starts 10:00 am – 11:00 pm Location: Lincoln Memorial, Washington D.C. Greenfield, MA bus info HERE.


Saturday, January 21 at 11 AM – 3 PM. Boston Women’s March for America. Boston Common,
Tremont Street, Boston, MA. Unite in Boston to march in solidarity with communities most affected by the hate, intolerance and acts of violence being perpetrated throughout the nation — among many are communities of women, immigrants, people of color, and people who identify as LGBTQIA and people with disabilities. We stand for religious freedom, human rights, climate justice, racial justice, economic justice and reproductive justice. Together, we will send a message to our leaders and the world that the United States of America stands for values of human decency, equal rights and freedom from discrimination. ALL ARE WELCOME. On the day after the Inauguration, people from Massachusetts and hundreds of thousands of Americans from other cities, towns and schools across the nation and the world will march together in sister marches. Be part of history! We have LOTS of information about the March at our website—from transportation to schedule to volunteering. We also have official March t shirts and a hat—and you can chip in to help us pay for the March.
PLEASE register at our website
Or at Eventbrite
PLEASE join the Boston Women’s March for America Community Page as well: Security Check Required


Saturday, January 21, 12:30pm. In solidarity with the Women’s March on Washington, women and their allies will gather on the Greenfield Town Common (Court Square) for a rally. Echoing the message of the Washington March, local speakers, songs, signs, and personal testimony will focus on standing together for women’s and human rights. Intended as a call to action, the rally will provide information about the concrete actions participants can take to protect their rights, safety, health, and families. To volunteer to help with organizing or for more information, visit the rally’s Facebook event page at: or call 877-925-2999.


Saturday, January 21, 1:00pm. Listening to a Continent Sing – Birdsong by Bicycle from the Atlantic to the Pacific. The Great Falls Discovery Center, 2 Avenue A, Turners Falls, MA. Join birdsong expert Donald Kroodsma as he presents his ten-week, ten-state bicycle journey that he traveled from the Atlantic to the Pacific, lingering and listening to our continent sing as no one has before. On remote country roads, over terrain vast and spectacular, from dawn to dusk and sometimes through the night, you will gain a deep appreciation for the natural symphony of birdsong many of us take for granted. More information: 413-863-3221 or


Monday, January 23, 2017, 7 – 10pm. Climate Action Now Monthly Gathering. Unitarian Universalist Society of Amherst, 121 N. Pleasant Street, Amherst, MA. Find out about upcoming actions on the national and local level. Join a break-out session: Welcome for Newcomers, Legislative Action, Soil and Forests as Carbon Sinks, and Movement Building in a Time of Climate Emergency. Go to:


Tuesday, January 24, 2017, 6 – 8pm. “Refinery Town – Big Oil, Big Money and the Remaking of an American City”. Book talk with author Steve Early. Greenfield Public Library Meeting Room, Main Street, Greenfield, MA. Steve Early, the author of this soon to be published book, recounts the struggles of the people of Richmond California against the Chevron oil company. The people of this small city put together a coalition that despite millions of dollars spent by Chevron, elected a progressive City Council. Bernie Sanders wrote the forward to this interesting book. Join us for pizza at 6:00; talk starts at 6:30. Go to:


Wednesday, January 25, 10am. – 2:30pm. Mass Power Forward Lobby Day. Meet with your representatives and senators to make the case for clean energy. We’ll push for at least 50% clean power by 2040, expanded investments in solar (especially community and low-income solar), and further action on gas leaks. And we’ll call on our legislators to say no once and for all to pipelines and nuclear power. Join us! Massachusetts State House (exact location within State House TBD!), 24 Beacon St., Boston, MA. Please register with » this Google Form so that we can help you arrange meetings with your rep or senator.


Saturday, January 28, 3pm. “Climate Action in a Time of Crisis” in the sanctuary of First Churches, 129 Main Street in Northampton. Featured will be State Senate President Stan Rosenberg and other representatives from the Massachusetts legislature, climate scientists and activists to discuss the problem and an action plan that will protect our earth from climate destruction. The forum will be one step in forming our segment of the massive movement that will be necessary to protect our earth and the generations to come. Contact Marty Nathan at


Monday, January 30, 6:30pm. DOE is coming to western Massachusetts to do two trainings for people who are interested in this “Solar in your Community” grant solicitation. Co-op Power will host one training in Northampton likely at the MLK Middle School. Call: 413-552-6446. Go to:


Tuesday, January 31, 8:00am to 5:00pm. Landscape Heroes: Carbon, Water, and Biodiversity. UMass Amherst Campus Center. Northeast Organic Farming Association presents: in-depth, inspiring conversation on carbon sequestration. Come and learn about practical steps you can take to make a positive impact in your interactions with the landscape. From yards to farms to greenways to commons to gardens, how we treat our soils impacts the climate. read more here


Wednesday, February 8, 2017, 2:00pm. Public hearing on MA Global Warming Solutions Act. The Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection (MassDEP), under its authority pursuant to the Global Warming Solutions Act (GWSA), sections 3(c), 3(d), 4 and 7, will hold public hearings at the Springfield Central Library, 220 State Street, Springfield, MA. Testimony may be presented orally or in writing at the public hearings. MassDEP will accept written comments until 5:00 PM on February 24, 2017. Written comments may be submitted in the following three ways: through the online portal available at:, by email to or by mail to: Jordan Garfinkle, MassDEP, 7th floor, One Winter Street, Boston, MA 02108. For special accommodations for these hearings, please call MassDEP Diversity Office at 617-292-5751. TTY# MassRelay Service 1-800-439-2370. This information is available in alternate format upon request.


Saturday, April 29th, 2017. That’s the date of the People’s Climate Mobilization, a major march in Washington, D.C., when we will come together with hundreds of thousands of people to reject Trump’s attack on our communities and climate, and push forward with our vision of a clean energy economy that works for all. Go to:


Let’s ditch the New Year fear and take it from here, OK? Until next time, remember: Listen to your Mother.

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