An Enviro Show Special: Showdown at Otis

Posted: May 2, 2017 in Uncategorized

Greetings Earthlings. Early this morning forest protectors from the Sugar Shack Alliance blocked access to tree cutting in Otis State Forest as part of their ongoing struggle to stop Kinder Morgan/Tennessee Gas Pipeline from building a fracked gas storage pipeline in Massachusetts Article 97 protected land. In their initial statement regarding the action they said: “Despite arrests and continuing work by Tennessee Gas crews, the activists have pledged to continue their resistance to the pipeline until it is stopped.” Of course, here on The Enviro Show we stand four-square behind such statements sooooooo, we’re breaking our bad habits and airing a special show on this, our off-week. We’ll get some call-ins from participants (provided they’re not all sitting behind bars) and maybe some of them will join us in the VFR studios. If time allows we’ll get up in the face of the fossil fools during other segments of the show but first it’s time for………Revenge of the Critters! We guess the snakes in Otis State Forest could do without another disruption from the corporados but how would they react to some dumb-ass human kissing? Ask this guy!

We can’t resist a bit of trashing on His Malignancy The Mad King here because he recently trashed the…..are you really ready? The U.S. Constitution!   It seems The Mad King told his freaky Faux “News” friends, “It’s a very rough system. It’s an archaic system … It’s really a bad thing for the country.” Well, at least it fits well with his suspected TREASON! But His Malignancy didn’t stop there, he’d like to go after some National Monuments as well!

We have some Broken News! This just in: 18 blockaders were arrested late this morning and are under going the whole booking thing. Apparently the State police mistook the activists for the real culprits, the ones in garish orange helmets starting to trash the forest so more fossil fuels can go into the atmosphere and endanger future generations. Sad.

In The Enviro Show Echo Chamber we’d like to rerun ourselves with this link about “The Great American Stand” report we spoke about on the last show. This may well be one of THE most important climate related papers to come out with regard to forests and carbon sequestration. We can’t stress that enough……so we will.

After our special coverage of the action in Otis State Forest today we’ll march you over to the Bus Stop Billboard to checkout future action:



Tuesday, May 9, 6:00 to 7:30 p.m. The Franklin Regional Council of Governments and the Berkshire Regional Planning Commission will hold a Public Information Session at the lodge at the Berkshire East Ski Resort, 66 Thunder Mountain Road, Charlemont, MA. on the proposed State legislation to establish a Special Designation for the region [Yes, turn WMass into a Biomass Pellet or Wood Chip Plantation! Be sure to bring your hot air sickness bags!]


Tuesday, May 9, 7pm. 100% Renewables for All Informational meeting. Olver Transit Center, 12 Olive St., Greenfield Is it possible?  What are the benefits? How do we get there? Campaign Tool Kit – by Mass Power Forward. Next Steps in your community. Greenfield event Organized by:Franklin County Continuing the Political Revolution (FCCPR) & Greening Greenfield. Contact: at;  413-624-6557


Wednesday, May 10, 7 to 8:45pm. Writers as Climate Activists. We’ll share our creative responses to the climate crisis…come share yours with us too! Looking forward to an inspiring discussion. Forbes Library, 20 West Street, Northampton, MA. Go to:


Saturday, May 13, 10am to 9pm. Spring Enviro Action Fair & Expo. @ The Stationery Factory, 63 Flansburg Avenue, Dalton, MA. Email Judy Eddy at or call her at 413.652.5387. We need your help to make this day a success!! Go to:


Tuesday, May 16, 10:00 a.m. Billionaires Bash! “Celebrate” PRIM Support for Trump’s Agenda! 84 State Street, Boston. To highlight the irresponsible investment practices of the PRIM Board and generate support for H.3281. People dressed in colorful formal garb as at a cocktail party; brass band playing lively New Orleans style party music, opposition chanting “pensioners” vs “oligarchs”. With $2 billion of state workers’ and teachers’ retirement funds invested in oil, gas and coal, the state’s Pension Reserve Investment Management (PRIM) Board is supporting the Trump agenda in Massachusetts and putting retirees funds at risk.  H.3281 would have the pension fund divest from coal and would set up a commission chaired by the State Treasurer to make binding recommendations concerning oil and gas holdings. Facebook event page:


Wednesday, May 17, 7pm. Screening of “Talking to the Wall”. It’s been 24 years since Greenfield voters rejected a Wal-Mart. This is the film that tells some of that story (but probably not Mass Earth First!s contribution). Discussion afterwards. Garden Cinema, Main Street, Greenfield, MA.


Saturday May 18, All Day. Green-Rainbow Party Convention. Worcester, MA. The theme this year, Building the Party and Expanding the Green-Rainbow Tent, accentuates the need for us to continue building our party in the face of today’s reality of a broken political system in America. Rosa Clemente spoke in 2008 of the Green Party as no longer the alternative, but the imperative, for us to live with social justice, freedom, and democracy. Her words were true in 2008 and still ring true today. Keynote speaker will be Jacqueline Patterson, the Director of the NAACP Environmental and Climate Justice Program. Go to:


Monday, May 22, 7 to 9pm. Climate Action Now! WMass monthly gathering at the Amherst Unitarian Society Meeting House, East Pleasant Street, Amherst, MA Go to:


Monday, June 12, 6pm. Place TBD. Mass Clean Energy Future Tour stop in Springfield. The Senate Committee on Global Warming and Climate Change is hosting hearings throughout the Commonwealth to get input from you on pressing issues in clean energy and climate. How do you think the legislature should keep our state healthy, sustainable and strong? Go to:


That should keep you busy, yes? OK, we’re out of here for now. Please remember, like those brave souls standing in the rain in Otis State Forest, to listen to your Mother, OK?



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