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Discarded plastic water bottles on route of London MarathonGreetings Earthlings. If the show title reminds you of Dr. Seuss and the Lorax it should because the Once-lers are still at it, promoting their no-return, throw-away ways on Beacon Hill and in the media. Their hopes may soon be dashed however, as an updated bottle bill may soon be on the ballot in Massachusetts. Phillip Sego, coordinator of the Sierra Club’s bottle bill update campaign calls in with the details. By the by, if you’re interested in collecting signatures for the Bottle Bill referendum go here.  As always we’ll take you to visit the Fool-on-the-Hill (so many choices!), The Enviro Show Echo Chamber, Our E-Valley-uation segment and more, but first it’s time for…….Revenge of the Critters! The next installment of Squirrel Resistance: Peacenik Ground Squirrels undermining nuclear missiles!

Of course the big news in the Enviro Show Echo Chamber is the release of yet another climate report from the IPCC (not that further scientific confirmation of the Climate Crisis makes any difference to the DC Taliban or the sorry collection of flat-Earth deniers). Disturbingly however, the report doesn’t even consider what we’ve been talking about on the show for years: like the melting of frozen Arctic tundra and the subsequent release of vast amounts of methane (worse than CO2). Getting back to those dangerously stupid climate change deniers, we present (drum roll please) The 5 Stages of Climate Denial!  Be sure to share that with your Faux “News” addicted, low-info afflicted Uncle Phil when he comes over for dinner. O, and in the Worse-than-predicted Department we also have this: Fukushima’s event horizon. Did we mention that story rates #3 in Project Censored 25 Most Censored Stories? There’s more on Fukushima here if you dare. And, speaking of dare, a Monsanto executive is winning this year’s “Nobel Prize of agriculture”!  How dare they! Finally, it was revealed recently that the cost of electricity from Cape Wind would be far more than from land-based wind projects. Just sayin’!

We’ve gone wide on this week’s Fool-on-the-Hill by putting the entire teabagger caucus in the U.S. House up for the nomination……make that up for arrest for the crime of sedition. Here on the Enviro Show we name names and kick butt. These extremist freaks are putting untold numbers of their countrymen & women at risk by shutting down the government. Officer! Roundup the usual suspects!!

Our Enviro Show Quote of the Week comes from on high:

“Modern society will find no solution to the ecological problem unless it takes a serious look at its lifestyle.”  – Pope John Paul II

In our E-Valley-uation segment we follow-up on the last show and the sad situation with our friends at the Connecticut River Watershed Council and their allowing climate criminals like TransCanada (think Alberta tar sands, think KeystoneXL pipeline) to sponsor the Source-to-Sea river clean-up. We created a Facebook event page in the event that you might want to….um…call them on it?  Some in the Valley’s greater environmental community seem inclined to look the other way on this, to go along to get along (you know who you are!). Sorry, we don’t do complicity on this show.

After our interview with Phillip Sego we move over to the Bus Stop Billboard:

Wednesday Oct. 9, 6:30 to 8:30.  Northampton’s 2nd Clean Energy Forum. Mayor Narkewicz invites the community to join with their friends and neighbors at the second Clean Energy Forum at the Northampton Senior Center, 67 Conz St, Northampton, MA. Participants will review and prioritize ideas generated by community members during the first Clean Energy Forum. Northampton and state partners – the Massachusetts Clean Energy Center and the Department of Energy Resources Green Communities Division – will have experts on hand to discuss pros, cons, and options for potential local project development and participants will review technical assessments of Northampton by our state partners.

Wednesday, October 9, 7:30pm in the Umass, Amherst Student Union Ballroom there is going to be a talk with Colin Beavan (author of No Impact Man) with a book signing to follow. No tickets required) and it’s free and open to the public.

Thursday, October 10, 8:15AM to 9:15AM. Vigil on behalf of planet earth at the Japanese Consulate, 600 Atlantic Avenue, Boston .We are standing in solidarity with the people of Japan, who have asked people worldwide to join them in vigils and who protest at the Prime Minister’s house every week to beg, beseech, implore demand that an international team of experts – scientists and engineers – be allowed to work on the Fukushima tragedy, which is an international emergency of the highest order. Please RSVP to Sheila Parks at or call with questions/comments at 617 744 6020

Saturday, October 12, Noon. March Against Monsanto! What better way to honor World Food Day than to bring awareness to the dangers of GMOs while continuing the push toward mandatory food labeling. The world is ready to March once again — who’s in? There will be an event prior to the march from 12:00 p.m. to 2:00 p.m. at Christ’s Community Church Hall, Chicopee, MA. Attendees will get to visit with LOCAL organic farmers, businesses, and health care professionals support the movement and provide only 100% non-GMO products (and FREE samples of course!). At 2:00 p.m. we will congregate in the parking lot and begin our march to City Hall. We will have speakers at City Hall, where we will congregate with our posters in an effort to educate consumers. Go to: or email at

Saturday, Oct. 12, 2pm (please arrive by 1:45). Hartford March Against Monsanto:  Bushnell Park, 463 Asylum Street, Hartford Complete information available at (you have to scroll down a bit to get to the post about the march and there is a “read more” prompt for more information)

Tuesday, October 15, 7pm. Screening of “More than Honey”. Over the past 15 years, numerous colonies of bees have been decimated throughout the world, but the causes of this disaster remain unknown. Depending on the world region, 50% to 90% of all local bees have disappeared, and this epidemic is still spreading from beehive to beehive – all over the planet. Screening followed by a panel discussion with CISA  members Dan Conlon of Warm Colors Apiary and Ben Clark of Clarkdale Fruit Farms.  CISA’s Executive Director, Phil Korman, will moderate. Go to

Thursday, October 17th, 7-9pm. 350MA and Climate Action Now Meeting.  Arise for Social Justice, 467 State St., Springfield

Saturday, October 19 to 25, 2013. Walk for Climate & Environmental Justice. The walk will start with a rally in Westfield on October 19 at 9:00 a.m., continue across the state to Brockton and end on October 25 at 5:30 p.m. at the Connecting for Change Conference in New Bedford. See:

Saturday, October 19, 9am to Noon. October Reuse Rally, Smith Vocational High school, 80 Locust Street, Northampton. Costume swap – Scary Stuff for Halloween!- – Art & Craft Swap – Bulky Rigid Plastic Swap – Foam Collection. More info at: or call: 413-587-1059

Saturday, October 19, 10am. “First Child in the Woods”. One hour nature program for families with babies, toddlers & preschoolers. Arcadia Wildlife Sanctuary, 127 Combs Road, Easthampton. Also Nov. 16 & Dec.14. Go to: or call: 413-584-3009 [This is what we’ve been talking about on the show for years: get the kids out in the woods!]

Wednesday, October 23, 4 to 5:30pm. GreenWork Roundtable – Solarizing Western Mass. 640 Page Blvd., Springfield, MA. Come join us the 4th Wednesday of every month at 640 Page Boulevard for our community round-table discussions on issues pertaining to the green economy. Call (413) 887-9574 or email: Also go to:

Saturday, October 26, 7pm. Tom Neilson & LynnWaldron in concert kicking off this coming winter’s  “Truth Tour” at Roundabout Books, 26 Kenwood Street, Greenfield. Tickets at door. Call 413-773-0820 for info or go to:

Saturday, November 2nd, 9:30-4pm. 350MA Statewide Campaign Summit. Unitarian Universalist Church, 90 Main St., Worcester. Bonus session from 4-5:45pm. Info at:


We’re sure there’s more going on but how will we know if you don’t talk to us? In any case, while you’re out there remember to listen to your Mother!