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Greetings Earthlings. As our rooted relations begin to leaf out and greet the Sun we ask you to consider how much they help us confront the very Climate Crisis we have created. How forgiving they are! One might think we would honor the trees and not cut them down and grind them up to incinerate and create even more climate chaos, yes? Maybe……not. Executive Director, Danna Smith of The Dogwood Alliance joins us to ponder our relationship with the trees and the soil that supports them. Also onboard, Rosemary Wessel from No Fracked Gas in Mass returns to give us the latest on the threatened trees in Otis State Forest, now in the path of yet another fracked gas pipeline from the climate criminals at Kinder Morgan. We’ll also take you to meet this week’s Fool-on-the-Hill and those fools in the White House, as well as a trip to The Enviro Show Echo Chamber, but first it’s time for…………Revenge of the Critters! Beware golfers, BIG reptiles may be after your balls.

This week’s Fool-on-the-Hill is Rep. Doug Lamborn (Repugnican-Colorado) who was recently called out by a little girl in a town hall meeting regarding his sorry record on climate change. Lamborn has stated there are “a lot of contentious facts and claims about global warming and whether it is man-made,” adding there is “not much unanimity.” We guess Doug’s math skills are almost as weak as those dealing with science. In the past he claimed the federal government should not issue regulations for the domestic energy industry “designed to curb the possibility of climate change hundreds of years in the future” so perhaps Doug is weak on current events too. Anyway, he certainly is in step with his colleges in the U.S. House of Reprehensibles!

On to His Malignancy The Mad King! This week we find the Climate Criminal-in-Chief’s Secretary of the Sinking Ship of State caught between his old job as Oil Barron at Exxon and his old buddy Prince Putin, dictator of The Black Sea. It’s all about oil of course, and the old juicy lucrative deal T Rex Tillerson was going to cut with Putin that was scotched by that black guy in The White House who wouldn’t play along.  Now that Obama’s out of the way the games can begin! It’s filthy rich oil barons vs. Planet Earth. Here’s an angle from the many-angled cold prickly Mad King’s closet of skeletons few observers have focused on (because THERE ARE SO MANY!!). It’s about His Malignancy’s kleptocrat buddies going back years and all their deals and steals. Apparently the news hound at Talking Points Memo will be delving into this in the near future: Read all about it!  Now, off to the world of fiction……..Wait, we’re not there already?? Yes, and we think Dr. Strangelove’s friend Brigadier General Jack D. Ripper would be hard pressed to keep up with The Mad King when it comes to brinkmanship. After all, we’re not talking slow lumbering bombers armed with nukes anymore. Now we have fast acting nuclear armed missiles………without much margin for human error……and we have some very error prone humans lurking about these days. And this just in: His Malignancy appears to be going after the Antiquities Act and gutting Obama’s previous National Monument designations. Surprise!

How about some good news? Sorry, just kidding. Here’s our appropriate Quote of the Week:

“Trump’s America is brutal, perverse, regressive, insular and afraid. There is no hope in it; there is no light in it. It is a vast expanse of darkness and desolation.”  – Charles M. Blow at The New York Times

On to The Enviro Show Echo Chamber where we actually DO HAVE some good news: ” ‘We can save life on Earth’: study reveals how to stop mass extinction“. See, we’re not all that bad after all, right? Believe it or not we have more! Recall Glen’s recent references to the 50/50 solution put forth by E.O. Wilson? Here’ a piece from Resolve with the real deal. Now, how about that March for Science in Amherst! Here’s our favorite March as tiny as it was. On to the bad news! “What we’re doing to the Earth has no parallel in 66 million years, scientists say” reads the headline in the Washington Post. Do you think senators and congressmen in DC are reading their local paper? Do you think headlines like that catch their attention? How about a headline like THIS? What do you think about heading down there on April 29th and asking them?


After our conversation with the guests we take you to the Bus Stop Billboard:.


Friday, May 5th 5:30pm, Saturday, May 6th 5:30pm, & SundayMay 7th 3:30pm. The Wastelands Opera At the Holyoke Creative Art Center, 384 Dwight Street, Holyoke, MA. A FREE performance of The Wastelands where the opera first debuted in 2016. The Wastelands is an original experimental folk opera inspired by Dante’s Purgatorio and first in Children of the Wild’s “Rewilding Cycle.” Following Dante and Virgil through the seven stages of Purgatory, The Wastelands explores the seven stages of grief in a time of violent political and environmental unraveling. More Info:


Saturday May 6, 1:00- 3:00pm. “Environmental Justice and Nuclear Waste:The Road from Vermont Yankee to Texas.” A New England tour of speakers who will connect the dots between ‘our’ nuclear waste and impacts on Texas communities. First Congregational  Church, Greenfield, MA. Email:


Sunday May 7, 12:30 to 7:30pm., Non-violence Training through the Sojourner Truth School for Social Change Leadership, to be held at 40 Center St. Northampton, and repeated June 17TH, 9 AM to 5 PM. To register: These are appropriate for Sugar Shack folks and others wishing to learn the skills and foundations of non-violence in order to consider risking arrest in non-violence direct actions.


Tuesday, May 9, 6:00 to 7:30 p.m. The Franklin Regional Council of Governments and the Berkshire Regional Planning Commission will hold a Public Information Session at the lodge at the Berkshire East Ski Resort, 66 Thunder Mountain Road, Charlemont, MA. on the proposed State legislation to establish a Special Designation for the region [Yes, turn WMass into a Biomass Pellet or Wood Chip Plantation! Be sure to bring your hot air sickness bags!]


Tuesday, May 9, 7pm. 100% Renewables for All Informational meeting. Olver Transit Center, 12 Olive St., Greenfield Is it possible?  What are the benefits? How do we get there? Campaign Tool Kit – by Mass Power Forward. Next Steps in your community. Greenfield event Organized by:Franklin County Continuing the Political Revolution (FCCPR) & Greening Greenfield. Contact: at;  413-624-6557


Saturday May 18, All Day. Green-Rainbow Party Convention. Worcester, MA. The theme this year, Building the Party and Expanding the Green-Rainbow Tent, accentuates the need for us to continue building our party in the face of today’s reality of a broken political system in America. Rosa Clemente spoke in 2008 of the Green Party as no longer the alternative, but the imperative, for us to live with social justice, freedom, and democracy. Her words were true in 2008 and still ring true today. Keynote speaker will be Jacqueline Patterson, the Director of the NAACP Environmental and Climate Justice Program. Go to:


Monday, May 22, 7 to 9pm. Climate Action Now! WMass monthly gathering at the Amherst Unitarian Society Meeting House, East Pleasant Street, Amherst, MA Go to:


Monday, June 12, 6pm. Place TBD. Mass Clean Energy Future Tour stop in Springfield. The Senate Committee on Global Warming and Climate Change is hosting hearings throughout the Commonwealth to get input from you on pressing issues in clean energy and climate. How do you think the legislature should keep our state healthy, sustainable and strong? Go to:


OK, that’s all for now. Remember when you’re out there resisting to always listen to your Mother.

We’ll go out with Tom Neilson’s “Clearcutting the Trees”



trumpt-paperGreetings Earthlings. Yes, we said it and we’re glad. There’s no way we’re going to be all nice and civil with a president who is not. Admit it, your new president is a monster, THE worst president ever. Chances are the office was stolen anyway through foreign influence, voter suppression, hacking, and the work of the Devil. We’ll spend most of the show trashing the man who is about to trash the nation, OK? If turning the entire show into one long New Boss segment offends you, just wait a few days until he actually occupies the Oval Office and starts taking down what remains of your government. Anyway,  Paki will be calling in from DC with an update on the action. As usual, we’ll also take you to visit our Fool-on-the-Hill and into The Enviro Show Echo Chamber, as well as a listen to our Quote of the Week, but first it’s time for……..Revenge of the Critters! You’ve probably heard that the New Boss’ sons are trophy hunters, yes? This one became a kind of trophy himself! Mother Earth had him mounted on her mantle!

Our Fool-on-the-Hill may well be your next U.S. Attorney General, Yes, Senate Repugnican Jeff Sessions has a long history of climate change denial he will bring with him into the top-cop office, should he be confirmed. Do you think Sessions will be enforcing any of the dwindling environmental laws on the books? Ha,ha,ha,h,ha,ha,ha,ha……

Our Quote of the Week is, of course, about our subject this week: “”Donald Trump is not a leader or a presidential candidate. He is an outcome, a viral manifestation of a serious malignant illness … He is the outcome of the rich being able to buy anything, including our democracy … He is the outcome of an insanely violent culture, increasingly unkind with more bullying, that normalizes cruelty, industrializes punishment and declares endless war on its own citizens.” – Eve Ensler

In The Enviro Show Echo Chamber we pass on this news from Reuters confirmingmany projections that 2016 will exceed 2015 as the warmest since reliable records began in the 19th century”. Guess what? The Northeast U.S. is THE warmingest! :O  We’re thinking The New Boss might agree that’s one hot “Chinese conspiracy”! Maybe he can explain away why “a chunk of ice bigger than New York’s Long Island is hanging on by a relative thread” in Antarctica?…….Nah!  Meanwhile his ill-advised pick for Secretary of Oil…..O, wait, that’s State, Exxon/Mobil’s Rex Tillerson is taking a great deal of heat as his Senate confirmation hearing proceeds. Meanwhile, the Boss’ pick for head of the EPA, Oklahoma climate criminal  Senator Scott Pruitt’s Senate confirmation hearing starts tomorrow, January 18. As Common Dreams reported recently, “Pruitt has deep ties to the fossil fuel industry and the rightwing billionaires Charles and David Koch.” O wait, did we mention he’s a Climate Crisis denier? Here’s your Enviro Show Blog Action link on that one! Some sort of good news from Metropolis that seems not to involve the Boss at all: the Indian Point nukes situated dangerously close to New York City and about a gazillion people is set to be finally shutdown in April of 2021. What’s the rush, Entergy?? And this: Our own AG Maura Healey kicks Exxon/Mobil’s oily butt.

How about a bit of E-Valley-uation? Our friend, fellow traveler & roving reporter, Tom Neilson has applied for one of those Trump Ambassador positions! Hear all about it HERE.  Also, our friend and regional hero, Elizabeth Kolbert, author of “The Sixth Extinction” is the headliner at The Jones Library in Amherst these days. The Jones’ On The Same Page program features the book as part of this reading program and YOU can be a part of it. Then, after a series of related events (see here) Elizabeth makes a guest appearance at the Amherst Regional Middle School Auditorium on Tuesday, February 28 starting at 6:30pm. See you there!

We have Broken News! (from the Wall Street Journal of all places) Canada’s Prime Minister Trudeau calls for phase out of tar sands oil! That should go over well with the New Boss. And this just in: Karl Meyer tells us NOAA has a once-in-a-lifetime op to help those endangered sturgeon in the CT River deadfall. Your support is needed HERE.


After we’re done insulting The Climate Criminal-in-Chief we take you to the Bus Stop Billboard:


Saturday, January 28, 3pm. “Climate Action in a Time of Crisis” in the sanctuary of First Churches, 129 Main Street in Northampton. Featured will be State Senate President Stan Rosenberg and other representatives from the Massachusetts legislature, climate scientists and activists to discuss the problem and an action plan that will protect our earth from climate destruction. The forum will be one step in forming our segment of the massive movement that will be necessary to protect our earth and the generations to come. Contact Marty Nathan at


Sunday, January 29th, 7-8:30pm. Mass. Forest Rescue Campaign’s Monthly Phone Seminar with guest lecturer, author, scientist Bill Moomaw, Professor of International Environmental Policy at the Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy, Tufts University, where he is the founding director of the Center for International Environment and Resource Policy, the Tufts Climate Initiative and co-founder of the Global Development and Environment Institute. Bill will cover the following topics:

1) The meaning of “carbon neutral” and why wood fuels such as wood chips and pellets do not qualify for this designation.

2) The Effects of wood fuel production on forest ecology and climate.

3) What do we need to know about what really qualifies as “renewable” energy and what does not? (

4.) What might we do to preserve forests to sequester carbon and toxins out of the atmosphere and prevent these forests from being cut down and used as fuel for large commercial uses?

To participate in the call/receive call-in information register before the 29th at:


Monday, January 30, 6:30pm. DOE is coming to western Massachusetts to do two trainings for people who are interested in this “Solar in your Community” grant solicitation. Co-op Power will host one training in Northampton likely at the MLK Middle School. Call: 413-552-6446. Go to:


Tuesday, January 31, 8:00am to 5:00pm. Landscape Heroes: Carbon, Water, and Biodiversity. UMass Amherst Campus Center. Northeast Organic Farming Association presents: in-depth, inspiring conversation on carbon sequestration. Come and learn about practical steps you can take to make a positive impact in your interactions with the landscape. From yards to farms to greenways to commons to gardens, how we treat our soils impacts the climate. read more here.


Tuesday, January 31, Noon. #Resisttrump #2. Keep Resisting! Senate Repugnicans are trying to jam as many confirmation hearings through their respective committees as possible to confirm Trump’s notorious nominees. It must be stopped. Rally to Resist Trump’s Nominees at Senators Elizabeth Warren and Ed Markey’s Springfield District Offices, 1550 Main St, Springfield, Massachusetts. Elizabeth Warren confirmed Ben Carson to HUD?? We need to keep up the pressure and ensure that she does not confirm anymore! Go  or


Tuesday, January 31, 7 p.m. Climate Change and the Connecticut River: What Unexpected Events We Should Begin to Expect – Dr. Richard Palmer explores what we can expect to occur to with respect stream-flows in the Connecticut River basin as we move into the 21st century. The talk will begin with a brief introduction to why our climate is changing and evidence for that change. The impact of these changes on stream-flows in the Connecticut River and the related impact on hydro-power and the river’s ecosystems will also be discussed. Woodbury Room, Jones Library, Amity Street, Amherst, MA. For more info and other related events go to:


Monday, February 6, Rally & Hearing on Otis State Forest Settlement. 1pm Rally around Park Square, Pittsfield/ 2pm. Hearing in Berkshire Superior Court, Pittsfield. On December 29, 2016 the Massachusetts Attorney General’s office announced that, on behalf of the Mass. Dept. of Conservation and Recreation (DCR), they reached a settlement with Kinder Morgan for the pipeline Right of Way through Otis State Forest in Sandisfield.. A hearing on this settlement will take place on at 2:00 pm at Berkshire Superior Court, 76 East Street, Pittsfield, MA. 1:00 pm – Stand-Out in Opposition to the OSF Settlement on the Sidewalks around Park Square area
(See maps for acceptable protest locations and parking)


Wednesday, February 8, 2017, 2:00pm. Public hearing on MA Global Warming Solutions Act. The Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection (MassDEP), under its authority pursuant to the Global Warming Solutions Act (GWSA), sections 3(c), 3(d), 4 and 7, will hold public hearings at the Springfield Central Library, 220 State Street, Springfield, MA. Testimony may be presented orally or in writing at the public hearings. MassDEP will accept written comments until 5:00 PM on February 24, 2017. Written comments may be submitted in the following three ways: through the online portal available at:, by email to or by mail to: Jordan Garfinkle, MassDEP, 7th floor, One Winter Street, Boston, MA 02108. For special accommodations for these hearings, please call MassDEP Diversity Office at 617-292-5751. TTY# MassRelay Service 1-800-439-2370. This information is available in alternate format upon request.


Saturday, February 11, 9:30am. to 5:30pm.  Multi-generational NVDA Training, First Churches, Main Street, Northampton, MA. This workshop will introduce you to the spirit of nonviolence and to the continuum of Non Violent Direct Actions (NVDA) and will prepare you to be part of Sugar Shack Alliance actions. The day includes time for personal reflections on Civil Disobedience, an introduction to the basic tenets of consensus decision making and horizontal leadership, exploring the purpose of affinity groups and learning about the structure of Sugar Shack Alliance. An important part of the day is to raise awareness of dynamics related to power and privilege. Please register HERE. You will  receive a confirmation email with details. Contact 


Saturday, April 29th, 2017. That’s the date of the People’s Climate Mobilization, a major march in Washington, D.C., when we will come together with hundreds of thousands of people to reject Trump’s attack on our communities and climate, and push forward with our vision of a clean energy economy that works for all. Go to:


OK, our work is done here….for now. Remember to listen to your Mother!



pure-black-wallpaper-159Greetings Earthlings. Ready for the New Boss? [UPDATE: We are decidedly not and thus have changed the title of this blog. As you might surmise, THE biggest loser in the Election of 2016 is not  progressive or liberal ideals or common decency (though they surely lose), it is the planet that sustains us. Now we must protect the Earth with whatever means are left to us – d.o.]  Tom Neilson and Lynn Waldron join us to comb through those louse infested coats and others (perhaps less tainted?) for some answers. Chances are good some of that will be put to music as well! We’ll also take you to some familiar places here such as The Enviro Show Echo Chamber and The Bus Stop Billboard, along with visits to this week’s Fool-on-the-Hill and to Meet the New Boss (who is getting a bit old, yes?), but first it’s time for………Revenge of the Critters! Aussie guy gets a BIG fright from outback. You have to see it to believe it.

This week’s Fool-on-the-Hill is back for a repeat performance. Yes, it’s Texas…….yes, Texas….again, repugnican Rep. Lamar Smith whom even many Texans don’t care for! :O It seems in “a new poll in Texas’ 21st congressional district, 45 percent of respondents said they are less likely to vote for Rep. Smith because he refused to investigate allegations that ExxonMobil knew about climate change in the ’70s and failed to disclose the threat to the public.” It goes on but who gives a f….(sorry).who even wants to acknowledge that these people even exist? After all, Halloween is over, why must we continue to scare each other??

Time to Meet the New Boss (and various other presidential hopefulls) doing absolutely nothing about the major injustices at Standing Rock rez. Were The Boss’s efforts to stall the DAPL pipeline work on Native land back in September merely symbolic? Dave Archambault II, chair of the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe has rightfully noted that Obama’s legacy rides on this critical issue of Native rights and fossil fuel expansion. We hope The New Boss (soon to be The Old Boss) will do more than “let it play out for several more weeks”. Maybe he should take the family to the movies to see “Before the Flood”!  Here’s some good analysis on what DAPL is actually about and here’s a list of what’s needed to support Standing Rock Water Protectors.

Our Quote of the Week calls for another trip in the Wayback Machine but you won’t have to leave the Commonwealth of Massachusetts:

“What is this you call property? It cannot be the earth, for the land is our mother, nourishing all her children, beasts, birds, fish and all men. The woods, the streams, everything on it belongs to everybody and is for the use of all. How can one man say it belongs only to him?” ~ Massasoit

In The Enviro Show Echo Chamber our guests join us as we find many disturbing stories on the U.S. presidential campaign of 2016, an event that may go down in history as the era when nearly everyone in The “Land of the Free” came unhinged and the body politic went psychotic. Maybe a good place to start is right here with this post-Halloween clip.  OK, so we know what the orange guy with the wig thinks about the Climate Crisis, what about his  energy plan? The Libertarian Party candidate has an interesting plan for dealing with climate chaos, all we need is an ark!  While we’re on the subject of outer space maybe these guys can help us? No? Anyway, back to the campaign, such as it is. Granted, $hillary (the candidate for president of Corporate America)  hasn’t written off the Climate Crisis as a hoax like that other guy, but surely you recall what she thinks of us leave-it-in-the-ground activists, right? Saying all of us should “get a life” seems like a bad starting point for scoring votes, yes? We think Tom may have something to sing about on that note. On to the perennial Green Party presidential candidate, Jill Stein who seems to take all the best enviro positions, but there are still some doubts about her on other fronts. Be that as it may, her most recent remarks about Clinton being more dangerous than Trump has raised concerns. Regarding the Lesser of Two Evils argument on voting we turn to Noam Chomsky. Sooooo, given that THE best candidate for president was cheated out of the nomination by corporate Dems what are we left with? That’s up to you, Enviro Show listeners! Time to move on to the ballot questions and obviously the one most relative to enviros is Question #3, Conditions for Farm Animals. This one cuts close to home ‘cuz reportedly the only farm effected would be Diemand Farm in Wendell, MA. We’ll be getting into that and more so tune in, OK?

After our election coverage and that call from Paki we take you to the Bus Stop Billboard:



Thursday, November 17, 5:30pm. Springfield Climate Action & Resiliency Plan Community Engagement Meeting. Indian Orchard Covenant Church, 95 Berkshire Street, Springfield, MA. Call: 413-734-4948


Sunday, November 201pm-6pm. Climate Crisis Community Grief Ritual. Deep conversation, music, poetry, art, and ritual to share grief and find resilience about climate change and other environmental/social/racial justice issues. Donation requested to cover costs.   Wheelchair accessible.  Florence Civic Center, 90 Park St. (3 miles west of Northampton on Rt. 9). John Berkowitz  413-387-8439


Monday, November 21, 11am. Speak Out at the State House. Support the immediate closure of the Pilgrim Nuclear Reactor. Great Hall, 2nd Floor. Go to:


November 24, 2016, 12:00 noon. 47th National Day of Mourning: Coles Hill Plymouth, MA. Since 1970, Native Americans and our supporters have gathered at noon on Cole’s Hill in Plymouth to commemorate a National Day of Mourning on the US thanksgiving holiday. Many Native Americans do not celebrate the arrival of the Pilgrims and other European settlers. Thanksgiving day is a reminder of the genocide of millions of Native people, the theft of Native lands, and the relentless assault on Native culture. Participants in National Day of Mourning honor Native ancestors and the struggles of Native peoples to survive today. It is a day of remembrance and spiritual connection as well as a protest of the racism and oppression which Native Americans continue to experience. Go to:


November 28, 2016, 7:00pm – 9:00pm. Climate Action Now Monthly Gathering. Unitarian Universalist Society of Amherst, 121 N. Pleasant Street, Amherst, MA. Reports from Action/Work Groups Including: Food Justice, Healthy Soil and Sustainable Farming, Building the Climate Justice Movement in the Face of the Climate Emergency, Five College Students and more. Go to:


Thursday, November 29, 5:30pm. Springfield Climate Action & Resiliency Plan Community Engagement Meeting. Trinity Church, 61 Sumner Avenue, Forest Park, Springfield, MA. Call: 413-734-4948


Friday, December 2, 10:30am. to 4:30pm. “Modern” Wood Heat Presentation & Tour for Municipal Officials. Pellet pirates’ dog & pony show  to promote the invasion of more bad forestry and the climate crushing pellet industry. First Floor Meeting Room, Olver Transit Center, Greenfield, MA. Wood Heat Magical Mystery Tour leaves Transit Center at Noon. Come early to protest outside or to attend if you are a town official.


That is all for now. Next tie it’s Standing with Standing Rock. Until then keep on listening to your other, OK?










quabbinfallq2Greetings Earthlings. Given that the Climate crisis is upon us and aiming to take everybody out of here shouldn’t we be doing EVERYTHING possible to mitigate the circumstances? Our friend Michael Kellett of Restore the North Woods returns to help us blaze a new trail. Also, our intrepid roving reporter & bard Tom Neilson calls in from the road with news of the western forests.  As always we’ll also take you to meet our latest Fool-on-the-Hill and to Meet the New Boss as well as a side trip to The Enviro Show Echo Chamber but first it’s time for………..Revenge of the Critters! Black Bear not pleased with Sunoco’s pipelines in PA!

We have another twofer for this week’s Fool-on-the-Hill. Utah Repugnicans Congressmen Rob Bishop and Jason Chaffetz take the prize for both old-school Manifest Destiny thinking and for…..well….just being damn fools! They want to take 100,000 acres of Ute tribal lands and hand them over to oil and mining companies.  Just when you thought the GOP couldn’t get any worse they come up with shit like this!

Time to Meet the New Boss and just when you thought he was coming around on enviro issues and doing the right thing he disappoints you with outrageous actions like THIS!  DeSmog Blog reports: “the Obama administration… quietly auctioned off thousands of acres of [public] land for oil and gas drilling in national forests, opened up 119 million acres for offshore drilling leases in the Gulf of Mexico, and delivered a blow to the Endangered Species Act” last week. Of course, this is the ugly manifestation of his ongoing support for fracking’s Bridge to Nowhere! So much for that legacy, Boss.

In The Enviro Show Echo Chamber we get The Rolling Stone’s take on a Trump energy policy which, you may NOT be surprised to learn, turns the planet into more of a commodity than she is already….mistaken for. But wait, there’s more! Trump’s choice for Secretary of Interior (you know, the guy who would oversee our national parks?) is an oil billionaire! Did we say wait? Wait again! The Donald has also chosen a climate change denier to lead his EPA transition team! (should he ever, Goddess forbid, transition). Why stop there! Trump just picked a fracking lobbyist and Koch Industry hack, Mike Catanzaro to lead his Energy Team. Of course it goes without saying (not that we won’t) the implications would be Yuuuuge! We may as well stick with the bad news, right? How about the warmest on Earth in 2 million years? No? How about Fukushima worse than reported? Does that qualify, huh? We’ll wrap this trip into the Chamber with a good news/bad news medley: For the first time ever some bees have been listed by U.S. Fish & Wildlife as endangered but only in Hawaii  which leads to the obvious question: WTF! Ok, ok, enough.

Time for the Quote of the Week: “”There is just one hope of repulsing the tyrannical ambition of civilization to conquer every niche on the whole earth. That hope is the organization of spirited people who will fight for the freedom of the wilderness.”  – Bob Marshall, Co-founder, The Wilderness Society.


Our E-Valley-uation segment is all about what our guest will be covering, so after that we’ll take you to the Bus Stop Billboard:


Thursday, October 20, 1 – 3pm. Speakout on the Pilgrim Nuke. Come join State Senator Dan Wolf and others speaking up for public safety. With Entergy’s Pilgrim nuclear reactor one step from federally mandated shutdown, we do not accept the risk of ongoing operation. After the speakout, we will deliver another letter to Governor Baker calling on him to use his position as chief safety officer of the Commonwealth to demand the Nuclear Regulatory Commission close Pilgrim NOW. Check our website for updates at or contact us at


Thursday, October 20, 6 pm. Biomass Monitor Conference Call: The Future of Biomass Energy in New England with Evan Dell’Olio, Director of External and Regulatory Affairs for Roberts Energy Renewables, who has analyzed current trends to lay out his predictions for the future of biomass energy in New England. RSVP on Facebook or go to: to receive call-in number and code.


Thursday, October 20, 7pm. Film screening and discussion of “How to Let Go of the World and Love All the Things Climate Can’t Change” directed by Josh Fox. Floor 26, Du Bois Library, UMass, Amherst. A funny, tragic, inspiring documentary that introduces a host of climate change “warriors” while examining the intricately woven forces that threaten the stability of our planet. Go to:


Saturday, October 22, 10:00 am – 1:00pm. Tree ID Using Bark and Habitat Clues. Join naturalist Nancy Goodman and take a close look at trees and other botanical wonders we encounter at Northfield Mountain. Become familiar with the characteristic bark of different trees in different habitats and at different stages of growth, as well as identification from leaves and other clues.  Bring binoculars, water, lunch, sturdy walking shoes. Meet in the Riverview parking area at 10 or at the Northfield Mountain Visitors Center at 9:45 a.m. for a short walk to Riverview. For ages 16 and older. FREE Pre-register by calling 800-859-2960


Saturday October 22, 1pm. 45th Annual New England Coalition on Nuclear Pollution Membership Meeting. Helping Nature Heal the Vermont Yankee Nuke Site is a narrated photo-presentation by NEC technical adviser Ray Shadis. Between 1997 and 2005, Ray negotiated record-setting environmental surveys, spent-fuel protections and radiological clean-up for the Maine Yankee site. The general public is welcome and encouraged to attend. “118 Elliot” at 118 Elliot Street, Brattleboro,VT. Fully ADA accessible. Your RSVP at 802-257-0336 if you are planning to attend is helpful, but not required.


Sunday, October 23, Gathering starting a 1PM – Ride Starts at 1:30pm. Springfield Complete Streets Bicycle Network Family Ride. Rain or Shine. Meeting at Parking Lot by Picknelly Field outside Route 5 Entrance to Forest Park. 16.4 Mile Loop Around Forest Park, East Forest Park, 16 Acres Neighborhoods, Watershop Ponds, Plumtree Road Bike Lane, Forest Park. WalkBike Springfield -Information: email Go to:


Sunday, October 23, 2pm. Sneak preview screening & fundraiser for “Power Struggle” A film by Robbie Leppzer in association with HBO and NHK- Japan. A full-length documentary about the grassroots political battle to close the Vermont Yankee nuclear plant. Academy of Music, Main Street, Northampton, MA. Go to:


Monday, October 24, 7 to 9pm. Climate Action Now! meeting. Unitarian Universalist Society, Main Street, Northampton, MA. All welcome! Go to:


 Sunday, October. 30, 2-5p.m. Springfield Area Interfaith Climate Justice Meeting, First Church of Christ, 763 Longmeadow Street (Hwy 5), Longmeadow. Leaders, activists, and concerned individuals from Springfield area congregations of all faiths will explore ways of working together to address concerns of global warming and climate change. For more information, contact Joelle Million, (413) 754-3550


Thursday, November 3, (TBA) MassDEP intends to hold two stakeholder meetings on potential new Green House Gas regulations. The Worcester meeting will be held during the day, and will include discussion of different sources and regulations under consideration and will also include an early evening session for stakeholders who may not be able to attend during the day. Governor Baker signed Executive Order 569 which directed MassDEP to promulgate regulations that satisfy the mandate of Section 3(d) of Chapter 21N of the General Laws with the objective that these regulations ensure that the Commonwealth meets the 2020 statewide emissions limit mandated by the Global Warming Solutions Act (GWSA), and to establish an internet portal through which to receive input. The Department welcomes and encourages input from the citizens of the Commonwealth and all interested parties regarding regulatory approaches to meet the requirements of section 3(d). Additional meeting information, including a draft agenda, directions, and RSVP instructions, will be provided when they become available. MassDEP Worcester office. More information, along with instructions for submitting comments, is available on MassDEP’s web site at, which will be regularly updated as additional information becomes available.

Thursday, November 3, 7pm.  Sneak preview screening & fundraiser for “Power Struggle” A film by Robbie Leppzer in association with HBO and NHK- Japan. A full-length documentary about the grassroots political battle to close the Vermont Yankee nuclear Latchis Theater, Brattleboro, VT.  Go to:


Saturday, November 5, 7am. Quabbin Reservoir Naturalists Exploration Field Trip. Millers River Environmental Center, 1o0 Main Street, Athol. Carpooling available, pre-registration required. Email:


November 12, 9:30am. – 5:30pm. Non-violent Civil Disobedience Training at the Unitarian Universalist Society of Amherst, 121 North Pleasant Street, Amherst, MA. A minimum of 30 folks needed to sign up for this to work and we are especially reaching out to college age folks but everyone is welcome. OTIS STATE FOREST IS AT STAKE! The full-day training has lots of interactive opportunities including a long role play simulation of an actual action. The Sugar Shack Alliance will also help you form or find an Affinity Group which will be necessary to participate in a non-violent direct action where we are intentionally risking arrest, and, to be part of the decision-making process of the Alliance. There is no charge, but we do pass a hat to cover costs of materials, gas and time for the trainers. Folks usually throw in from $5 to$20 each. Email:  Go to:


We are so out of here…until our very scary Halloween show on October 25! Until then be sure to have a frightfully good time and remember: Listen to your Mother, OK?

moretreesGreetings Earthlings. Are you ready for a Berkshire National Pellet Plantation Forest right here in Western Massachusetts? There’ll be plenty of wood pellets for everyone! That will be important given that there’s a scheme afloat to put pellet burners into any public school or public building near you. Sorry there won’t be as many trees or critters as we’re used to but hey, it’s renewable energy, right? Actually, not so much, not in this age of climate chaos! Janet Sinclair of the Mohawk Trail Woodlands Partnership joins us to talk trees & sleaze.  In addition we hear from Michael Kellett from Restore on this and other sorry ideas from the Massachusetts DCR. Also a call from our roving reporter Tom Neilson as well as visits to the Fool-on-the-Hill and into The Enviro Show Echo Chamber, but first it’s time for………Revenge of the Critters. When cows attack!

Our Fool-on-the-Hill once again rewinds to those days of yesteryear when Hil was on the Hill (sorry, we can’t resist). Now, sadly, $hillary Clinton is running for president of Corporate America and folks like Bill McKibben are attempting to get her to green up.  How’s that working out for you? This woman does more pivots than a 42nd Street subway turnstile, except when she’s outright lying about her record. Old-school Liberals would do well to focus less on a Woman-in-the-Whitehouse at this critical moment (Liz Warren will be there soon enough) and more on ridding us of the very real threat of the rise of fascism here in the “Land of the Free”. O, while we’re at it guess who has come out and Unequivocally called for shutting down the leaky old Indian Point nukes just outside of New York City? That would be Hillary’s challenger, Sen. Bernie Sanders, OK? And her position on nukes? Well…….let’s say sketchy.

In The Enviro Show Echo Chamber we return to Porter Ranch and the horrendous methane blowout that seemed to go on forever. The fossil fools at Southern California Gas Company had said they would somehow offset the environmental damage (nice trick, SoCal!) but are now trying to walk that back. This in the wake of SoCal’s parent corp, Sempra’s board cutting CEO Debra Reed’s pay by $130,000 — while at the same time awarding her a bonus of $3.17 million! “It brings her total compensation for 2015 to $16.1 million, meaning that her executive penalty for presiding over an elemental corporate fiasco comes to about eight tenths of 1% of her pay”, according to reports. Now, perhaps to distract understandably angry Californians, state officials are warning of possible blackouts this summer due to the loss of gas reserves at Porter Ranch! Say what? Why are we thinking Enron here?? The U.S. is awash with f’ing fracked gas. Get some at bargain prices if you need it CA! Stop trying to distract your people from all the mismanagement and climate crimes!  Time to go to the movies again! We were psyched at the FERC Doesn’t Work rally in Albany. Finally this: Possums take out dangerous ticks!  Save the possums!!


Our Enviro Show Quote of the Week calls for a trip in the Wayback Machine:

Between every two pine trees there is a door leading to a new way of life.”   ~John Muir 


Time to Meet the New Boss and his out-of-control Secretary of Energy, Ernest Moniz who will be in Boston April 15 for a public meeting on the Quadrennial Energy Review. As we’ve reported in the past, this guy is the A #1 Obama Administration stooge for fracking and LNG exports. Anyway, like the notice says: “The Quadrennial Energy Review Task Force will hold a public stakeholder meeting April 15 at 9:30 a.m. at the Marriott Long Wharf, Salons DEFL. The Marriott Long Wharf is located at 296 State Street, Boston, Massachusetts. Doors open at 9:00 a.m.” so you’ll probably want to get there early to…um….greet him, yes?


We have Breaking News! Remember our coverage of that lawsuit by kids about their future being trashed by climate chaos? They just had a victory! Read all about it! HERE. And this: More than 90 Massachusetts lawmakers sign letter opposing ratepayer financing of proposed fracked gas pipelines!


In our E-Valley-uation Chamber we find scores of students at UMass occupying the Administration Building in response to a certain lack of divestment in fossil fuels. See them HERE! Send them kudos, too (maybe some coffee too?).


After our conversation with our guests we take you over to the Bus Stop Billboard: 



Wednesday, April 20, 7-9 p.m. “The Wisdom to Survive: Climate Change, Capitalism and Community.” Film screening and discussion examines the challenges climate change poses and highlights meaningful action that can be taken by individuals and communities. Floor 26.\, UMass Library. Contact: Madeleine Charney.


Apr 22 at 6pm. to Apr 24 at 5pm. Ringling Protest. Ringling Circus is heading back to the DCU Center, 50 Foster St., Worcester, MA and we will be more than ready! Please join our peaceful, educational protests against circus cruelty. Go to:  Email:


Saturday, April 23, 11 a.m. – 1 p.m. Rain or shine. Troubled Waters Picnic: A Shortnose Sturgeon Walk, Talk and Lunch at the Rock Dam. Join shortnose sturgeon expert and author Dr. Boyd Kynard and environmental journalist Karl Meyer for a visit to the Rock Dam in Turners Falls.  The Rock Dam is a geological gem–as well as the only documented natural spawning site for the endangered shortnose sturgeon in the Connecticut River ecosystem. Kynard will cover shortnose sturgeon life history and biology; Meyer covers the natural and human history of this spectacular site. No pre-registration required. Wear sturdy shoes; bring lunch if you wish. Directions: Cross the 11th St. Bridge in Turners Falls; at first stop sign turn left down G Street.  Meet at public lot at end of G Street, just before the entrance sign for the US Conte Fish Lab.


April 23rd and April 24th at 2pm. “Unless” / The Lorax at the Hampshire College Farm Center. The show is an ensemble-based theatrical exploration of Seuss’s original story. It’s a traveling show that takes place on the Hampshire Farm. It’s family-friendly and very politically charged, of course. Entry fee is free.It’s an opportunity to be immersed in art for a traveling performance about the emotional impacts of climate change and our interconnection. Go to: People can contact the ensemble at with any questions/concerns/comments.


Saturday, April 23, 7 -10pm. Pipeline Boogie! Dance-dance-dance to the sax-fueled rock-&-roll of Trailer Park, a Valley favorite band! Chow down on pizza, salad, and vegan chili from Hillside Organic Catering. $20 (or more!) requested donation benefits the Town of Montague’s Intervention at the Mass. DPU, challenging a Berkshire Gas contract to buy into the Kinder Morgan NED pipeline. Montague Retreat Center: North Leverett Road & West Chestnut Hill Road, Montague, MA. Go to:


Monday, April  25, 7 to 9pm. Climate Action Now Monthly Gathering. Working together to build an inclusive, unstoppable movement for climate justice! Unitarian Society of Northampton and Florence, Main Street, Northampton. Go to:


Tuesday, April 26, 6:30 – 8pm. Springfield’s Climate Action & Resiliency Plan. Arise for Social Justice is proud to host our first live panel with perspectives from community, city, and state leaders to discuss the development of Springfield’s Climate Action and Resiliency Plan and the future of the environmental justice movement! Focus Springfield Community TV, 1200 Main St, Springfield, Massachusetts. LIVE on local Springfield Channel 12 and online anywhere @


Friday,April 29th 5pm, Saturday, April 30th 5pm & Sunday, May 1st 1pm.  The Wastelands takes audiences and performers on a journey guided by visual, musical, and kinesthetic poetry through places that have been abused and abandoned by industry. By viscerally engaging with sites of particular ecological grief, The Wastelands hopes to expose the many faces of our cultural grief: misogyny, white supremacy, queer-phobia, settler-privilege, etc. The performance runs 75min with a reception and dialogue to follow. All performances are free and open to the public (though we always pass the hat after the show), and meet ADA standards of accessibility. We recommend wearing good walking shoes and other protective gear for rain and sun, as necessary. Meet at 384 Dwight St., Holyoke, MA. Go to:


May 3 from 1 p.m. to 5 p.m./Rally at 11:30am! MA Senate Committee on Global Warming and Climate Change plans to hold an oversight hearing on the proposed Northeast Energy Direct natural gas pipeline project and the state’s clean energy the Massachusetts Statehouse in Room 428. For bus or carpool info email:




Tuesdays & Fridays!   Please plan to routinely picket Kinder Morgan’s North St office at 137 North Street ( near the corner of North St. and Depot St. Park at McKay St., off Depot St) in Pittsfield at Noon on Fridays and at Berkshire Gas, 115 Cheshire Rd, Pittsfield, MA on Tuesdays noon-1pm. weather permitting.  Contact Jan Bradley 413-684-3732 for updates & more information.


Wednesdays! Winchester, NH No Pipeline Visibility Vigils are every week at the Town Hall corner 4:30 to 5:30. Corner of route 10 and 119. Time change in November 4-5. Just over the border from Northfield, MA.


Thursdays, 3pm – 4pm. Weekly Stop the Pipeline vigil at Town Hall, Northfield, MA. Weekly protest about proposed compresser station site on Gulf Road in Northfield every Thursday. Contact Hattie for more info 978-790-3074


Saturdays! Northfield 8:30 AM Downtown Stop the Pipeline Vigil in front of Town Hall. We had alot of traffic honking of horns, thumbs up and waving. Come on by next week and chat. Northfield Gas Pipeline Group.


OK, our work is done here…for the moment. Remember to listen to your Mother, OK?

climatecrisisGreetings Earthlings. Tired of winter….even though there hasn’t been much? You could go south on us like the climate. Elizabeth Kolbert returns with the lowdown from the Sunshine state and way more. In addition, our roving reporter and troubadour extraordinaire, Tom Neilson checks in on the scene. We also take you on a magical mystery tour to The Enviro Show Echo Chamber and to meet the Fool-on-the-Hill, as well as treat you to the Quote of the Week and more but first it’s time for………Revenge of the Critters! “Pet” puts the squeeze on Pet store owner.

Here’s what our Fools-on-the-Hill (Cruz & Rubio) said about the Climate Crisis at the last of the Repugnican presidential campaign debates: “……………………”. Nada. Nothing. Surprise! Now, a whole gaggle of bipartisan Fools are trying to pile amendments onto the The Energy Policy and “Modernization” Act of 2015. We added those quotes because modernization hardly includes “streamlining the process for exporting our abundant natural gas resources to the world market”, or a vehicle to attempt to bring KXL back to life, or “development of renewables and traditional/fossil resources alike”.

We have broken news! Reports are coming in from all over about the Bundy stand-off bust. Kieran Suckling, executive director of the Center for Biological Diversity, whose been closely following the takeover of public land by far-right cowboys had this to say: ““I’m saddened to see this standoff culminating in violence, but the Bundys and their followers showed up armed to the teeth and took over lands that belong to all American people.” He also pointed out, “These scofflaws lack any respect for the natural and cultural heritage of sacred spaces like the Malheur [Refuge]. They’ve been pawing through artifacts belonging to the Burns Paiute Tribe and bulldozing a road through a fenced-off archaeological site. Ryan Bundy claimed a few days ago that American Indians had “lost their claim” to the land and that “the current culture is the most important.” As we write the standoff continues with other Bundyites.

Our Enviro Show Quote of the Week comes from the Dark Side: “If you pay attention to some of this ludicrous stuff Obama is saying as part of this ridiculous climate change summit in Paris. He is attacking people who he says are contributing to the destruction of the climate, he’s talking to people who drive SUVs, he’s talking about power plant owners, coal company executives and so forth. With as many deranged people as are in this country, and most of them are leftists, Ted Cruz has pointed out. I hope to heck that there aren’t a whole bunch of incidentswaiting to happen out there because they are being promoted by Obama.”  Guess who said that? The answer is found on The Enviro Show. Tune in!

In our Echo Chamber we are told by our friends at Grist that “The United States ranks a measly No. 26 among the world’s nations when it comes to environmental performance.” OK, everyone let’s chant: “We are Number…….26!”  Maybe Obama’s EPA would like to change that by “recommending” to FERC they take the Climate Crisis into account? Ya’ think?? Meanwhile, just over the border in Vermont the town fathers in Vernon are still entertaining dreams of turning that scary old nuke into a fracked gas plant. On Wednesday, February 3rd, there will be a Gas Plant Informational Meeting  6:30 pm., probably at the Vernon elementary school. Here in the Commonwealth there’s plenty to do to resist the corporados bent on destroying the nest. And speaking of bad ideas, here’s our Enviro Show Blog Bonus Action link! Friends of the Earth has this action link for all you worker bees. And, our friends at have more actions YOU can take to pull the plug on proposed fracked gas pipelines HERE. Finally, need another reason to dislike Donald Trump? This one involves trophy hunting by his offspring (sorry, yes this lower than lifeform multiplied).

We’ve got some E-Valley-uation here: The Springfield Public Health Council has extended the comment period for the meeting to determine if they should hold a site assignment hearingon the proposed biomess plant.  So, if you haven’t submitted testimony, and would still like to do so, you can email it to Time to go to the movies! Pop some organic non-GMO corn and watch Glen read the riot act to the Greenfield Town Council concerning the crap that goes on there! Finally a Valley Must See! We will talk briefly about Sen. Warren’s appearance in Springfield yesterday (Monday, Feb. 1) and her comment “I think it is our responsibility as Senators to talk to FERC, we can’t make them listen, but you don’t get what you don’t fight for.” Zzzzzzzzz, O sorry, we just dozed off [yawn]. How about this: A Mohawk National Forest? That’s one way to hold off the DCR from trashing our woodlands. There’s another: check the link for some serious wood pellet revelations.


After we talk with Elizabeth and Tom we takes you over to the Bus stop Billboard:



Friday, February 12, 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm. (doors open 6:30) David Fersh & friends performance at the Great Falls Discovery Center, 2 Avenue A, Turners Falls, MA. Performers’ share of the ‘gate’ and most of the CD sales will go to Suggested sliding scale donation $6–$12. Contact: Laurel Carpenter (413) 863-3221


Monday, February 15, 9:30am. Walk to Stop the Kinder-Morgan NED Pipeline on President’s Day,. It will begin at Greenfield Community College (East Building at 9:30) and walk 5.3 miles to the First Congregational Church on Silver Street, with a stop at 40 Mill Street in Greenfield to picket Berkshire Gas, 10AM to Noon for their part in creating a false need for a new pipeline. Email:


Thursday, February 18, 7 pm. “Renewables are Ready” – is a slide presentation and discussion led by Pat Hynes, environmental engineer – to be presented at Arms Libary, Shelburne Falls, MA. Contact: Ellen Kaufmann 625-9708


Sunday, February 21, 2 – 4 pm. The Western Massachusetts Master Gardener Association is presenting two talks on Climate Change. Free and open to the public. The first is the Science behind Climate Change offered by David S. Jones, Assistant Professor of Geology at Amherst College’s Stirn Auditorium, Amherst, MA. Email:



Monday, February 22, 7 to 9pm. Climate Action Now Monthly Gathering at the Unitarian Society of Northampton and Florence , 220 Main Street, Northampton (on a bus line and handicap accessible).  Come and help us to create an inclusive, unstoppable movement for climate justice! Go to: Email:



Tuesday, February 23, 7:00 p.m. MassWildlife invites the public to an informational meeting about our plan to establish a small population of endangered rattlesnakes at the Quabbin Reservoir. The Timber Rattlesnake is listed as an Endangered Species in Massachusetts and has experienced the greatest modern decline of any native reptile. As part of an overall conservation strategy, MassWildlife is planning to establish a small number of rattlesnakes on Mount Zion, a large island closed to the public at the Quabbin Reservoir in central Massachusetts. Mahar Regional High School, 507 South Main Street (Rte 122), Orange, MA.


Saturday, February 27, 9:00am. to 6pm. Intergenerational Non-Violent Direct Action Training. Unitarian Society of Amherst, North Pleasant Street, Amherst (on a bus line and handicap accessible). To form affinity groups and prepare for non-violent direct action to stop the Kinder Morgan pipeline.  Please join Hampshire Climate Justice Coalition and Climate Action Now whether you are considering CD or planning to serve in a support role as part of an affinity group. If you have taken Part 1 of the NVDA training you may join us for the afternoon only (Part 2). Email:


Monday February 29th, 2016. Have you ever thought about being a wildlife rehabilitator? New England Wildlife Center’s Rehabilitation course teaches students practical skill sets while giving them the knowledge necessary to rehabilitate the many wild species found in New England. The rehabilitation course will run every Monday 6:30 – 9:00 for 10 weeks. The course costs a total of $400, with options to pay as you go ($40 a week) or to pay in full ($350 to pay in full). The course is popular, so if you are interested please call our front desk at 781-682-4878 to ask about availability. Go to:


Sunday, March 6, 2016. Non-Violent Direct Action (NVDA) Training, Part I & Part II to stop the Kinder Morgan Pipeline and keep fossil fuels in the ground. 9:30 AM to 6 PM (including lunch, AM & PM breaks). 3:30 to 6 PM for Part II only. Brattleboro Food Co-op Community Room, Brattleboro, Vermont People do NOT need to be already in an affinity group to participate nor do they need to already know whether they are prepared to risk arrest. TO REGISTER: write to Tim Stevenson,


Sunday, March 13th, 2016, All Day. Toxic Action Center Conference at Northeastern University, Curry Student Center, Boston. Community leaders, environmental advocates and activists from across New England gather. We strive to make the conference affordable and open to all. We offer conference volunteers free admission. If you are able to volunteer in exchange for a ticket, please fill out the form on the “volunteer” tab. If you are unable to volunteer and are in need of a scholarship to attend, please contact Michelle at or 617-747-4358.


Sunday, March 13, 2 – 4 pm. “Climate Change, the Future of Plant Life in New England, and What You can do” offered by Elizabeth Farnsworth, Senior Research Ecologist at the New England Wildflower Society. Free and open to the public. Amherst College’s Stirn Auditorium, Amherst, MA. Email:


March 17 to 20, 2016. “Taking Steps to a Renewable Future”. A 4 Day Walk from the Sites of the Proposed Kinder Morgan Compressors from Windsor to Northfield, MA. Rev. Billy & the Stop Shopping Choir will be at the Shelburne Falls event the evening of March 18! More info HERE. Facebook page HERE.  Email:


Tuesday, March 29, 7:00 p.m. DPU Public Comment Session for Northeast Energy Direct (NED) Survey Petitions, Tennessee Gas Pipeline Company (TGP), Berkshire Community College, 1350 West St, Pittsfield, MA. Kinder Morgan’s subsidiary, TGP, filed three petitions with the Massachusetts Department of Public Utilities (DPU) seeking authority to enter some 450 private properties to conduct “surveys preliminary to eminent domain” for the proposed NED fracked gas pipeline project. Many landowners have received multiple letters and visits from the company’s agents over the course of two years, even after denying survey permission on multiple occasions. The pipeline company’s recent DPU filings do not include a request to enter the majority of the 100+ publicly and privately held conservation parcels in Massachusetts that are on the proposed pipeline route, the majority of which are protected from development under the Massachusetts constitution. Written comments may be submitted through Friday May 6, 2016. Written comments should be emailed to: and Hearing Officer Stephen August at More here:


Wednesday, March 30, 7pm. DPU Public Comment Session for Northeast Energy Direct (NED) Survey Petitions, Tennessee Gas Pipeline Company (TGP). Greenfield Middle School Auditorium, 195 Federal St., Greenfield, MA. [See above]




Tuesdays & Fridays!   Please plan to routinely picket Kinder Morgan’s North St office at 137 North Street ( near the corner of North St. and Depot St. Park at McKay St., off Depot St) in Pittsfield at Noon on Fridays and at Berkshire Gas, 115 Cheshire Rd, Pittsfield, MA on Tuesdays noon-1pm. weather permitting.  Contact Jan Bradley 413-684-3732 for updates & more information.


Wednesdays! Winchester, NH No Pipeline Visibility Vigils are every week at the Town Hall corner 4:30 to 5:30. Corner of route 10 and 119. Time change in November 4-5. Just over the border from Northfield, MA.


Thursdays, 3pm – 4pm. Weekly Stop the Pipeline vigil at Town Hall, Northfield, MA. Weekly protest about proposed compresser station site on Gulf Road in Northfield every Thursday. Contact Hattie for more info 978-790-3074


Saturdays! Northfield 8:30 AM Downtown Stop the Pipeline Vigil in front of Town Hall. We had alot of traffic honking of horns, thumbs up and waving. Come on by next week and chat. Northfield Gas Pipeline Group.


We are out of here. Until next time remember: Listen to Your mother, OK?


smallCriticalMass-KatrinaGreetings Earthlings. We return to the Climate Crisis yet again (not that we or it ever left) with guests from Climate Action Now! MA and the Hampshire Climate Justice League in the studio. The upcoming COP 21 Paris Climate Conference is supposed to be the long awaited breakthrough that will set the world on course to deal with…..well, the END OF THE WORLD! (Sorry….the end of the world as we know it, OK?). All that and way more, but first it’s time for……..Revenge of the Critters! Cats takeover stage at the G20! Take that, corporados!

Our Broken News segment is a good news segment, in case you missed it Massachusetts favorite Attorney General Maura Healey released that Regional Electric Reliability Options Study  which confirms what many of us have been saying regarding the proposed Kinder Morgan facked gas pipeline. “The Study found that, under existing market conditions (status quo), there is no electric sector reliability deficiency through 2030, and that no additional pipeline gas capacity is needed to meet electric reliability needs.” Got that? Of course, the fossil fools over at Kinder Morgan say the study is flawed but we know that old dodge, it’s called transference. Having said that, how far is our favorite AG willing to go with this resistance? Will she challenge the corporate captured agency FERC and their shoddy record of allowing for profit corporate money schemes to trash communities and the planet? Ask her!

In The Enviro Show Echo Chamber we are pleased to pass on info on yet another successful anti-fracked gas pipeline protest, this one over in  the Hudson Valley where Spectra’s AIM fracked gas pipeline is beginning to tear up the planet. Property owner Nancy Vann will have none of it. Her lone protest has grown to include others who share her concern. To lend a hand go here on Facebook or go here. Speaking of challenging the Fossil Fools, will a federal judge allow Big Oil to throw children out of the courtroom because they’re concerned about the future of the planet? And, speaking of the planet, will the suits at the COP21 continue to allow tree plantations to be included along with natural forests in their carbon capture accounting? Stay tuned! Also, Grist tells us Climate scientists the University of California, Irvine drew on 40 years of satellite data and aerial surveys to show that the enormous Zachariae Isstrom glacier in Greenland began to recede three times faster from 2012. An article in Science magazine revealed the area of the glacier’s floating shelf shrank by a massive 95 percent and has now become detached from a stabilizing sill losing ice at a rate of 4.5 billion tons a year. Now, shall we play Tom Neilson’s “Where Greenfield Used to Be“? Let’s wrap this segment up with some good news, OK? Ready? Another nasty oil pipeline project down the tubes! Trudeau goes thumbs down on Northern Gateway.

We have a Fool-on-the-Hill! Rep. Lamar Smith (R-Texas), Chairman of the House “Science” Committee accused the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration of “publicizing” his demand for the internal emails of agency scientists and officials. The science committee’s modus operandi is similar to the Benghazi committee’s — sweeping, catchall investigations, with no specific allegations of wrongdoing or clear rationale, searching through private documents for out-of-context bits and pieces to leak to the press, hoping to gain short-term political advantage. Wait! Leak to the press, as in publicizing? Where did we hear that? Just now?

Our Quote of the Week comes from one of our favorite Enviro Show guests: “Right now, in the amazing moment that to us counts as the present, we are deciding, without quite meaning to, which evolutionary pathways will remain open and which will forever be closed. No other creature has ever managed this and it will, unfortunately, be our most enduring legacy.” ― Elizabeth Kolbert

Time to Meet the New Boss! Maybe it’s not Obama’s fault? Maybe he was too busy to see Gina McCarthy, head of the Environmental “Protection” Agency get all cozy with biomass incineration in their so-called Clean Power Plans. Bad enough they’re giving fracking a pass. Didn’t they get the memo on the biomess??


After the conversation with our guests we move over to the Bus Stop Billboard:



Tuesday, December 1, 6pm. Do you have questions or concerns about the proposed gas pipeline? Come to a roundtable of activists & experts at the Sunderland Public Library, 20 School Street, Sunderland, MA. Call: 413-665-2642 or go to


Wednesday, December 2, 3:30pm. Massachusetts Climate Action Tool Webinar. Morrill Science Center, Room: 134, UMass Amherst Campus. Go to:


Wednesday, December 2, 4:30PM. WORLD ON EDGE: WAR & PEACE IN THE CLIMATE CHANGE ERA. Michael Klare, Five College Professor of Peace & World Security Studies, at Hampshire College, Franklin Patterson Hall, Amherst, MA.
Free and Open to the Public.

Saturday, December 5, 7:00pm. Screening of “Promised Land” at First Parish Unitarian Church, Northfield, MA. Bring a snack and a friend; sit back and enjoy the show! Info at:


Saturday, December 12, 1 to 3PM. Rally to Defend New England’s Future! Mass mobilization for local solutions to the global Climate Crisis. On December 12, people will come together from every corner of New England to call for bold climate solutions that create secure union jobs, strengthen community power and help build a more resilient future. We envision a movement that unites us all, and we will lift up the voices of New England’s organized labor, immigrant rights, racial justice, and climate justice groups as we call for jobs, justice and climate action together. Website here:



Saturday, December 19 All Day +: The Billion People March





Tuesdays & Fridays!   Please plan to routinely picket Kinder Morgan’s North St office at 137 North Street ( near the corner of North St. and Depot St. Park at McKay St., off Depot St) in Pittsfield at Noon on Fridays and at Berkshire Gas, 115 Cheshire Rd, Pittsfield, MA on Tuesdays noon-1pm.   Contact Jan Bradley 684-3732 for more information. Hope to see you there!


Wednesdays! Winchester, NH No Pipeline Visibility Vigils are every week at the Town Hall corner 4:30 to 5:30. Corner of route 10 and 119. Time change in November 4-5. Just over the border from Northfield, MA.

Thursdays, 4:30pm – 5:30pm. Weekly Stop the Pipeline vigil at Town Hall, Northfield, MA. Weekly protest about proposed compresser station site on Gulf Road in Northfield every Thursday 4:30 to 5:30 (EXCEPT Nov. 26). Contact Hattie for more info 978-790-3074


Saturdays! Northfield 8:30 AM Downtown Stop the Pipeline Vigil in front of Town Hall. We had alot of traffic honking of horns, thumbs up and waving. Come on by next week and chat. Northfield Gas Pipeline Group.




 OK, that’s it for now. We may as well go out with Tom’s song. Pleeeeeeze remember to listen to your Mother, OK?